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Culture Watch, Vol. 63  

Culture Watch, Vol. 63
Nancy Morgan
April 20, 2009

Last week saw over 1 million Americans gathering in all fifty states to protest the tax and spend policies of the Obama administration. This was a great feat, considering there was no central organizer. Maybe there is hope for our country.
Obama was abroad last week apologizing to all the world leaders he could find. Mea culpa is now official US policy. All the details in my column Blame America First.
More landmark news went virtually unnoticed. The EPA concluded Friday that greenhouse gases linked to climate change "endanger public health and welfare." The stage is now set to regulate air and anything else the government wants, under the banner of global warming and/or public health.
This, despite a new report that shows Antarctic ice is growing, not shrinking. Facts no longer matter when 'public health' is in danger from global warming. Aaargh!
A US journalist was put on trial in Iran for spying. She was found guilty and sentenced to eight years. Obama is 'deeply disappointed'. Period.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano released a report warning of the dangers of terrorists and right-wing extremists. Finally, a government agency calling a terrorist by name. Unfortunately, the terrorists she named were all American. bin Laden and friends rejoice. Returning veterans were dissed, pro-lifers were demonized and conservatives were all lumped into one group and labeled extremist. This lady is both nuts and dangerous. Judge Napolitano of Fox News points out the glaring flaws in this 'official report'.
If a little-known but influential alliance of state politicians, large retailers, and tax collectors have their way, the days of tax-free Internet shopping may be nearly over.
Traditional family is now being redefined by the left. With the recent flood of 'gay rights' legislation, marriage will soon be whatever you want it to be. Washington is the latest state to jump aboard the gay marriage bandwagon. Same-sex domestic partners would have all the rights and benefits that Washington state offers married couples under a bill passed Wednesday by the state Legislature.

New York joined in. Gov. David Paterson announced plans Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. He actually compared the gay rights effort to the fight for the abolition of slavery. Any blacks out there ticked off??
Planned Parenthood, the country's No. 1 abortion provider, increased its count of the lethal procedures to 300,000-plus per year and again totaled $1 billion in revenue, according to its latest annual report.
Embryo adoption is becoming quite the rage. With an estimated 500,000 cyropreserved embryos in storage, there soon could be a blizzard of babies born when someone adopts their embryo.
A former leukemia patient who had his sperm frozen as a teenager has fathered a baby after doctors successfully thawed his sample a record 22 years later. The 22-year lapse between storage in April 1986 and conception in June 2008 is a world record.
A stem-cell repair technique that has already been used to fix hundreds of injured race horses is to be tested for the first time in people with damaged Achilles tendons.
Feminists are rejoicing: Experts have discovered a South American species that is exclusively female and reproduces asexually by cloning the queen.
More intolerance from the ivory tower at UNC as students turned to violence to keep former congressman Tom Tancredo from speaking about illegal immigration. Good grief.

Texas Governor Rick Perry delivered a shot across the bow at the federal government. He backed a Texas resolution asserting sovereignty under the 10th amendment saying Texas could secede from the union, if they chose to. "Federal government has become oppressive in size... intrusion into lives of citizens - I'm tired of Washington trying to tell us how to run Texas." Amen.
A poll in Texas shows that 31% of Texans agree with him.
Just one-out-of-three voters (34%) now believe global warming is caused by human activity, the lowest finding yet in Rasmussen Reports national surveying.
The Obama administration will boycott "with regret" a U.N. conference on racism next week over objectionable language in the meeting's final document that could single out Israel for criticism and restrict free speech. Hey, even a stopped watch is right twice a day.

Al Sharpton and his group, the National Action Network have been fined $285,000 by the FEC for violating a host of election laws during Sharpton's 2004 presidential campaign. Think he'll pay up? Me neither.
Obama's dog, Bo, has been given a book deal, just a day after entering the White House. "Bo America's Commander In Leash", will be released next week. The Obama kids are sure Bo will do the right thing and donate the proceeds to help keep Dad in office.
Speaking of dogs - check out this amazing video. A malamute actually calms a fussy baby by singing. Way cool.
Attention pirate busters: If you need to protect your ship from a band of swarthy swashbucklers, here are the top 10 weapons to keep the pirates shaking in their speedboats.
If that doesn't help, check out Mike Adams Solution to Somali Piracy.

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Until next week, keep smiling,
Nancy Morgan

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