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Culture Watch, Vol. 77  

Solar eclipse
Culture Watch, Vol. 77
Nancy Morgan
July 27, 2009

Last week was characterized by several unusual events:
First, Wednesday saw the longest total solar eclipse of the 21st century. It plunged India and China into 6 minutes and 39 seconds of darkness. The Obama administration is working feverishly to break this record.
Secondly, last week was taken up by 24/7 coverage of the latest racial brouhaha. The significance of this event may actually be good news, as I've outlined in this week's article "The End Of White Guilt?"
The other item on the agenda: Obama's push to nationalize health care. Public support is on the wane as more horrific details emerged. A possible death blow Sunday as the CBO issued a report that directly contradicted Obama's claims of health care 'savings'. Uh oh. Last week also saw more:
More Americans are starting to see through Obama's magic rhetoric as evidenced by Obama's poll numbers, which continue in a steep decline. I'm smiling.
Occidental Petroleum Corp. said it had discovered oil and natural gas in a Kern County field that might represent the biggest find in California in more than 35 years. Now we just need to be able to drill for it. Sigh.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, following Arizona's lead, suggested Thursday that he would consider invoking states’ rights protections under the 10th Amendment to resist the president’s healthcare plan. Looks like the '10th Amendment Movement Is Gaining Steam'
Americans who consider themselves conservatives now outnumber Americans who consider themselves liberal by almost two to one, according to a new poll. Just because this wasn't reported doesn't mean it isn't news.

House Republicans issued a report Thursday accusing ACORN of fraudulent activities and widespread corruption, concluding a criminal investigation into the advocacy group is needed. Despite this, ACORN is still on board to participate in next year's census count.
The government's top bailout watchdog reported that what started as a $700 billion bailout could reach a whopping $23.7 trillion in the long run. Helloooo
BTW: 54% of Americans still blame Bush for our economic woes.
In a significant change, the Obama administration will now allow lobbyists to meet and have telephonic discussions with government officials regarding economic recovery projects. Republicans, alas, are still being excluded.
Meanwhile, Detroit's public-school system, beset by massive deficits and widespread corruption, is on the brink of following local icons GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy court. Maybe I should have placed this item in the good news section.

The State Department is poised to receive more money from budget increases than the Pentagon. Seems the Obama administration is betting the house on diplomacy. Hey, just because it hasn't worked for decades doesn't mean it won't work for Obama. Right?
North Korea says it will not re-enter six-party talks to end its nuclear weapons program, citing the "deep-rooted anti-North Korean policy" of the United States. Yawn. Meanwhile, Obama is poised to flex his much vaunted diplomatic skills, having invited the two participants of a he-said, she-said racial squabble to have a beer with him at the White House. The nation awaits.

World's oldest transgendered patient
She used to be Richard; a green beret specialist in Vietnam.  Now, 77 year-old Renee Ramsey is one of the oldest patients to switch genders.
A number of black evangelical leaders are rising up as a new voice in the conservative movement traditionally dominated by white Protestants. Cool jeans.
Shanghai authorities are urging eligible couples to have a second baby, after years of following a one-child policy, amid concerns about a lack of young workers to support its aging population.
Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman has signed agreements for each of her 14 children to earn $250 a day to star in a reality television show. This lady has gone from making babies to making hay. Whoa baby.

CNN has declared that the Obama birth certificate story is 'dead'. We the People seem to disagree, as Rep. Mike Castle found out in a recent townhall meeting. And as a recent poll showing that a full 82% of Americans want The One to release his birth certificate showed.
This video of professor Henry Gates has just been found on YouTube - raising the question of who the actual racist is in the current racial dust-up that has riveted the nation.
The number of Internet users in China is now greater than the entire population of the United States, after rising to 338 million by the end of June.
Last but not least, President Obama actually declared to the world that "Victory is not necessarily the goal in Afghanistan."
I know that Filvis and the MPRI team at FOB Tombstone, Helmand Province, Afghanistan and the patriots at Waymor will beg to differ. This edition of Culture Watch is dedicated to them, without whom the liberals would not have the right to undermine America, and I wouldn't have the right to report on their idiocies. God bless all of you.
In order to leave you with a smile, I include this funny video of a couple boogieing down the aisle on their wedding day.
Till next week, keep smiling,
Nancy Morgan
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