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The Week That Was  

The Week
Nancy Morgan
October 16, 2007

Last week, AL Gore scored a Nobel Peace prize for his work on global warming. This, despite a judge ruling that his seminal work, 'An Inconvenient Truth' contained 11 'inaccuracies'.
Conservatives are divided, with many believing that Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for losing the presidency to George Bush.
Meanwhile, Greenpeace urged kangaroo consumption to fight global warming.
Last week, Muslim leaders took their message to the Pope saying the 'survival of the world' is at stake if Muslims and Christians don't make peace with each other. Meanwhile, Gaza's only Christian bookseller was abducted and killed.
The perpetually offended Muslim Student Assoc. at UTSC decided to turn their noses up at the new halel food offered for Muslim students because the campus restaurant sells alcohol and plays music.
Last week, disclosures from ABC and, later, other news organizations, tipped off al Qaeda that their Internet communications system was compromised. The al Qaeda network went dark just as Empire State Building lit up in green in honor of the Muslim holiday Eid, which marks the end of Ramadan.
German researchers demonstrated that chimpanzees make choices that protect their self-interest more consistently than do humans.

Last week great progress was made in Iraq, as the number of civilian casualties took a dive, along with suicide bombings and deaths of American troops. The World Tribune reported Sunni residents of Baghdad turned in a record number of tips over the last three months.
Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, exhorted his followers to e-mail Rush Limbaugh's boss and 'Make Him Apologize!'

Last week, great strides were made by the smoke police as the city of Belmont, Calif. became the first to extend second-hand smoke regulations to the inside of individual apartments - as in, private property. CA also became the 3rd state to protect kids from dread second-hand smoke by imposing fines on motorists if they smoke while minors are in the car.
Meanwhile, in another first, CA became the first state to prohibit landlords from asking tenants immigration status. Even if they smoke.
Also in California: In a slap at nuclear families, Arnold signed a bill that terminated the use of the phrases 'mom and dad' as well as 'husbands and wives' from California schools and ordered said schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms.
Meanwhile in the UK, Justice Secretary Jack Straw announced that the government will make it a crime to incite 'hatred' against gay people, punishable by up to seven years in jail. No word on which government entity will be charged with interpreting 'hatred.'
Last week Hillary made good on old debts by making former National Security Advisor 'Sandy Burglar' an official advisor to her presidential campaign. No word yet on when Mr. Burger is scheduled to take the lie detector test mandated by the Justice Dept over 2 years ago.
Last week, in the UK, the path was cleared for animal-human hybrids and three women were injured after falling into the Tate Modern's latest installation - a crack in the floor dubbed 'trench artwork.' Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Senator Craig of 'bathroom sex sting' fame was inducted into Idaho's Hall of Fame.
That was the week that was.
Nancy Morgan is a columnist and senior news editor for www.RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina.
Other articles by Nancy Morgan are available at www.NorthStarWriters.com

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