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Our Reversible Moral Coma...
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Good News Congress Makes Internet Access Tax Ban Permanent Taxing internet access has been barred by law since 1998. However, over the last 20 years, the prohibition wasn't a permanent law: it was a moratorium. To keep the moratorium in place, Congress had to extend it. And extend it again. Forbes

Poll Over 4 In 10 Back Trump Nationwide Over 4 in 10 Americans are backing Trump's campaign after his victory in New Hampshire's GOP primary last Tuesday, according to a Morning Consult survey released Friday
The Hill

Trump's Emotional TV Ad Slams Illegal Immigration Donald Trump has rolled out a hard-hitting and emotional TV-ad in South Carolina that shows how African-Americans are suffering from illegal immigration.

Our Tax Dollars Democrats Call For Government-Funded Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants Top Senate Democrats introduced legislation Thursday that would grant government-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants who are part of the surge of Central Americans that have overwhelmed the border and stretched the immigration courts
Washington Times

Crony Socialism DNC Rolls Back Obama Ban On Contributions From Federal Lobbyists The Democratic National Committee has rolled back restrictions introduced by presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008 that banned donations from federal lobbyists and political action committees. Washington Post

Above The Law 15 Percent of Latest Hillary Clinton’s Emails Marked Classified More than 15 percent of the latest batch of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails released Saturday contain classified information, with three of the messages being labeled “secret” — continuing to add to the questions surrounding her email use Washington Times

Trump Supporters File 'Birther' Lawsuit Against Cruz In Federal Court The lawsuit, filed Feb. 3 at a district court in Alabama, seeks a judgment "declaring that Rafael Edward Cruz is ineligible to qualify/run/seek and be elected to the Office of the President of the United States of America" due to his Canadian birth The Hill

Barbarians ISIS Relying on Child Soldiers, Drugged Fighters An increasingly desperate ISIS has replaced much of its depleted senior ranks with child soldiers and drugged foreign fighters ill-equipped to use what’s left of the terrorist army’s stolen armaments Fox


The Tyranny of Political Correctness Prof Bans Students From Saying ‘Husband’ Or ‘Wife’ as Not ‘Inclusive’ In just the latest instance of taxpayer-funded censorship, students in one University of Florida course have been banned from using words such as "husband," "wife," "mom," or dad" in the classroom and risk losing points off their grade if they don't comply Daily Caller

The Cancer WithinFrance to Shut Down 100 to 160 Mosques; War-grade Weapons Found in Some The French government recently raided Muslim houses of worship in the country and found "one third of the quantity of war-grade weapons that are normally seized in a year,"
The New American

Baby Barbarian ISIS Makes 4 Year Old Execute Prisoners A 4-year-old British boy dubbed "Junior Jihadi" has once again been used in a revolting ISIS propaganda video, this time showing him detonating explosives in a car with three captives strapped inside New York Post

Thank-You, Government Schools Poll: Millennials Prefer Socialism to Capitalism A new survey from YouGov finds that millennials have more favorable views of socialism than of capitalism. Breitbart

Desperately Seeking Utopia Bernie Sanders Promises To Free Half A Million Prisoners In First Term Sen. Bernie Sanders vowed during the latest Democratic debate to dramatically reduce America’s prison population in his first four years in office. “Here’s my promise: At the end of my first term as president we will not have more people in jail than any other country,” Sanders said Yahoo

2016 Anti-Cruz Group Launches $1.5 Million Ad Blitz In South Carolina American Future Fund, a conservative group that spent heavily against Cruz in Iowa, will begin airing a TV commercial in South Carolina that labels Cruz as "weak" on national security -- a damaging label in military-heavy South Carolina Politico

The State As 'Parent'? Feds Seek Home Visits, Calling Parents "Equal Partners" Big Brother wants to be an “equal partner” with American parents in the raising of their own children, starting before they are even born. He wants to send his agents to your house for “home visits,” too.
The New American

Dissing America Navy Outraged At Iran's Posting of Crying Captive US Sailor The footage, which was shown on the official Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, was condemned by the Navy, who called the sailors' captivity "outrageous and unacceptable." Fox


Virginia High School Nixes 'White Guilt' Video An animated film designed as a lesson in “racial discourse” for students at a Virginia high school will not be shown after it made students uncomfortable and drew criticism from parents who called it “white guilt.” Fox

Court Overturns Order Keeping 'Fast and Furious' Documents Secret A federal appeals court on Friday overturned a lower court ruling that kept a lid on a handful of documents related to a lawsuit from Congress over the Obama administration’s botched “Fast and Furious” gun running operation. The Hill

Worth Watching Undercover Video Shows Why New Hampshire Needs Stronger Voter-ID Laws The video shows poll workers advising Project Veritas journalists how to skirt the rules in order to vote as non-residents. Bernie Sanders campaign staffers are shown encouraging undercover journalists to claim false addresses in order to vote in the primary National Review

Rush: If Conservatism Is Your Only Priority, There Is No Choice Other Than Ted Cruz If conservatism is your bag, if conservatism is the dominating factor in how you vote, there is no other choice for you in this campaign than Ted Cruz, because you are exactly right Rush Limbaugh


Carrier To Relocate 1,400 Indianapolis Jobs To Mexico Carrier plans to relocate its Indianapolis operations to Mexico over the next three years, a move that will affect about 1,400 jobs

More Elite Idiocy Meryl Streep: 'We're All Africans Really' The Berlin International Film Festival became embroiled Thursday in the debate about diversity in the movie industry, with jury president Meryl Streep dismissing questions about the all-white panel by telling reporters that "we're all Africans, really." AP

Friday Trump Jumps to 44% Nationally, Rubio Drops to 10% Morning Consult released its latest national poll Friday, and the news is all good for Donald Trump, whose support jumped from 38% last week to 44% support today. That puts The Donald a full +27 points ahead of second place Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who enjoys 17% support Breitbart


Potent? World First Home Sperm Testing Kit Will Measure Count And Quality Until now, self tests only indicated sperm count - ignoring the importance of semen quality, which could leave some men are falsely reassured Mirror

Of Interest Backlash To Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance Continues To Grow Remember when Justin Timberlake "accidentally" ripped off Janet Jackson's top during their Super Bowl performance? Well the backlash from that has nothing on Beyoncé's performance last Sunday. Fox

Lie To Me Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church at Age Six Over Abortion Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former President Bill Clinton and current Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, said in an interview at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser that she left the Baptist church because she was not happy that she was told about abortion when she was a 6-year-old

Of Interest Einstein's Gravitational Waves Detected In Scientific Milestone Scientists have for the first time detected gravitational waves, ripples in space and time hypothesized by Albert Einstein a century ago, in a landmark discovery announced on Thursday that opens a new window for studying the cosmos.

Government Grab Obama Creates 3 New National Monuments To 'Protect' 1.8 Million Acres Of California Desert Obama designated three new national monuments in the California desert Thursday, expanding federal 'protection' to 1.8 million acres of landscapes that have retained their natural beauty despite decades of heavy mining, cattle ranching and off-roading
Los Angeles Times

New Blood Test To Spot Five Deadly Cancers A blood test being developed by US scientists could pick up breast, bowel, lung, womb or stomach cancer at an early stage

Wave of the Future? Scientists Preserve And Revive Brain In a step towards eternal life, researchers from 21st Century Medicine (21CM) managed to freeze the brain of a rabbit using a technique known as Aldehyde-stabilized cryopreservation (ASC). Express


Clean Slate? You Can Soon Wipe Out Your Worst Memories Scientists have discovered a way to change how our brains perceive memories, which could leave bad flashbacks truly in the past. New York Post

Interesting Trivia 2015 Sets Record For Most Shark Attacks Experts say 2015 saw a record-setting 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, including 30 in Florida alone. Fox

Rise of the Machines Robots Boost Warehouse Productivity By 800% The Locus robot can zip around a clothing warehouse larger than the size of six football fields. It can also work for 24 hours, without a break for lunch or a salary.
Tech Insider

Who Knew? Study: Horses Recognise Human Emotion Psychologists have shown for the first time that horses are able to distinguish between positive and negative human facial expressions The Guardian

New Jersey Man Slays Child Ann Coulter

Trump's America Charles Murray Wall Street Journal

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote (leftist) The Nation

How I Quit my Smartphone Addiction and Really Started Living The Guardian

Sanders and Trump: Magic Sells Charles Krauthammer

The Advice That Clinches Presidency for Donald Trump Wayne Allyn Root

America Trumped American Spectator

Trump and Sanders: The Founder's Worst Nightmare
 Weekly Standard

Notes After New Hampshire Mark Steyn

That Clever Mr. Trump American Thinker

You Don't Know What Obama Said At The Mosque Dennis Prager

Only a Barbaric Nation Drafts Its Mothers and Daughters into Combat National Review

The Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women FrontPageMag

How Republics Perish Patrick Buchanan

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