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Andrew McCarthy:

Should Judge Sullivan Be Disqualified from Flynn Case? An Appeals Court Is Asking...
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The Russian Hoax Ex-FBI Lawyer to Plead Guilty in Durham Look at Russia Probe A former FBI lawyer will plead guilty to making a false statement in the first criminal case arising from U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation into the probe of ties between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign

U.S. Seizes Iranian Fuel Cargoes for First Time
The Trump administration has for the first time confiscated cargo in vessels allegedly loaded with Iran fuel in violation of sanctions, U.S. officials said, as it steps up its campaign of maximum pressure against Tehran.
Wall Street Journal

Historic! UAE to Open Diplomatic Ties With Israel Israel and the United Arab Emirates announced Thursday they are establishing full diplomatic relations in a U.S.-brokered deal that required Israel to halt its contentious plan to annex occupied West Bank land sought by the Palestinians AP

LOL Joe Biden Takes Some Credit for Trump Peace Deal in Middle East Former Vice President Joe Biden attempted to take partial credit for the historic peace deal announced Thursday by President Donald Trump between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), saying he laid the groundwork for the agreement.

Alert Joe Biden, Kamala Harris United in Push to Open Gun Makers to Lawsuits Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are united in their push to open firearm manufacturers up to lawsuits over gun crime. Breitbart

Trump Brother Hospitalized in New York Robert Trump, the younger brother of President Donald Trump, has been hospitalized in New York, sources told ABC News, a development confirmed by the White House. ABC

Gender: Optional Court Grants Mother Full Say in Transitioning 8-Year-Old Son to Girl Named ‘Luna’ A Dallas judge ruled Tuesday that the mother of an eight-year-old boy may have sole decision-making power in pursuit of “transitioning” him to a girl named “Luna.” Breitbart

Hillary Skates - Again Federal Appeals Court Overturns Order for Hillary Clinton to Sit for Deposition on Private Email Use A federal appeals court on Friday overturned an order that would have made former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her former chief of staff sit for a private deposition about her use of a private email server for government work when she served as the nation’s top diplomat.


Hmm... Report Shows 2020 with Lowest Number of Recorded US Deaths Since 2009 There is a new report at by Colleen Huber, NMD, that reveals total US deaths this year are actually lower than annual US deaths in 20 of the last 21 years Gateway Pundit

Michael Cohen Teases New Trump Tell-All Book, Releases Excerpt Michael Cohen has released the cover and an excerpt from his new tell-all book that focuses on his time spent with President Donald Trump, a man he claims wanted him dead.

Federal Court Overturns California's Ban on High-Capacity Magazines The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday struck down California’s ban on high-capacity magazines on the basis that its restrictions violate the Second Amendment -- noting that it would criminalize half the magazines in the U.S. Fox

Rioters Tear Down George Washington Statue at L.A. City Hall Rioters tore down a statue of George Washington in Grand Park near Los Angeles City Hall on Thursday evening, the latest monument to fall in the ongoing left-wing demonstrations around the country

The Blame Game
Kamala Mentions China Zero Times While Blaming Trump for COVID Vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), in her first speech as Joe Biden’s running mate, mentioned China zero times while bashing President Trump for the coronavirus’s toll in the United States.

Dolly Parton: ‘Do We Think Our Little White Asses Are the Only Ones That Matter? No!’ Dolly Parton has weighed in on the Black Lives Matter debate, offering a politic answer that seems designed to avoid controversy over the far-left, anti police group and keep her in good graces with the media and her fans.

Fudging The Numbers North Carolina Report ‘Error’ Causes 200,000 COVID Test Overcount A “reporting error” in North Carolina caused the state to overcount its coronavirus tests by 200,000 since the start of the pandemic, according to an announcement from state officials on Wednesday. Breitbart

Ouch Empty Apartments in Manhattan Reach Record High, Topping 13,000 The number of apartments for rent, or listing inventory, more than doubled over last year and set a record for the 14 years since data started being collected, according to a report from Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel CNBC

Of Interest AMC to Offer 15-Cent Tickets on First Day of Reopening AMC Theatres, the nation’s largest movie theater chain, will reopen in the U.S. on Aug. 20 with retro ticket prices of 15 cents per movie. AP

Did You Know..? Harris' Former Press Secretary Is TWITTER's Top Censor Nick Pacilio, Kamala Harris’s former press secretary, is now in charge of deciding announcing what the president of the United States can and can’t say on Twitter to his 85 million followers. National Review


Dentists Warn Of Harmful ‘Mask Mouth’ Disease Periodontal disease caused by extended wearing of face masks is just one more health problem to add to the growing list of adverse effects. This can lead to strokes and increased risk of heart attacks

Strange Stuff Michelle Obama Opens Up About Menopause Michelle Obama made a point of breaking taboos about women’s health in the latest episode of her new podcast, talking about going through menopause in the workplace, weight, ageing and image

Study: Obesity Shrinks Brain “Dr. Amen and collaborators provide compelling evidence that obesity alters blood supply to the brain to shrink the brain and promote Alzheimer’s disease.” Study Finds

New York Uses Coronavirus as Excuse to Cancel 9/11 Light Tribute The iconic Lower Manhattan 9/11 memorial display that features twin beams of light to honor victims of the terror attacks will not shine this year over coronavirus concerns, organizers said Thursday Breitbart

Of Interest An Inverse Relationship Between Smoking and COVID-19 Researchers at the University of Washington and Stanford University School of Medicine have reported a significant inverse relationship between current smoking and coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) mortality rates across forty countries
News Medical


Reality Bites 41% Of Americans Have Adopted 'Minimalistic' Lifestyle Paying off bills is tough for many these days, and a new survey shows that Americans are cutting costs or even adopting a ‘minimalistic’ lifestyle to make ends meet.
Study Finds

Strange Stuff 'Brazen' Bald Eagle Attack Sends Govt Drone To Watery Grave Since the dawn of drones, a quiet war has been raging, and drones are losing. A Michigan bald eagle didn't take kindly to the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE, appropriately) operating a drone in its territory last month.

Pictured Great White Soars 15 Feet Into Air! Incredible photo catches record-breaking shark breach showing great white soar into air to take out a ‘seal’
The Sun

5,000 Burmese Pythons Removed From Florida Everglades Florida wildlife officials announced last week that 5,000 invasive Burmese pythons have been removed from the delicate Everglades ecosystem since setting up elimination programs three years ago. Fox


Man Who Lost Penis Now Has New One Growing On His Arm When he lost his penis to a blood infection, Malcolm MacDonald underwent a groundbreaking procedure to have a new one grown on his arm, before it could be grafted to his groin. Vice

Cool Stuff Pacific Island Castaways Rescued After Writing ‘SOS’ in the Sand An “SOS” message scraped onto the beachfront of a tiny Pacific island directed the aircrew from an Australian navy assault ship to three missing sailors, military authorities said Tuesday. Breitbart

Prison Escapee Caught After 50 Years on Run A man who escaped from a Colorado prison in 1974 was found living under an alias in a small town in northern New Mexico after the Denver police officer he shot decades ago helped track him down, authorities said.
US News

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