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Late Night Jokes  
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Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Monday Night, November 23 

This Thanksgiving I'm feeling a little betrayed because it has just been revealed that the grocery store labels on the turkey mean very little. Fresh, young, natural, meaningless.

Apparently fresh turkey just means it's not fully frozen. Young turkey means they weren't allowed to die of old age. Natural turkey has the same legal standing as cheez with two Es and a Z and wild turkey means you're too drunk to care anymore.

 The point is it seems like the only ones you can trust these days are the good people at Butterball. They're all about helping you understand your turkey. In fact, Butterball's been running a toll-free hotline for turkey-cooking tips since 1981.

 Every year the turkey talk line receives more than 100,000 phone calls, but sadly, they have not once been able to save the turkey's life.

While the hotline opens on November 2nd, not surprisingly the volume peaks on Thanksgiving Day, so right now, Butterball is paying Turkey experts to sit by the phone. But no one is calling.

Thursday Night, November 19

There is reportedly a shortage of turkeys this Thanksgiving. So it’s official, even turkeys don’t want to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

The kids band The Wiggles announced they will play a reunion concert next year — for adults only. You can buy tickets at ImACreep.biz.

Critics are panning Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new movie saying the film has "long stretches where nothing much happens." Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt responded, "Since when is looking at us not enough?"

 Campbell’s is recalling over 300,000 cans of SpaghettiOs. Turns out, they contain a very dangerous substance called “SpaghettiOs.”

Bernie Sanders recently joined Snapchat. So in case you were wondering, you can get Snapchat on a rotary phone.

The Late, Late Show With James Corden
Tuesday Night, November 24

We are just 15 days away from when "Time" magazine chooses its annual person of the year. There's an online poll where readers can vote for their pick, and currently leading in that online poll is Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders. This is ironic, because I'm not sure Bernie Sanders has ever even been online.

Seriously, if he wanted to vote for himself, he'd have to go to a library. But this is going to be a real thrill for Bernie because he actually remembers when time came onto the scene. Not Time Magazine, just actual time.

 Bernie Sanders has gotten a lot of attention for a meeting he had with outspoken activist/rapper Killer Mike. It looks like killer Mike could wear Bernie in a Baby Bjorn. How are you going to stand up to Vladimir Putin when you look like you need a booster seat?


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
  Tuesday Night, November 24

In a recent interview, Ben Carson said that Thomas Jefferson wrote the U.S. Constitution, when he actually wrote the Declaration of Independence. Or as Carson's campaign staff put it, “Close enough!

Donald Trump was recently being interviewed, and said that he's not a fan of the man bun trend, and wouldn't want to wear his hair that way. You know it's bad when even Donald Trump is like, "I'm not putting that on my head."

I saw that NBC has officially granted Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Jim Gilmore and Lindsey Graham free airtime to equal Donald Trump's recent Saturday Night Live appearance. When asked how they'll feature the candidates, NBC was like, “Let's just say the Thanksgiving Day Parade just got a few more clowns.”

I heard that AMC will broadcast a marathon of the entire “Godfather” trilogy on Thanksgiving. So if you want to watch a dramatic family falling apart on Thanksgiving - now you've got TWO ways to do that.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Wednesday Night, November 18

Bernie Sanders, the presidential hopeful and senator from Vermont, joined Snapchat. Bernie did this, I assume, to appeal to younger voters.

If you're the oldest candidate running for president, maybe not a great idea to post a drawing of yourself as a ghost. If you'd like to follow Bernie Sanders, his Snapchat user name is bernie.sanders. If you want to log into his account, his password is "Password."

Jeb Bush is on Snapchat. He's been on for a while because he's cool too. The Bush campaign launched a contest people can enter to win a chance to have dinner with Jeb Bush. The contest is called, “Will someone please come hang out with me?”

    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  Monday Night, November 23

A new poll found that 54 percent of Americans say it’s too early to be playing Christmas music. I couldn’t agree more. Now let’s talk about the 2016 presidential race.

 Donald Trump said in an interview today that it is highly unlikely that he would ever use nuclear weapons as president. Meanwhile, Ben Carson said, “Hey, what does this button do?”

After a protestor was assaulted at a Donald Trump rally this weekend Trump told reporters, “Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.” And he might have a point, because what the man was doing was attending a Trump rally.

Drug makers Pfizer and Allergan today announced a $160 billion merger. It’s the largest pharmaceutical merger since the one that takes place every day in Keith Richards’ stomach.

A new study has found that specially trained pigeons can have up to an 85 percent accuracy rate of detecting breast cancer in humans. Which means that 15 percent of the time it’s just a pigeon staring at your boobs.


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