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The Week Of December 31, 2007 To January 6, 2008  

The Week That Was
Nancy Morgan
January 6, 2008

The Times Square ball (which has gone green) ushered in 2008, along with a host of new do's and don'ts from our governing elites:

In California, newly enacted SB 777 allows school children to choose their own sex. In New Jersey, 2008 started with lawmakers considering a measure apologising for slavery. Either white guilt still reigns or they're positioning themselves for an Obama win. In Illinois, it's now illegal to smoke in any public place. Watch out, Obama! In New Hampshire, dozens of gays tied the knot, taking advantage of a new state law that legalised civil unions.
The New York Times ended the year pretty much as they began it, with an editorial accusing American soldiers or war crimes on a large scale. Some things never change.
Across the pond, Paris experienced a relatively calm new year, with only 327 French cars torched. The UN ended 2007 by passing a disgusting resolution protecting Islam from criticism. The UK rang in the new year by issuing guidelines calling for evacuation of any room where the new, energy-saving compact florescent light bulbs are broken. Seems the toxic mercury in them can be dangerous to your health. All this went pretty much unreported by the old media, as they obsessed 24/7 on the Iowa caucuses, which Obama and Huckabee won handily. The media was also silent on Hillary's dismal 3rd place showing and silent on the news that another one of her major fundraisers was convicted and sent to jail. Remember Norman Hsu?
Last week was all politics, all the time. Americans were treated to non-stop bloviating, breathless predictions, pontificating pundits and presidential contenders spouting the new, tested buzzword, 'CHANGE.' Aargh. (The only thing I wanted to change was the channel, but, alas, that didn't help.)
Apparently 'change' has replaced 'global warming' as the new defining issue for 2008. Very timely. As the politicians were busy anointing themselves the messiahs of 'change,' frozen iguanas were falling off trees in Florida and California was battered by a monster arctic storm
The Religion Of Peace
A Dallas man is under investigation for allegedly shooting his two teenage daughters because their Westernised ways brought him shame. This begs the question: Why is this man living in the West?
A Saudi man grabbed a microphone at a shopping mall and proceeded to divorce his wife. Talk about a quickie divorce. I predict the left will start considering adoption of Sharia divorce laws.
Looks like Al Qaeda has adopted Western feminism. They're utilizing more female suicide bombers although the Koran frowns on involving women in fighting. Oh well. To overthrow western civilization, you've got to break a few eggs. No comments forthcoming from NOW.
In Britain, a director of Barclaycard was forced to leave the company in disgrace after making a joke deemed offensive to Muslims. "The results were like Muslims - some were good, some were Shi'ite." Anyone notice there is no such thing as humor in the religion of peace?
Also in Britain, Islamic extremists have created no-go areas where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter. Lets hear it for tolerance...
Essential Trivia
A testosterone laden ointment called Libigel (Viagra for women) is now being tested. Couple that with the fact that beer has been found to contain a cancer fighting agent and you have a core plank of the leftist agenda: Heightened feelings and lowered resistance. What a formula.
Japan has come up with a robot named Yuki-taro, designed to clear roads after heavy snows. (Haven't they heard the earth is melting?) The robot eats snow and poops out bricks of ice. I s*** you not.
In India, the authenticity of some eunuchs is being questioned. Officials claim they're powerless to resolve increasing violent disputes between the rival - real and fake - factions. Coming soon to San Francisco.
I'll leave you with some positive news, even though this may affect my ratings. New figures show that civilian deaths in Iraq are down a whopping 75% from a year ago. A new survey shows that, despite the 24/7 crisis mode of the media, most Americans are 'very satisfied' with their personal lives. I'm smiling.
And that is the week that was.


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