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Culture Watch, Vol. 84  

"Misguided and out of touch"
Culture Watch, Vol. 84
Nancy Morgan
September 21, 2009

President Obama blithely dismissed the app 2 million protestors who descended on DC last weekend as "misguided and out of touch with the mainstream." Oh, and the discontent was 'manufactured.' For graduates of government schools, that is called 'projection'.
Former President Carter kindly lectured the nation on the fact that the protestors were not actually protesting the government grab of 17% of our economy, they're just, you guessed it, racist. Hey, it worked. The media glommed onto the race angle, which of course, left little room for them to report on the details contained in this 'sweeping reform.'
The House took the unprecedented step of formally rebuking Rep Joe Wilson (R-SC) for calling Obama a liar. No mention was made of Dec, 2004 when Harry Reid publicly called President Bush a liar. Or Obama's earlier calling of Kanye West a 'jackass'. Under the new rules passed while we were asleep, only Republicans and conservatives can be racist. Which prompted my latest column Color Me Racist.
Obama, without consulting Congress, has decided to scrap plans for a U.S. missile defense shield in the Czech Republic and Poland that had deeply angered Russia. Strangely enough, a couple days after the announcement that we are throwing Poland and Czechoslovakia under the bus, Russian strongman Putin announced he would meet with the executives of Morgan Stanley and General Electric. Hmmm...

Experts at the world's top atomic watchdog agree that Tehran has the ability to make a nuclear bomb and is on the way to developing a missile system able to carry an atomic warhead. Meanwhile, Obama has demanded the Pentagon conduct a radical review of US nuclear weapons doctrine to prepare the way for deep cuts in the country's arsenal.
The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan warns that he needs more forces within the next year and bluntly states that without them, the eight-year conflict "will likely result in failure." Obama responds that he is 'skeptical" about whether more troops will make a difference. Huh??

After being caught on tape advising "pimps" and "prostitutes" how to circumvent the IRS, the corrupt group ACORN has been finally been exposed. Both House and Senate have voted to cut off the taxpayer dollars which had been bankrolling them.
Obama was shocked, Shocked! And is busy distancing himself from an organization he worked with frequently during his 'organizing' days. Thanks to Worldnetdaily for this timeline outlining some of the purported connections between President Obama and ACORN through the years.

Trade policies pursued by President Obama and the Democrats since the start of the year could lead to the loss of 585,800 U.S. jobs, a study said on Tuesday. Ouch

Without ever having been reviewed by either the NYT or the Washington Post, Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny has now sold one million copies. And speaking of the media, it appears the public's trust in the media has hit a 20-year low. Just so.
U.S. customers who smoke in an Avis or Budget rental car after Oct. 1 will be fined up to $250. That's nothing, however, compared to the new $250,000 fines being considered for Americans who hold garage sales and inadvertently sell a recalled product. Aren't you glad we have Uncle Sam to look out for us?
Taking to the airwaves Sunday, Obama called for more civility and less name calling. This, just after he called hip-hop musician Kanye West a "jackass" on Monday in an off-the-record comment during an interview with CNBC.

Only one in four Oklahoma public high school students can name the first President of the United States, according to a new survey.

Check out the left's latest punching bag. Glenn Beck, who was the only journalist to break the ACORN scandal, has earned the ire of the left. This is an honor reserved for the most effective conservatives. Good job, Glenn. 

The old media continues to disgrace themselves by ignoring any stories that don't conform to the left's agenda. To say nothing of publishing rigged polls in support of Obama's health care reform. Which may be why FOX New is is leading all its cable competitors in the ratings. Hey, even Democrats now prefer Fox News to the New York Times. Cool jeans.

Another of Obama's czar's wins the honor of Idiot of the Week: Cass Sunstein, Obama's regulatory czar opined: "The interpretation of federal law should be made not by judges but by the beliefs and commitments of the U.S. president." Words fail...  


Until next week, keep smiling.
Nancy Morgan

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