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Culture Watch, Vol. 5  

Culture Watch, Vol. 5
Nancy Morgan
March 9, 2008

Unless you scanned the news very carefully last week, you were apt to miss some pretty astonishing news that slipped in under the radar. For instance:

Did You Know:

As patriotic Americans actively boycotted Hugo Chavezs' Citgo oil, the House was busy raising the price of gasoline while keeping in place a six percent tax break for Venezuela Dictator Hugo Chavez. This tax break is not available to oil companies like Exxon, Chevron, etc.

Also under the radar: In Gaza, thousands of joyous Palestinians filled the streets celebrating a terror attack at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which eight people were slaughtered. Meanwhile, the UN Human Rights Council condemned Israel's 'offensive' in Gaza. (For those that graduated government schools, 'offensive' means Israel's response to rockets fired into their seminaries). The UN claims Israel's response inflicts 'collective punishment' on poor Palestinians, who, by the way, used babies on rooftops to keep Israel from targeting them.

Terrorists are still being depicted as victims and appeasement seems to be the order of the day. YouTube has bowed to Muslim sensitivities and promised to remove from their site any content that Islamists deem "highly provocative and blasphemous". Like cartoons, or any one objecting to their barbaric ways. Or anything that portrays Israel in a positive light. 

Meanwhile, the FBI believes its agents aren't sensitive enough to Muslims and their culture, so the bureau has extended its "Islamic cultural enrichment training program", which I personally think should be renamed 'Butt Kissing 101'. But that's just me.

The crackdown on acknowledging the true nature of Islamic fascism continues as three Islamic leaders in Egypt called on their friend, the UN, to adopt a resolution banning all expressions that insult or offend religions. (Except Christianity) Think it will pass? Me too.

Terrorists are winning the PR battle, but America and its allies are winning the war in Iraq. Gen. Odierno says Iraq is approaching the point where no single incident or chain of events will be able to reverse the positive trends we've made in the last 15 months. Translation: We're winning.

Global Warming Update:

The media silence was defeaning as the Heartland Institute held a climate conference in New York aimed at dispelling the media myth that there is a consensus on global warming. Some of the news that went unreported:

* New derivation of equations governing the greenhouse effect reveals 'runaway warming' is       impossible and gives far more accurate climate predictions here on Earth, and on Mars.

* Famed hurricane forecastor William Gray, previously a staunch of Kyoto, criticized current climate models and predicted global cooling in ten years.

Meanwhile, Neal Boortz posted a news item from 2007 showing NOAA's prediction of an unusually warm winter for 2008. That was a big oops, as 2008 turned out to be the coldest winter in 88 years. GIGO.

And lest I forget, the bureacratic efforts to halt supposed global warming are having disastrous effects. The rush towards biofuels is threatening world food production. This means billions of poor people are at risk of starving. Courtesy eco-wackos, Democrats and useful idiots. Oh, and lets not forget, the new lightbulbs mandated by law apparently pose a mercury risk.

The good news is, Competitive Enterprise Institute is starting an ad campaign showing that Father Earth, Algore's, opulent lifestyle and his virtuous pleas to save the planet just don't mesh


From the 'fake but accurate' files: A new author admits her acclaimed gang memoir is a fantasy. Though totally fabricated, she swears it represents the real truth. It's not her fault, however. Her book is the natural outcome as more and more people are encouraged to define their own truth. The left calls this 'empowerment'.

New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, declares that he is a 'vagina friendly' mayor as he welcomes "V-Day" founder, Eve Ensler, (of Vagina Monologue fame) to New Orleans. Just lovely. 

YouTube is in the news again as they broadcasted a three minute video showing the gang rape of a young mother. Just in time, the Supreme Court has indicated it may reopen for the first time in 30 years, the debate over what qualifies as 'indecent'.

A Catholic hospital now has to allow transgender surgey after being sued. Moonbats in two Vermont towns voted to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney. Fans of soap 'As The World Turns' have launched a campaign demanding that two gay characters kiss more often. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands, Dutch police want to follow Amsterdam's example and allow sex in public parks. Sex will be OK but you better not let your dog off leash or you'll be cited.

Lastly, just so you don't accidently offend anyone, here's what GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), Out & Equal Workplace Project, and Peel suggest you never say to your gay and/or transgendered coworkers. Remember, they have feelings. 

I have more news, but this is getting depressing. Despite the gains made by the PC crowd, keep in mind, the vast majority of Americans are still God-fearing, hard working, moral people. Our voices are starting to pierce the media bubble, thanks to Fox News, the Internet and talk radio. We will prevail. This, I know. 
In the meantime, take a gander at this lovely commercial. (Courtesy, Neal Boortz) It helped restore my perspective and just made me feel good. 

Till next Monday, keep smiling.

Nancy Morgan

This article may be reprinted, with attribution


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