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Memo To Obama: ISIS Now ‘Full-Blown Army,’ Officials Warn Top U.S. officials warned Wednesday that a Sunni extremist group controlling parts of Syria and Iraq had grown into a threat that is "worse than al Qaeda". The Hill

Alert FEC Chair Warns of Chilling Regulations, Book Ban On Conservative Publishers The chairman of the Federal Election Commission today blasted Democratic colleagues opposed to his effort to protect conservative media after they imposed rules on the publisher of Rep. Paul Ryan's new book, opening the door to future book regulations -- or even a ban Washington Examiner

Barbarians At The Gate
ISIS 'Orders Female Genital Mutilation' For Women in Mosul The UN says militant Islamist group Isis has ordered all women and girls in Mosul, northern Iraq, to undergo female genital mutilation

Uh Oh... IRS Head Says Backup Tapes Found In Lerner Probe The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing "backup tapes" -- despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled.

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No End In Sight Hagel Authorizes More Housing for Children From Central America Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has authorized more temporary housing to shelter an additional 5,000 unaccompanied alien children anticipated to arrive in the United States from Central America in the coming months.

Keeping America Safe? Admin Pulls ICE Officers From Field, Assigns To Desk Jobs President Obama is encouraging Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to slack off on the job, former border cops tell National Review National Review

7 Nobel Peace Laureates, Call For Arms Embargo On Israel For War Crimes An assortment of rabidly anti-Israel public figures, including seven Nobel Peace Prize winners, have called for an international arms embargo on Israel for its "war crimes and possible crimes against humanity" in Gaza. Breitbart

Ocean Crash Kills Teen Pilot Seeking World Record An Indiana teenager who was attempting to set a record for an around-the-world flight was killed when his plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean Fox


A Firm Grasp of the Obvious Voters: Obama Administration Incompetent at Governing Has the Obama administration competently and effectively managed the government? A Fox News poll finds 58% of American voters says no -- including about a third of Democrats. Fox

It's Not My Fault!Senator Says He Had PTSD When He Wrote Thesis Montana Sen. John Walsh's thesis written to earn a master's degree from the U.S. Army War College contains unattributed passages taken word-for-word from previously published papers

Communist Party Ousted From Ukraine Parliament The Communist Party of Ukraine will cease to exist on Thursday, the speaker of Ukraine's parliament announced. "We only have to tolerate this party for another day," Verkhovnaya Rada speaker Oleksandr Turchinov said on Wednesday Moscow Times

Surprised? Thousands of Migrant Children Are No-Shows at Hearings Eighteen out of 20 unaccompanied migrant children from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador failed to turn up for their immigration hearing in Dallas one day this week Newsmax

AZ Takes Nearly 2 Hours to Execute Inmate A condemned Arizona prisoner on Wednesday repeatedly gasped for one hour and 40 minutes, according to witnesses, before dying at an Arizona state prison. Fox

Signs of Donor Fatigue at Obama's Bay Area Fundraisers Obama hit the Bay Area for a fast cash-and-grab fundraising drive Wednesday, but there were signs that even in one of the nation's most reliable Democratic ATMs, donor fatigue is setting in San Francisco Chronicle

Michelle O Takes Credit For More People Drinking Water Michelle Obama is getting -- and taking -- credit for a 3 percent surge in bottled water sales, all due to her “Drink Up” campaign aimed at getting Americans to shift from soda to plain water. Washington Examiner

Voting With Their Feet Beretta To Move Out Of Md. Due To Gun-Control Laws Beretta U.S.A. announced Tuesday that company concerns over a strict gun-control law enacted in Maryland last year have made it necessary to move its weapons making out of the state to Tennessee. Fox

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Did You Know?... Less Than 1% of Obama’s 'Emergency' Border Funds Would Be Spent This Year The CBO score confirms that the president’s $4.3 billion emergency request is not warranted. CBO reports that only $25 million of the president’s request would be spent in fiscal year 2014 and the remaining funds would not be spent until the next fiscal year or in the out-years Daily Signal

The Gay Mafia Strikes Again Lawsuit: Newspaper Fires Editor for Criticizing Gay Bible Bob Eschliman is a Christian. He’s also a veteran news editor. And when he decided to write a column on his personal blog objecting to a gay-friendly version of the Bible, Bob was unceremoniously marched out of the Newton Daily News Townhall

Feds Spend $10M on Robot Pals To Train Kids The National Science Foundation has committed $10 million to build robots that will act as “personal trainers” for children, in an effort to influence their behavior and eating habits Free Beacon

Obama Motorcade Prevents Pregnant Woman in Labor From Getting to the Hospital Witnesses at the scene report that a pregnant woman in labor was not allowed to cross the street to go to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for 30 minutes because ObamaƂ’s motorcade was expected to drive through the area Life News


Another Epic Government Fail - Yawn Social Security's $300M Computer System Doesn't Work After spending nearly $300 million on a new computer system to handle disability claims, the Social Security Administration still can't get it to work. And officials can't say when it will.

We, The Government Fed. Judge Knocks Down Colorado's Gay Marriage Ban, Stays Ruling A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Colorado's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, but temporarily stayed his ruling until the issue is decided by a higher court. Newsmax

Thursday Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 0bama Job Approval @ 46% The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 46% of Likely Voters at least somewhat approve of Obama's job performance. 52% at least somewhat disapprove. Rasmussen


Obama 'Evolves' Again Flashback: Obama Urged Action to Protect Iraq’s Christians – in 2007 The plight of Iraq’s Christians, targeted by Muslim militants, prompted a U.S. senator to write to the Secretary of State, voicing alarm about “their potential extinction from their ancient homeland” and saying the situation demands “an urgent response from our government.” CNSNews

Sins of the Father Dutch Furious After Putin’s Daughter is Found Living in Holland Russian President Vladimir Putin’s daughter is living with a Dutch boyfriend in the Netherlands as the country reels from last week’s jetliner missile attack by Ukrainian rebels with Russian-supplied weapons, according to reports New York Post

Study Resumes Listing Religion 26% Less Likely to Get Response From Employers Job seekers whose resumes include a religious affiliation are 26 percent less likely to hear back from employers, supporting the "cultural distaste theory" that “employers penalize those who indicate any overt expression of religion,”

No Respect FNC's Beckel: I've Done Dope in The White House On Wednesday's edition of "The Five," co-host Bob Beckel remarked on Snoop Dogg's revelation that he as smoked marijuana in the White House, by admitting to the same thing
Truth Revolt

Memo to Harry Reid: Nevada Education System Ranked Last In Nation Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s state ranks last in the nation in education for the third year in a row, according to a children's well-being report released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Beretta’s New Super Rifle Beretta's website carried an announcement that the ARX100 is "shipping now." Beretta markets the rifle as "Italian Design -- American Built." Regardless of its origins, the gun is unusually powerful.

Huh? Hillary Clinton: ‘The Reset Worked’ With Russia Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to trumpet the so-called 2009 “reset” of the U.S.-Russian relationship despite all evidence to the contrary that it worked
Free Beacon

Champion of The 'Common Man' Michael More Owns NINE Homes The divorce between filmmaker Michael Moore and his wife is bringing many details to surface, including that the two own nine homes in New York and Michigan, impugning his long-hewn image as a common man Free Beacon


New Workout Wristband Shocks Users If They Miss Fitness Goals A new wristband design will deliver an electric shock if the wearer does not meet fitness goals My Fox

Of Interest Sheriff Brings Back Prison Stripes The jail's all-orange jumpsuits increasingly are viewed as "cool," Saginaw County Sheriff William Federspiel says, prompting him to begin purchasing jumpsuits with horizontal black-and-white stripes for use inside the jail instead. MLive

Man Finds Family Living In His Miami Home A South Florida renter came home to find people living inside his house but the family illegally squatting inside said they are not leaving.

For Hikers And Nature Lovers Review: The Stone Hearth Grille In Bryce Canyon, Utah On May 3, 2014, I was privileged to see something never before seen in the starkly beautiful environs of Bryce Canyon, Utah - the opening of a gourmet restaurant. Nancy Morgan


Can Simply Being Near the Ocean Wash Away Stress? "Blue Mind" explores why so many of us are drawn to the ocean, and how this scientifically connects to our health and happiness CBS

Strange Stuff This Guy Knows Where Your Cat Lives… And He Has a Website To Prove It It is either the funniest thing on the internet, or the creepiest, but one thing is for certain: a guy called Owen Mundy knows where your cat lives Metro UK

Swarm of Bees Sting Man 1,000 Times A Wichita Falls street department worker was stung about 1,000 times Thursday when an aggressive swarm of bees attacked him as he mowed grass, and two co-workers who tried to help him were stung, too. KWTX

Eyes On The Prize Ann Coulter

Policing America John Stossel

Racial Politics May Determine Who Controls Senate in 2014 Star Parker

President Obama You Have Crossed A Dangerous, Unprecedented Line Townhall

Why There Can Never Be 'Peace in the Middle East' Larry Elder

Is Hotel Shampoo Kind of Racist? The Root

Israel Holds Moral High Ground In Gaza Charles Krauthammer

Bordering On Madness
 Thomas Sowell

Why Elizabeth Warren Is Overrated The Federalist

Why Is Fed Considering Paying Banks Not To Lend To Main Street Investors Business Daily

How Our World Fell Apart Ed Klein

IRS Lawlessness: 20 Hard Drives, Six Unanswered Questions Investors Business Daily

The Terrible Cost of Thwarting Hamas David Horowitz

George Patton's Summer of 1944 Victor Davis Hanson

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