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Late Night Jokes  
Last Updated: June 29
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Tuesday Night, June 28 

Donald Trump appears to be softening some of his anti-immigration views lately. So it sounds to me like someone’s shopping for a new wife.

In Britain yesterday, 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth told reporters, “I’m still alive.” It was in response to the question, “What’s the first thing you tell Prince Charles every day?”

Today, Democrats said the committee investigating Hillary Clinton’s involvement with Benghazi was a "witch hunt." Hillary tried to respond, but just then a house fell on her.

On stage in Indianapolis, the Dalai Lama got a fit of the giggles. When asked why he said, "For decades people have been saying to me 'hello, Dalai' and I finally got it."

A new porn site is donating a penny to charity each time someone watches one of their porn videos. So finally, a reason to watch porn. Volkswagen's settlement for its emissions cheating scandal is going to cost it nearly $15 billion. A spokesperson for Volkswagen said, "We’ve never been so embarrassed — and we were founded by Hitler."      

Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Tuesday Night, June 28

There's a thing called the Euro Cup soccer tournament. It's happening right now in France. And yesterday, Iceland, the tiniest nation in the tournament, beat powerhouse England 2-1. This is the worst thing to happen to England in four days.

 Iceland is so deserted right now, it looks like Iceland.

After the shocking upset, the coach of the English team immediately resigned. Just like British Prime Minister David Cameron did after the Brexit vote.

Just yesterday, Rio's acting governor warned the Olympics could be a "big failure," which is actually an improvement, because until yesterday, it looked like a massive catastrophe.

Corruption and crime aren't the only things plaguing the Olympics. There's also actual plague, because fear over the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects, has led some athletes to stay home and others to take special precautions, like freezing their sperm. "What's going on in there?" "Don't open the door. I'm training for the Olympics!"     

The Late, Late Show With James Corden
Tuesday Night, June 14

Today is Donald Trump's birthday! Trump may have turned 70, but his views about women are 150 years old.

 I imagine it's tough to get Trump a gift. What do you get the man who hates everything?

At his party, they had cake, they had party favors, and they played some really fun games, like "Pin the bad economy on the Obama."

The best part is, they didn't have to hire a clown. 


The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon
Friday Night, June 24

The UK officially voted to leave the European Union. It caused the British pound to hit a 31-year low. You could tell Brits were struggling today. Queen Elizabeth was wearing one of those cardboard crowns from Burger King.

Following the vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron actually resigned, saying that the country needs new leadership. An American was like, “Can you start here next January?”

 It was such an important vote and it's good to know that people were making an informed decision. Check out the number two trending topic in the UK while people voted whether or not to leave the EU. "What is the EU?" Half the Britons thought they were voting to leave the "EW."

The stars of the "Game of Thrones" have gotten huge raises and will make $500,000 per episode next season. So when you see a character get killed off, know that the suffering on the tape is real.

President Obama is apparently interested in owning an NBA team after he leaves office. You'll know it's Obama's team when they travel too much and never pass anything.

Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Tuesday Night, June 28

Not only is former Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner the first transgender to be on the cover of "Sports Illustrated," she is also the first sequined person on the cover.

Isn't that a little strange to put her on the "Where are they now?" issue? Should have saved her for the "Who are they now?" issue.

It's tricky for journalists to write about Caitlyn Jenner, because she was a 65-year-old man, now she's a 2-year-old woman. She's a toddler with a gold medal, which is impressive.

Barnes & Noble, the bookstore, has not been doing great. They have a new plan to attract customers. They're planning to open four bookstores next year that serve beer and wine. They hope that offering alcohol will encourage more people to come in. To me this is clearly a Barnes idea; Noble would never be involved in this. 

    Late Night With Seth Meyers
  Wednesday Night, June 22

Donald Trump gave a speech today on what he called the failed policies and bad judgment of Hillary Clinton. And he's right, her judgment isn't always great, but nobody will listen to him because his judgment is so much worse.

Anti-Trump Republicans have reportedly been re-energized by reports that Donald Trump's campaign is having financial problems that could lead to an alternative GOP nominee. "Awesome," said Jeb Bush, before slipping on a banana peel and falling into a manhole.

 Bernie Sanders today told reporters he's not sure if he will be asked to speak at the upcoming Democratic convention. But he does know he won't be asked to speak up.

Ted Cruz today endorsed Marco Rubio's campaign for re-election in the Senate. And when those two work together, there's nothing they can do.

Bernie Sanders admitted today that he doesn't believe he can become the Democratic nominee. He also said it might be time to give up on his dream of qualifying for the X Games.


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