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The Week: December 17 to 23, 2007  

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The Week That Was
Nancy Morgan
December 24, 2007

Last week saw some positive signs on the global warming front. Despite the media's desire to proclaim global warming a crisis caused by man and their virtual blackout of any dissenting views, voices were heard. As record low temperatures were being set all over the world, a new Senate minority report was issued. More than 400 scientists had the audacity to challenge Gore, the UN and 125 million useful idiots on the prevailing globaloney. proving the old adage, "It's not so much what they don't know that's dangerous, it's that what they do know just ain't so."
Doing what they do best (ignoring reality), San Francisco became the first city to offer a 'program' to offset the impact of global warming by funding local green activities. In an appropriate aside, Former congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney announces presidential bid as a green Party candidate.
A glimpse of what life would be like under the greens: Because of the rising demand for ethanol, American farmers are growing more corn than at any time since the depression. This is creating havoc with sea life in the Gulf of Mexico. Oh well, good intentions are all that matter...
In America's institutions of learning, the secular progressives have racked up some impressive wins. Southwestern University issued a directive banning the word Christmas. In Maine, a fifth-grade male student decided to exercise 'choice' by declaring himself female. Asa Adams Elementary School officials quickly capitulated by letting the little darling opt to use the female restroom. I'm not kidding.
In Utah, a woman abandoned her home after being ordered by a judge to enroll her children in government schools. And in California, children as young as 2 years old are in the bulls-eye as gay rights advocates are now able to influence the curriculum.
In Minnesota, a community college has incorporated a 'Muslim place of worship featuring 'a schedule for Islam's daily prayers.' Of course, they separate the women from the men. BTW: This is a college supported by our tax dollars.
Speaking of Islam, a top Muslim cleric in Iran has decreed that women who do not wear the veil should be put to death. Mohammed is now the second most popular name in Britain. Jewish worshipers were stunned to find that Arabs had desecrated the graves of Biblical Joshua, Caleb and Nun.
Meanwhile, UNICEF picked as their 'Photo of the Year' a picture of Mohammed, 40, with his new 11 year-old bride, Ghulam. No wonder SP's love these guys. Can you spell pedophile?

Back in the U.S., our government remained hard at work. Harry Reid decided to keep Congress in session over the holidays, in order to keep Bush from making any recess appointments.
Congress approved a 40% increase in automobile fuel efficiency standards. They also banned incandescent light bulbs.
Indians have decided to secede from the U.S. by breaking a 150 year-old treaty. Our government is going to have to break a promise also. They continue to promise $45 trillion more than they can deliver on Social Security, Medicare and other benefit programs. No wonder Congress continues to hit new lows in public approval polls.
The 40 year-old sexual revolution has claimed another victim. This time it's Hillary. An unflattering photo of her on the Drudge Report has sparked a national conversation about aging women. Meanwhile, Nickolodeum is considering a sex special for its young audience after 16 year-old Jamie Lee Spears announced she was pregnant. In Europe, syphilis is back with a vengeance. This isn't keeping people across the world from celebrating 'Peace' by holding a World Orgasm Day. The goal is to get everyone to synchronise their orgasms in order to strike a blow at countries with weapons of mass destruction. Helloo.....
The good news is: A woman who falsely accused Michael Flatly of sexual assault has been ordered to pay him more than $11 million bucks for making false allegations.
A new poll on the topic of abortion shows American attitudes moving in a more pro-life direction. And for the first time in 35 years, the U.S. fertility rate has climbed high enough to sustain a stable population, making the U.S. unique among industrialised nations.
Time Magazine retained its place of honor on the coffee tables of liberals by voting Russia's strong man, Vladimir Putin, as their Person of the Year. Poor father earth, Algore, only placed second. Time also decided to boot its two remaining conservative columnists, Charles Krauthammer and William Kristol.
Lots more news but I need to wrap this up so I can head to Raleigh to celebrate Christmas with my beautiful niece, Sara and her new husband. I'll leave you with a link to NORAD so you can follow Santa's journey.
Merry Christmas to all and God bless.

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