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Guest Column

Andrew McCarthy:

The Articles of Impeachment Are Very Weak...
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A Firm Grasp of the Obvious:) DOJ IG: Obama May Have Known FBI Was Surveilling Trump Campaign Former President Barack Obama may have been aware the FBI was surveilling Donald Trump’s presidential campaign based on Russian election interference claims, the newly released audit by the inspector general at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed.

Report Mitch McConnell Likely to Acquit Trump, Not Dismiss Impeachment Charges
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to acquit President Donald Trump in the Senate if he’s impeached in the House, not just dismiss the charges against him, two senators told CNN on Wednesday.

Chill Greta, Chill! Donald Trump Mocks ‘Ridiculous’ Greta Thunberg TIME Person of the Year Cover President Donald Trump mocked teenage global warming activist Greta Thunberg on Thursday after getting TIME’s Person of the Year cover. Breitbart

CNN Ratings Plummet by Double-Digits During Impeachment Week Besides visceral hate for Donald Trump, one of the reasons CNN has been so openly aggressive in cheerleading for Trump’s impeachment is to boost its pathetic ratings.

Update U.N. Climate Meeting in Chaos over Third World Reparation Demands The 25,000 delegates who have flown to Madrid, Spain, for the COP25 climate conference look set to leave after two weeks of talking with nothing to show for their efforts aside from bitterness and chaos over the simple question: who – apart from the United States – will be called upon to pay the bills Breitbart

Drunken Sailors... Feds Collect Record Taxes; Historic Spending The federal government collected record total tax revenues of $470,706,000,000 in October and November, the first two months of fiscal 2020. The federal government still ran a deficit of $343,360,000,000 during October and November because it spent $814,012,000,000 in those two months. CNSNews

House Approves Farmworker Amnesty, Promotes Visa Workers over Americans Nearly all House Democrats, plus a group of 34 Republicans, voted Wednesday to approve an amnesty for illegal farmworkers and to outsource more of the nation’s farm workforce to cheap H-2A visa workers. Breitbart

Cleaning Up New York De Blasio Deports Thousands of Homeless Families Across America Cities across the United States are grappling with large homeless populations, but New York City decided to deal with the problem by relocating those sleeping in the streets or in shelters to other American cities.

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Education or Indoctrination? Assignment Asks Middle Schoolers 'How Many Slaves Would Equal 4 White People?' A local middle school social studies assignment is raising serious concerns. Students at Kannapolis Middle School were asked how many slaves would be needed to equal at least four white people. WSOC TV

We Kid You Not
Joe Biden’s Immigration Plan: Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Free All Border Crossers into U.S. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s national immigration plan includes an effort to provide amnesty to all 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the United States, freeing border crossers into the country, and restarting welfare-dependent legal immigration that would cost American taxpayers billions.

Trump Targets Anti-Semitism, Boycotts Against Israel on College Campuses President Trump is threatening to cut federal funds to college campuses that don't curb anti-Semitism against Jewish students, with an executive order set to be signed later Wednesday, according to a senior administration official. Fox

Of Interest Two Polls Show Majority of Registered Voters Oppose Impeachment Two polls released this week show that a majority of registered voters in America now oppose the impeachment of President Trump and his removal from office.

Bowing To The PC Police Atheist Group Forces School to Cancel 3rd Graders’ Live Nativity Scene An Oklahoma public elementary school removed its third-grade live Nativity scene from its annual Christmas production after receiving a threatening letter from an atheist group.

View From The Left FNC's Chris Wallace Lambasts Trump Over 'Most Sustained Assault on Press Freedom in History' A leading host on Fox News, a conservative network notorious for its loyalty to the White House, has lambasted Donald Trump for mounting the most direct attack on press freedom in American history.
The Guardian

Still Winning:) Trump’s Support Among Orthodox Jews Has Risen from 54% to 89% Nine in ten Orthodox Jews say that they support President Donald Trump, according to a poll released Wednesday by Ami Magazine. Moreover, that support appears to have risen dramatically since Election Day in 2016. Breitbart

Culture New Nike Swimwear Line Includes Swim Hijab Nike's new Victory Swim Collection will include a full-coverage swimsuit and a swim hijab. The collection “brings performance innovation to modest swimwear.” KTUU

Uh Oh:) Hunter Biden’s Baby Mother Demands Income Disclosure for Burisma and ‘Chinese Entity’ Lunden Roberts, the apparent mother of Hunter Biden’s love child, is reportedly seeking financial information regarding his time as a board member of Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian energy giant at the center of corruption allegations against him and his father, former Vice President Joe Biden. Breitbart

Report Psychedelic 'Wonder Drug' Can 'Reset Brain' and 'Turn Off' Addictions Psychedelic 'wonder drug' that can 'reset the brain' and 'turn off' people's addictions without the downsides of tripping is due to start human trials next year Daily Mail


Government Schools
College Students Spend $10 Billion a Year on Mandatory Social Justice Courses A new study claims that social justice general education at American universities costs students and their parents approximately $10 billion every year. The study was conducted to show the grip that the social justice ideology has on academia

Misleading The Masses Vatican Uses Donations for Poor -- to Plug Its Budget Deficit For the past five years, only about 10% of the money collected—more than €50 million was raised in 2018—has gone to the sort of charitable causes featured in advertising for the collection, according to people familiar with the matter.
Wall Street Journal

Sigh Yale Spends $85 Million on Faculty Diversity Initiative Yale University announced this week that the institution will spend $85 million on diversity initiatives in the upcoming year. The decision is based on the argument that “diversity” must be incorporated in every part of the institution. Beritbart

Did You Know..?
Scientists Discovered 71 New Species in 2019 Mediterranean ants, goblin spiders, sea slugs, flowering plants and coral were just some of the 71 new species researchers at the California Academy of Sciences uncovered this year. The Sun

Of Interest Police Investigating Tiny Hidden Cameras Found In HYATT Hotel Rooms Police are investigating a report of recording devices found in guest rooms at a Minneapolis hotel. The cameras were discovered at the downtown Hyatt Regency on Saturday.


Reality Bites Fox News Crushes Competition in 2019, as ‘Hannity’ is Top Again Fox News Channel enjoyed the best primetime ratings in the network’s 23-year history as “Hannity” topped cable news for the third straight year.

NYC Loses 'Top Destinations' Status As Tourists Pick Asia Over USA It’s official: New York City and America are no longer the center of the world by any measure beyond swagger. In fact, the continents of North and South America have fallen off the must-see map altogether according to Euromonitor’s Top 100 City report

Soul Mates Husband, Wife Die Day Apart After Being Married 68 Years After being married for 68 years, Minnesota sweethearts died a day apart – a testament, their kids say, to their independence and devotion to each other. USA Today


Strange Stuff Man Whose Farts Kill Mosquitoes Hired to Make Repellent A man whose farts kill mosquitoes claims to have been signed up by insect repellent companies probing the secret of his killer gas. The Sun

More Strange Stuff Florida Dog Puts Car in Reverse, Drives in Circles for an Hour The owner, who asked to remain anonymous, had left his car running in the street when the dog changed gears and didn’t stop driving for almost an hour, Port St. Lucie Police said KTLA

Of Interest These 10 US Cities are Hiring the Most Workers A number of new jobs are concentrated in some of the country’s biggest metropolitan areas. Ten American cities are leading the way with red-hot job markets, according to recent data published by CareerBuilder, which analyzed unique job postings per city in each state.

Who's Doing the Raping? Don't Ask 'Law & Order: SVU' Ann Coulter

Gun-Free Military Installations Make U.S. Troops Sitting Ducks AWR Hawkins

The Full Transcript of Trump's Ukraine Call Fox

Time Swings and Misses With Another Person of the Year Pick David Blackmon

Horowitz Goes Full Comey American Thinker

The Horowitz Horror Show Wall Street Journal

The Absurd Crusade Against the Salvation Army Dennis Prager

These Reporters All Lied About the Steele Dossier, Carter Page, and FISA Warrants
PJ Media

Is Trump the Only Adult in the Room? Victor Davis Hanson

How USA Wasted Billions Trying to Rebuild Afghanistan MSN

Will Democrats Accept the Results of the 2020 Elections? Ben Shapiro

Backfire! The Democrats’ Primary Objective Has Failed Rush Limbaugh (transcript)

Joe Biden? Seriously? Townhall

It's Official: The Dossier Was Malarkey
Byron York
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