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Top Idiots Of The Week
Nancy Morgan
September 22, 2008

Every week, RightBias publishes Culture Watch, which includes an Idiot of the Week award. Last week, however, was so chock full of idiotic delights that we find they deserve more exposure than space allows in Culture Watch. Hence, the first:


1. The top idiot of the week award goes, hands down, to Dem VP contender Joe Biden, who stated with a straight face that being patriotic
means paying higher taxes. No doubt, some will fall for this bunk, which further explains the need for an expanded IDIOT'S list. So many idiots, so little time.

2. Narrowly losing out for first place has to be Washington Redskin's tight end, Chris Cooley, who 'accidentally' posted a photo of his genitals on the Internet. Cooley apologized, saying he was studying, in the nude, and accidentally included his genitalia in a photo of what were supposed to be notes. Right.. He as much as said it ain't no big deal.

3. A would-be robber picked the wrong bar to rob. It turned out Pooh's Corner Bar in Virginia is a cop's bar. This idiot ended up with a shot in the butt. Sometimes, life is fair.
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Rep. Charlie Rangel, who, after being caught cheating on his taxes, penned an open letter to New Yorkers saying he is the target of a GOP "guerilla war." This, after he managed to keep his leadership post on our nation's tax-writing committee even after evidence of his tax fraud came to light.

A German teenager engraved a swastika into her hip and then blamed it on right-wing militants. She is currently facing trial.

Billionaire George Soros has made this week's list. His hedge fund lost at least $120 million bucks for his investors on the funds' Lehman Brothers holdings. Welcome, George. Hope to see you back here real soon.

Our 'social justice' award has to go to the group of protesters who gathered outside John McCain's Crystal City condo, demanding McCain give them his condo. Too much koolaid for those kids. What do you want to bet they're all Obama supporters?

Last, but not least, we must acknowledge those zany Democrat leaders who, as the world teetered on the brink of financial ruin last week, suggested issuing gas stamps to help Americans cope with high gas prices.

Feel free to forward your own contendor for next week's IDIOT AWARDS.

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