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Culture Watch: Vol. 1
Nancy Morgan
February 10, 2008

Editors Note: 'The Week That Was' is changing its name. The new name will be 'Culture Watch.' As of next week, Culture Watch will be the subject line to all e-mail subscribers. The name has changed but the content remains the same.
Liberals scored some significant victories last week. Victories that have the potential to radically change our culture from 'traditional' to 'new world order.' Leading the news was Britain.
The Archbishop of Canterbury announced that Islamic sharia law was 'unavoidable' in the UK. Several neighborhoods are already operating under sharia law (law based on the Koran). The good news is, several leading bishops promptly asked for his resignation. Like most on the left, the Archbishop was shocked, shocked to find that not everyone believed as he did.
Also in Britain: The UK has OK'd the payment of welfare benefits to 'multiple wives' (muslims) thus formally recognizing polygamy, further undermining and
Redefining The Family:
In the good ole USA, a New York court has ruled that the state must 'validate' Canadian homosexual marriages. Now, same-sex marriage is recognized as legal in New York. Lovely
A Maryland judge has ruled that it's OK to teach students that homosexuality is innate. Also allowed under his ruling: it is now permissible to teach students how to use condoms during anal and oral sex - even if their parents disagree. (I thought boy Clinton settled the fact that oral sex wasn't sex. Hmmm) This, in the face of a new study that showed the sexually transmitted virus, HPV, causes more oral cancer in men.
Not stopping with the family, the left is also intent on redefining gender. As in, making it optional. This was the case when a 2nd grade boy decided to dress as a girl and be addressed as a girl. School officials in Colorado are scrambling to comply with his request. The left calls this 'empowerment.' I call it dangerous.
There IS some good news: Only months after a new state law in California banned the use of the words 'mom' and 'dad,' a move is underway that could result in 600,000 students leaving government schools. Apparently they resent what has been described as the 'repudiation' of 2,000 years of Christian morality.
A mother had the audacity to have her son hold up a sign across the street from his school that read: "I was rude to my teacher. I can't come to school. I'm sorry." Re-instituting the concept of shame as a deterrent. What a novel idea. You go, Mom!
More Americans are taking a stand against progressive ideals, as evidenced by a citizen initiative to ban gay marriage that qualified on Florida's November ballot. This initiative was the only one, out of 50 initiatives, that qualified. The people are speaking. Is anyone listening?
Though this news is overlooked by the old media, there are growing signs that average Americans (us guys in flyover country) are not taking the progressive onslaught sitting down. A possible indicator of this is the fact that both Bush and Congress have fallen to historic low approval ratings. Both have dropped 4 percentage points since January. Just so. 
Life And Death:
Last week, I reported on some of the advances being made by scientists that have the potential to turn the culture upside down. Such as the fact that a way has been found to make sperm from a woman's bone marrow. This would make men moot. (This news sent shivers of delight down the spines of feminists.)
Now, scientists in the UK have discovered how to make an embryo with three parents. Feminists had a national orgasm. (Or a reasonable facsimile thereof) Speaking of embryos:
Some aborted babies in the UK were reported to have been able to breath on their own after being aborted. About half were alive for an hour, with one surviving for 10 hours. I don't understand how the left can focus so much attention on peoples 'feelings' yet let little babies born alive die a horrible death. Is it just me??
Possibly the largest danger to our culture is:

Global Warming Madness:
The left scored significant victories last week. They were able to enlist some religious orders to embrace global warming as a religion, based on the fact that they both have a "moral" component. As God is pushed out of the public square, global warming is advancing as the new religion of the left. So much news on this topic that I decided to make it the subject of my weekly column. Check out The Enviros Are Winning.
Higher Education:
You'll all be glad to know that our tax dollars are now being used to sponsor 'dialogue' with Islamic sympathizers. Thank a grant from Homeland Security and the wackos at Tufts University.
Speaking of wackos, the feminists at Duke got the university to host a performance featuring strippers and burlesque dancers. Not only does Duke not teach the basics, like Western Civilization, they seem totally unable to even learn from their mistakes. Duke LaCrosse, anyone? So hard to figure out what feminists want. First they ruin three guys lives because they hired strippers, then they go and hire their own strippers. This is the brain of a feminist.
Bureaucrats At Work:
The Berkeley City Council voted to tell marines that they are no longer welcome in Berkeley. The Council changed its tune only after two congressmen introduced a bill to deny them federal funding.
The City of LA spent $25,000 tax dollars to escort pop tart, Britney Spears, to the bin. The nation remains riveted. BTW: Britney left on her own after a few days. Think the city will bill her?
Bureaucrats have been busy instituting several stealth taxes on cell phones. Did you know that cell phones are now taxed as much or more than either cigarettes or booze?
Essential Trivia:
From the 'useful idiot' files: A new study has found that a full 25% of Brits think Churchill was a myth and that Sherlock Holmes was real. The same phenomenon seems to be working with the global warming crowd. It's not stupidity, I think it's more the influence of government schools, AlGore, progressives and a culture that places more importance on feelings over facts. A perfect example:
Last week, pollster Frank Luntz, on Hannity and Colmes, asked the poll group who would vote for Obama. The majority of the group raised their hands. Next question: What has he done? The silence was deafening.
After all this, I'm hard pressed to find a way to leave you with a smile on your face. I'm afraid this week, I'm succumbing to cynicism, so I leave you with this tidbit.
A female shark, imprisoned in a tank away from any males, spontaneously gave birth, apparently a virgin birth. Feminists, again, were ecstatic at the possibility of procreating without a man. I don't think it's quite sunk in that taking advantage of this phenomenan would require virgins. Hellooo.

Apropos of nothing: A warning to  pot smokers. Researchers have found out that regular cannibus use will cause gums to recede and teeth to fall out. This qualifies as either divine justice or an explanation for why libs don't smile.
Keep fighting the good fight. And keep in mind, there is still a lot of good news out there. Till next week,

This article may be reprinted with attribution to Nancy Morgan and

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