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What Happened To All The Cries Of 'Voter Fraud'?
By Nancy Morgan
November 8, 2006

What happened to all the cries of 'Voter Fraud'?

Ever wonder why questions of voter fraud are only raised when Democrats lose? When liberals prevail, not a peep is heard about  intimidation, fraud or hanging chads. All but forgotten are the ten thousand lawyers standing by, ready to jump in and save our electoral system from the faulty voting machines. I guess the machines must be working after all, since they tallied in favor of the democrats. Whew, that's a relief.
Thankfully, we're saved from the tantrums, legal maneuverings and outraged claims of 'foul' that are de riguer whenever democrats lose. In return, we'll only be subjected to democrat's endless crowing. The pundits will pontificate, the elites will elucidate and every liberal talking head will revel in the regaining of lost stature. We can live with that. Small price to pay. And one we can easily stomach.
After all, the larger price of the Democratic sweep will be paid by Bush. Good thing he has enough character and fortitude to withstand the loss of stature that will be seized upon by every tin pot dictator in every foreign policy negotiation for the next two years.
And the troops will pay. They will pay the price in blood. Does anyone think the terrorists aren't energized and re-invigorated by the apparent lack of will exhibited by the American people in this election? Does anyone doubt they will step up their efforts, convinced that Americans have decided Iraq isn't worth the cost? Does anyone doubt the demoralizing message we all just sent to our troops on the battlefield?
In the meantime, conservatives can take some small comfort from knowing that we retain our civility and fairness, even in defeat. We don't cry foul. We don't demand endless recounts. We take our licking with grace. And, unlike democrats, we will absorb the lesson and be better for it. All the while wishing that the cost of our failure could be born by us instead of our country.

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