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In Your Face! Russians 'Barrel Roll' Over Another U.S. Air Force Plane A Russian SU-27 conducted a "barrel roll" Friday over the top of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 which was flying a reconnaissance mission in international airspace above the Baltic Sea, two U.S. defense officials told CNN. CNN

A California First Trump Honors Families Of Those Killed By Illegals At a rally Thursday night in Orange County, CA, Donald Trump was joined on stage by Jamiel Shaw, whose son was murdered by an illegal alien in 2008, and other members of the Remembrance Project.
Real Clear Politics

Sound and Fury:)
Rioters Rage Outside Trump Rally In California Hundreds of demonstrators descended on the California Republican Convention Friday to protest Donald Trump ahead of his speech there - some of whom wore bandanas over their faces and carried Mexican flags while stomping on cars and hurling rocks at motorists
Los Angeles Times

More Democrat Voters AG Lynch Calls For Expanded Rights for Felons Virginia and Maryland may not be the only states to restore voting rights to convicted felons this election cycle. If the Obama administration has anything to do with it, “justice involved individuals” will have expanded economic, educational, and civic opportunities throughout the U.S.

Report ISIS Hackers Release Hit List of 3,600 Ordinary New Yorkers A group of ISIS linked hackers have released an online hit list of 3,000 New York residents and urged terrorists to target them Mirror

More Gun Control Obama Makes 'Smart Guns' Push Obama announced new steps Friday to ostensibly help curb gun violence, including by identifying the requirements that "smart guns" would have to meet for law enforcement agencies to buy and use them as well as sharing mental health records with the federal background check system Newsmax

Reality Bites Target's Stock Down 5 Percent After Endorcing New Bathroom Rules Target’s stock price and its favorability among shoppers are crashing as the public rebukes the retail giant for ignoring their vigorous protest against mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms Breitbart

Senate Confirms First Female Officer For Warfighting Command By voice vote late Thursday, the Senate approved Gen. Lori Robinson to be commander of U.S. Northern Command. The command is responsible for preventing attacks against the United States. Fox


Cry Me A River GOP Hits Lowest Approval Rating Since 1992 Currently 33% of the public has a favorable impression of the Republican Party, while 62% have an unfavorable view. Unfavorable opinions of the GOP are now as high as at any point since 1992 Townhall

Supreme Court Denies Bid To Block Texas Voter ID Law Texas' controversial voter identification law will remain in effect, possibly through November's elections, after the Supreme Court on Friday denied an emergency request from a coalition of Latino advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers who say the measure is discriminatory

More PC Idiocy Indigenous Peoples' Day Will Replace Columbus Day On Evanston's Calendar Evanston is joining a number of other cities, teaming with the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples' Day on the city's celebration calendar later this year. Chicago Tribune

Voting With Their Pocketbooks:) One Million Americans Vow To Boycott Target Over Transgender Bathrooms More than one million people have decided they will no longer buy their Nutter Butters or Wet Wipes at Target. Fox
Climate Hustle   

Another Government Fail Atlantic City, America’s Worst-Rated Town, Stares at Default Atlantic City has so little money left that it could miss a $1.8 million bond payment due Sunday, a step that would make it the first New Jersey municipality to default on debt since the Great Depression. Wall Street Journal

Prosecuting The Messenger Activists Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Reject Plea Deals Two anti-abortion activists arrested in connection with making undercover Planned Parenthood videos are rejecting plea deals offering them probation. Fox

Maine To Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November Maine officials announced on Wednesday that the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol had garnered enough signatures to place the initiative on the ballot this Novembe

More Phony Climate 'Data' Now NSIDC Caught Tampering With Climate Records You’ve read about the climate fraud committed ‘on an unbelievable scale’ by the shysters at NASA. You’ve read about how NOAA overestimated US warming by 50 percent. Now it’s NSIDC’s turn to be caught red-handed fiddling the data and cooking the books. Breitbart

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Climate Hustle

Just So Rush: Trump Attacks on Hillary Will Be 'Orgasmic' Americans are tired of seeing Bill and Hillary Clinton get away with scandal after scandal and can't wait for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump unload on her in the general election, says conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh Newsmax

Repeat A Lie Often Enough... Half of Conservatives Now Say Climate Change Is Real The percentage of conservative Republicans who consider global warming a threat shot up 19 points in two years, to 47 percent, according to public opinion researchers at Yale University and George Mason University Newsmax

Big Brother Smacked Down Judge Rules Seattle Trash Inspections Unconstitutional A controversial Seattle ordinance that allowed city workers to inspect people's trash -- as part of an effort to stop residents from throwing food scraps in the wrong pile -- was ruled unconstitutional on Wednesday. Fox

Re-Instating God Oregon County Erects 'In God We Trust' Plaque After Debate The commissioners approved the sign after a February public hearing in which 300 residents expressed their support, either in-person or in writing. Vastly outnumbered opponents said the sign would violate separation of church and state laws. Fox


Manufacturing Racism
Another Hate Crime Hoax On Campus In mid-April, Salisbury University students reported finding a picture of a noose drawn on a whiteboard along with the hashtag "whitepower" and a racial slur. Emails sent out by the university's president pledged to find out who was behind the "act of intolerance."

"Climate Hustle" UN 'Climate Scientists' Warns Moviegoers to Shun Climate Skeptic Film Leading climate activists are warning moviegoers to shun the May 2nd nationwide one-day theater screening of “Climate Hustle,” a new film debunking climate alarmism and its big government solutions. MRC TV

Friday Rasmussen: Trump 38%, Clinton 38% Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are again tied up in a head-to-head matchup. The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on April 25-26, 2016 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Rasmussen


Goverment Greed? Over Half of Prince's Estate Will Go to the Govt It appears that the pop star Prince may have died without a will, leaving behind a multi-million dollar and growing estate. Although Prince has one full sister and five half-siblings, Prince’s family members will not be his biggest heirs. Daily Signal

Of Interest Radisson Hotel Chain Is Latest U.S. Giant to Be Snapped Up By Chinese A unit of Chinese conglomerate HNA Group has agreed to buy Carlson Hotels, which owns brands including Radisson and Country Inns and Suites, the latest in a flurry of overseas investments by Chinese companies AP

Pictured Trooper Wowed By Wooden Car On Nebraska Highway A Nebraska trooper on Thursday pulled over an odd-looking sports car -- one that could have given him a splinter if he wasn't careful.


News Flash! Caitlyn Jenner Uses Ladies Room At Trump Tower Caitlyn Jenner has taken Donald Trump up on his offer to use the restroom of her choosing while visiting one of his Trump Towers - and recorded the landmark moment for posterity
The Hill

The Right Move Will Ferrell Pulls Out of Reagan Alzheimer’s Comedy Will Ferrell has backed out of a comedy about Ronald Reagan’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease following outrage from the former president’s family
New York Post

Sailors Rush For Tattoos As Navy Bends Rules Until now, sleeve tattoos have been barred under military regulations. The Navy is scrapping the ban -- and going further still -- to adopt the most lenient rules on body art of any US military service.

Study Retirement Really Can Kill Most people count down the days to retirement, but a recent study has found it could actually send you to an early grave. Daaily Mail


Pictured Men Catch 180 lb Carp With Dead Friend's Ashes Two British fishermen honored their late friend by using his remains to reel in a 180-pound Siamese carp while on a trip to Thailand, The Telegraph reports. Fox

Study 'Resharing' On Socials Making People Stupid Reposting messages on social media makes people stupid, a new study suggests. Researchers from Cornell and Beijing universities found that the simple act of “retweeting” interfered with people’s understanding of the contents of the message. Independent

Millennials Are Leaving These 10 Big American Cities In Droves High home prices are pushing three groups of people out of big, expensive cities: low-income workers, people in rural-based industries, and millennials
Business Insider

Very Strange Stuff How Doctor Plans To Perform First Human Head Transplant The projected operation would be a 36-hour, £14m procedure involving at least 150 people, including doctors, nurses, technicians, psychologists and virtual reality engineers Independent

If Trump Is Nominated, The GOP Must Keep Him Out Of The White House George Will

Ted Cruz Makes His Last Stand in Indiana Wall Street Journal

A Superior Vision Walter Williams

Awash In Mexican Heroin Albuquerque Journal

At Last, America First! Pat Buchanan

The World According To Trump Charles Krauthammer

Why The Left Hates Jews National Review

The Transgender Threat to Boys and Men
 American Thinker

Christians, Don't Fall For The 'Compassion' Trap National Review

Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence National Review

Will Rioters Hand the Election to Trump? Power Line

25 More Things You Don’t Know About Hillary Clinton! Howie Carr

The 5 People Most Likely To Be Donald Trump’s Vice President (leftist) Washington Post

Humiliating Defeat For Media And Political Elites Joe Scarborough

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