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The Week That Was  

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The Week: December 24 to December 31, 2007
Nancy Morgan
December 31, 2007

Last week's news was dominated by the assassination of opposition leader Benizir Bhutto in Pakistan. Truly disgusting was the way all candidates immediately used her death as a way to burnish their foreign policy credentials. Hillary waxed poetic about her good friend, Huckabee's response highlighted his lack of knowledge about Pakistan and Ron Paul immediately blamed the U.S. RIP Bhutto.
The flood of good news out of Iraq continued to be a non-story in the old media last week. Deafening silence in the face of some truly miraculous news:
Thousands of Christians celebrated Christmas Mass in Baghdad. Unthinkable, only one short year ago. Former Sunni insurgents are signing up to fight al Qaeda, Shiite militias have toned down attacks, commerce is reviving and monthly casualty rates continue to plummet. Iraq's interior ministry spokesman declared that 75% of al Qaeda in Iraq were destroyed this year. Translation: We're winning!
Meanwhile, across the pond, Britain's chief prosecutor announced that the words 'war on terror' will no longer be used by the British government. In Vermont, the town of Brattleboro is busy petitioning to place an item on the town meeting agenda that would make Bush and Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit. Can you spell treason?
Despite the progress in Iraq, several news items last week remind us that the world remains a dangerous place. Russia successfully tested an ICBM capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads. Japan successfully shot down a medium-range ballistic missile more than 60 miles above the Pacific Ocean. A member of Iran's parliament was quoted as saying Tehran planned 19 nuclear-power plants. Finally, Israel has gotten the green light to start manufacturing a missile defense system to intercept those short-range rockets the Gaza militants keep lobbing their way.

Update On The Culture War:
The 'gender optional' crowd continues to make strides. AFA highlighted the fact that Ford Motor Co. pays the whole ball of wax for any employee that decides to change his or her sex. Lovely. 

British schools have been told to encourage boys to play netball and take dancing lessons in a bid to promote 'gender equity.'

Couples all over the world are starting to outsource pregnancies to India.

The good news is: A Gallup poll verified that 82% of Americans identify with a Christian religion. This news doesn't faze a group of atheists in Minnesota. They're taking their message to the air waves with a new radio program that will debut in January on the talk station Air America Minnesota.

 New research claims to prove that adultery is less common among Gen X (people born between 1965 and 1985). Could it be because fewer people are getting married? Inquiring minds want to know.
Our Government at Work: 
The Senate was gavelled into session for 9 seconds over the Xmas holidays, for the sole purpose of keeping Bush from making any recess appointments. The Democrats seem to be getting desperate.
Come Jan. 1, Massachusetts residents who haven't signed up for (mandatory) health insurance will start racking up fines. Also in Massachusetts, as of today, new Medicaid requirements mandate questionnaires to detect signs of mental health problems. My question is: will 'homophobia' be considered a sign of a mental health problem. Or denying 'global warming'??
In a bid to keep us all safe from fires, the Transportation Department has advised air travellers that loose lithium batteries are no longer allowed on planes. I wish the bureaucrats would come up with a policy for loose screws. Or get a life...or something.
House members spent $20.3 million of our tax dollars on mailings, reminding us all of how relevant they still are. And finally, for your reading pleasure, Judicial Watch released their list of the most corrupt politicians for 2007.
In Other News:
President Bush and Hillary Clinton were Gallup's winners of the most admired man and woman in America. I don't know which is more shocking.
Speaking of shocking - Loius Farrakhan, the spiritual leader of the Nation of Islam, has been ordered to appear in federal court next month. This comes on the heels of a crackdown on Al Sharpton last month. Could it be that a person's color no longer automatically exempts them from the rule of law? Here's hoping.
Google got caught censoring conservative news sites again. Newsbusters revealed that when googling one of America's premier conservative magazines, American Spectator, users get the message, "This site may harm your computer."  Be warned.
I don't have any funny tidbits to leave you smiling this week. Maybe reflecting on how lucky we all are to be alive and well and living in the greatest country the world has ever seen will bring a smile to your face. I hope so. I also hope you all have a great New Year. 
And that was the week that was.

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