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The Week That Was  

The Week: January 6 - 12, 2008
Nancy Morgan
January 14, 2008

Editor's Note: Due to computer malfunction, brought about by human error, this week's issue of 'The Week That Was' is presently floating around in cyberspace somewhere. If you find it, please forward to
The next issue will be posted January 27th.

Last week was all politics, all the time. Hillary and McCain both came back from the dead in a surprise win in the Iowa caucus. The national spotlight then moved to South Carolina and the Republican debate. Meanwhile, in the real world, unnoticed and unreported by the media, Iraqi democracy also came back from the dead.
The one year anniversary of the (now) successful surge went unnoticed. By the way, we're winning. Saturday, Iraqi lawmakers met a key US benchmark by passing a law reinstating thousands of Baathists to government jobs. As in, rival factions are now working together. Hallelujah.
Anbar Province, origin of the Sunni insurgency, is to be handed over to Iraqi control this March. Hallelujah #2. Another sign of diminishing violence was the news that 50,000 refugees returned to Iraq from Syria in the final three months of 2007. Couple this with the fact that Iraq's oil output rose again in December, marking a roughly 30% increase in 2007, and you have proof positive that democracy is taking root in Iraq.
For those who question the cost, a new report on Iraq casualties has put the total number at 151,000. All those lefties who have been spouting "650,000 casualties" have been proven to be useful idiots, when it was learned that antiwar billionaire George Soros secretly funded the 'study' that provided that number.
Speaking of useful idiots: Professors from Columbia University have decided to visit Iran in order to apologise in person to Ahmadinejad for asking him tough questions when he was a guest of Columbia U. I kid you not.
News From The States:
In an excess of white guilt, or possibly preparing for an Obama win, New Jersey became the first Northern state to officially apologise for slavery. They expressed 'profound regret.' Mea culpa. Moving on...
Fifteen states have turned down as much as half a million in federal education money because the money would go to abstinence education. They just said no. In Illinois, a town is considering a bill that would ban swearing in bars, along with table dancing and profane music. Lets' see... no trans-fats, no smoking, no 'hate speech', no God. Whoa.. I think I'll just stay home.
In California, there is a very real possibility that utilities may be given the power to regulate the temperature in your home. Also in California, a federal judge gave San Francisco the green light to require employers to help pay for health care for uninsured workers and residents. The only good news is that a federal judge overturned San Francisco's handgun ban. Citizens may now protect themselves from violent predators (but not from rampaging bureaucrats). Ah, trade-offs.
In Missouri, another federal judge ruled that distributing Bibles to public schools is 'unconstitutional.' I'll give $100 to anyone who can show me where it says that in the constitution.
Meanwhile, in the land of Oz, (Washington, DC), lawmakers will be receiving a raise of app. $4,100 a year. This, as credit rating agency Moody's reported that the US is at risk of losing its top-notch triple-A credit rating within a decade unless it curbs out of control spending.
Candidates continue to demonise drug companies and evil 'capitalists', remaining silent about a major advance that will benefit millions. (Even poster boy Michael Fox) A company has devised a way to make embryonic stem cells without harming embryos. In another unnoticed major advance by evil drug companies: A new study, for the first time, has documented marked improvement in Alzheimer's disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule.
The flip side of these medical advances has Singapore planning to splice human genes with animal cells and PM Gordon Brown has thrown his weight behind a move to allow British hospitals to harvest organs from dead patients without their explicit consent. Kinda like China does. Scary stuff.
In Other News:
Adherents of the new religion of global warming have also made some advances. A Swedish company plans to harness body heat generated by thousands of commuters and use it to heat office buildings. One inventive soul has devised a way to recycle aunt Sophie with plans under way to make funerals more 'environmentally friendly' by burning the dead to warm the living. I kid you not.
In China, the word 'stock' beat out the word 'sex' on search engine Google China. Possibly as a result of China's recent stepped up enforcement of the one-child policy.
'Hillary: The Movie' will be released next week. Unfortunately, three federal judges seem to think the movie should be deemed an 'advertisement.' Speaking of the Clintons, America's first Black president, Boy Clinton, was caught keying Obama's car. A real class act. This went largely unnoticed by the media, possibly because it's still verboten to criticise blacks.
Speaking of class acts, former Secretary of State, Madelaine Albright opined that the Bush presidency was 'one of the worst in history.' This from a woman who danced and flirted with N. Korea monster Kim Jong Il. Go figure.
Stranger Than Fiction:
A Polish man ran into his wife as he was visiting a brothel. Bet that would make a great Movie of the Week.
In the 'its not my fault' file: An inmate is suing a jail for letting him escape.
PETA has sent a letter requesting a man incarcerated for suspected cannibalism to be put on a strict vegetarian diet. To keep him from being "involved in any more senseless killing" while incarcerated. Oh my ....

In keeping with my desire to leave you with a smile on your face, a small German computer maker  fired three non-smoking employees after they demanded a 'smoke-free environment'. You go, guy!

And that was the week that was.

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