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Culture Watch, Vol. 72  

Iran enters day 7 of protests
Culture Watch, Vol. 72
Nancy Morgan
June 22, 2009

27 year-old Neda Agha Soltan, shot dead while watching Iranian protestors with her father, has become the new face of the Iranian revolt, now in its sixth day. President Obama's response to this historic uprising has been tepid at best, prompting this week's article Shame On You, Mr. President.
While Iran burns, the Senate took time out to approve a resolution apologizing for slavery.
Continuing this administration's policy of failing upwards, Herbert Allison, the former head of troubled mortgage giant Fannie Mae, has been confirmed to oversee the government's $700 billion bank bailout program. Hey, wasn't Fannie Mae the problem in the first place?
The latest verdict from the FDA is that Cheerios is a drug.
Democrats continue efforts to take over the nation's health care, misleading the public on options and costs. Unreported by the media is the fact that our elected officials and unions would be exempt from what is being proposed for all of us in flyover country.
Obama's former doctor has opined that this legislation is misguided but with the media on board and no need to consult the GOP, its possible the Dems will be successful in nationalizing health care, as they have done with banks, insurance companies and the auto industry. We should all be very scared.
Speaking of the auto industry, big vehicles such and SUVs are in tight supply because of drastic production cuts, with some dealers selling SUVs at window-sticker prices. Its called supply and demand.
In just the last week, there were an unusual number of scandals - unreported scandals, since they involved Democrats. Since they went unreported by the old media, I've made them all available in Silent Scandals.

The old media is a scandal in itself, ignoring news that doesn't conform to the leftist agenda. The latest: Three of the largest media companies in the United States have all banned this simple billboard message.
Cheating has gone high-tech, with more than a third of the nation's teenagers saying they use cell phones to boost test scores or grades, and at least half admitting using the Internet to cheat.
In the latest reality show "social experiment," CBS has walled off eight homes in an Atlanta suburb, forcing the neighbors inside to spend time with each other. Is it just me, or does it seem as if America is one big unreality show lately?

Fashion icon?

Speaking of unreality: Michelle Obama is racking up fashion awards. Noting her "meteoric rise as a fashion icon," the Council of Fashion Designers of America said the first lady has "a unique look that balances the duality of her lives" as both adviser and mother. Huh?
A new survey is reporting that 28 percent of Americans it interviewed last year said they have been spending less time with members of their households. Only 11 percent said that in 2006.
For the 77th consecutive month, FNC finished first in total day and prime time ratings during May. Take that, Obama.
The National Institutes of Health is spending nearly half a million dollars to determine why men don't like to wear condoms during sex. Hey, I can tell them in two words. And I'll only charge $5,000.

Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity Bono
A new Japanese study warns that being very skinny is even more dangerous, and that slightly chubby people live longer. I'm smiling.
Remember Sonny and Cher's cute little daughter, Chastity? Well, Chastity is no more. He/she is now Chaz, having gone through the necessary steps to change his/her gender. Good grief.

A new nationwide study ranks the political leanings of every American city and finds that Detroit, Michigan is the most liberal and Provo, Utah the most conservative.
Thus far in 2009, 40% of Americans interviewed in national Gallup Poll surveys describe their political views as conservative, 35% as moderate, and 21% as liberal.
If you're interested in where all our money is going, check this out. Reason Foundation’s Taxpayer’s Guide to the Stimulus breaks down each section of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to explain just how all that money is being spent, who is spending it.
In keeping with my desire to leave you with a smile on your face: Obama's job approval rating has slipped to 58%, for the first time. And, surprisingly, the Senate actually voted down a resolution to erect a statue of Father Earth, Algore on the Capitol grounds. Baby steps, baby steps.


Till next week, keep smiling,
Nancy Morgan

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