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Culture Watch, Vol. 62  

American citizen held hostage
Culture Watch, Vol. 62
Nancy Morgan
April 13, 2009

An American citizen was held hostage last week by four armed thugs who succeeded in temporarily hijacking a U.S. flagged vessel. The question no-one is asking is, why do our ships venture into dangerous waters without being, gasp, armed?
The Obama administration remained silent throughout, until our brave Navy SEALS shot the bad guys and rescued the hostage. Then they proclaimed 'crisis solved'. It sure wasn't solved by Obama, who, in typical liberal fashion, sent in FBI negotiators to 'dialogue' with the terrorists. Conclusion: Two main tenets of liberalism: dialogue with terrorists and gun control had to bow, once again, to reality. Duh.
Another big 'DUH' to the blatant spin from the White House that the video of Obama bowing to the Saudi king wasn't really showing Obama bowing. More on this in Obama's Alternate Reality.

Despite the decline of American power and prestige last week, there was some:
Despite concerted efforts to replace God, a new Rasmussen poll shows that 88% of adults nationwide think the person known to history as Jesus Christ actually walked the earth 2,000 years ago. 79% believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Looks like we're still a Christian nation.

59 more scientists have officially added their names to the Senate Minority Report that denounces claims about man-made global warming. This pushes the tally of skeptical scientists to over 700. Despite this, the Obama administration is considering radical technologies to cool the Earth's air. Can't let a good crisis go to waste, doncha know..

Within the first quarter of 2009, the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress have advanced a number of policies that will undermine family and religious freedom in America. States and government schools are following right along.  
The Vermont state legislature voted to override Gov. Jim Douglas' veto of a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry, becoming the first state to pass a same-sex marriage law democratically as opposed to judicial fiat.
On the same day, The D.C. Council overwhelmingly voted in favor of legislation recognizing gay marriages from other states -- a move city lawmakers lauded as a step toward legalizing such marriages in the city.
In New Hampshire, the House reversed itself Wednesday and passed a bill extending anti-discrimination protections to transgender individuals by a single vote.
School officials at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) dismissed a student from the school’s counseling program for not affirming homosexual behavior as morally acceptable.
The church-affiliated Texas Christian University has announced plans to allocate apartment housing on its Fort Worth campus for homosexual students and their supporters.
Last, but not least, next Friday is designated as a 'Day of Silence'. Government schools around the country are urging students to remain silent, to show solidarity (and approval) of so-called homosexual discrimination. You might want to keep your kids home.

Despite surveys showing that 75 percent of U.S. citizens are against providing amnesty, President Barack Obama and the Democratic-controlled House will push a system to make 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States legal. Wait a minute...aren't these guys supposed to be working for us?

Despite the recession, state governments continue their quest to raise taxes on anything and everything. At least 10 states are considering some kind of major increase in sales or income taxes. California and New York lawmakers already have agreed on multibillion-dollar tax increases
Many states are disguising these new taxes as 'fees'. Just one example: Washington’s mayor has proposed a “streetlight user fee” of $4.25 a month, to be added to electric bills, that would cover the cost of operating and maintaining the city’s streetlights.
While ordinary Americans continue to cut spending and tighten their budgets, our elected officials continue spending our money on pork, only now, they're trying to disguise it. Dozens of House members have buried their earmark requests on their official Web sites, technically complying with a new rule -- but just barely. Sneaky stuff.

 If you've had enough and want to do something about it, why don't you join millions of Americans this Wednesday as they stage Tax Day Tea Parties across the nation. Click here to find a Tea Party in your area.

Sperm should be subject to product liability laws, according to a judge who has given a teenager with severe learning disabilities the OK to sue the sperm bank that provided her with a biological father. Translation: life is now a commodity. Trial lawyers rejoice.
Speaking of sperm - A judge has granted a mother's request to have someone harvest sperm from her dead son's body, so she can have the option of carrying out his wish to have children.
A 42-year-old man who authorities say fathered 14 children with 13 different women in Genesee County and owes more than $530,000 in child support has been jailed for dodging payments.
Setting the record straight: This short video shows the many efforts made by Republicans, as early as 2002, to warn Congress of the impending financial meltdown.
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism. I'm scared for our country. 

A woman called 911 to report she didn't get as much shrimp as she wanted in her fried rice at a Texas restaurant. What do you want to bet she voted for Obama? Sigh...

On a personal note, I wish I had more good news to report. Many conservatives, myself included, are feeling ignored and impotent. I take heart in my firm opinion that one person can make a difference. I also take heart from this Dumb Blonde video.

Until next week, try to keep smiling. As Obama has shown, things can change very quickly.
Nancy Morgan

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