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Last Week
Nancy Morgan
October 29, 2007

Last week started with good news from Iraq. The week continued with more good news from Iraq. One would have to search mightily to find this news reported in the mainstream media. Dick Morris opined on The O'Reilly Factor that he is '100% positive 'certain media didn't report the success in Iraq because they want a Democrat president. Say what you will about Morris, this man has a firm grasp of the obvious.
Not a single troop or civilian was killed last week in Anbar Province. In fact, a remarkable parade took place in Anbar, openly attended by citizens from all walks of life. Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch said the Iraqis are ready to assume full control of their own security in Karbala.
AP reported a 70% drop in violence in Iraq and Strategy Page pointed out that Bin Laden had all but declared defeat in his Oct. 22 audiotape speech titled "Message to the people of Iraq." For liberal readers out there, this means the surge is working and America is winning.
Last week was 'Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.' It started out with the students at Emory University, apparently standing in solidarity with the terrorists, shouting David Horowitz down as he tried to publicize the plight of Muslim women. Police were called and Horowitz was escorted off the stage. The Week was successful in showing the state of indoctrination in our nation's universities. Guess the Muslim women will have to wait a bit longer to have their plight recognised.
California was ablaze all last week. 80mph Santa Ana winds spread the worst conflagration in California's history. As millions were fleeing the wildfires, Senate Majority Whip Harry Reid showed his dazzling leadership skills by being the first to make hay of this tragedy, telling reporters, "One reason why we have fires in California is global warming." Reid then went on to stress the need to pass the Dems 'comprehensive' energy package.
Next up was CNN. Network president Jon Klein sent a memo to employees telling them to use the California fire tragedy to "push" CNN's "Planet in Peril" special. A mere three hours later, the usual suspects in the media (NYT, NBC, ABC) started the 'Blame Bush' mantra.
President Bush visited California on Thursday, raising howls from Democrats accusing him of a 'public relations stunt' that will distract fire-fighters. This is called Liberal Chutzpah.
Bush proposed an international 'freedom fund' on Wednesday, to help Cubans rebuild their country, but only if the regime allows freedom of speech, association, press and political parties. President Bush approved $285 million for Mongolia, the latest country to receive aid tied to democratic reforms.
The Bush administration announced sweeping new sanctions against Iran, the harshest since the take-over of the U.S. Embassy in 1979. This prompted several Dems to go on record, opposing a strike on Iran, opposing the decision to label Tehran's Quds as terrorists, and opposing Bush's statement that a nuclear-armed Iran could lead to World War III. Such a lot of sound and fury....
Lest one get the idea the Dems didn't accomplish anything last week: House Majority Leader Rep Steny Hoyer told fellow Democrats that next year, they could take Fridays off, as the House won't be in session. Oh, and Dems were successful in keeping the 2007 farm bill pretty much the same as previous versions, where most of the subsidies go to corporations instead of the small farmers for whom the program was designed.
Rounding out the week, Democrat leaders announced they will embark on a publicity blitz starting in Nov. to combat a dismal 25% approval rating. A good week, all in all.
Meanwhile, Sens Joe Lieberman and John Warner get set to unveil a 'cap-and-trade' program designed to fight global warming at the expense of American taxpayers. Across the pond, Britain decided the monies raised from their carbon trading programs will go directly to the general fund.
AlGore's book, The Assault on Reason, won another prize at the Quill Awards in New York. Meanwhile, a detailed report published by the Science and public Policy Institute listed a total of 35 errors in Gore's award winning global warming film.
On the culture front, Robert Morris University was caught sending more than 30 freshmen to volunteer at abortion centers. In Texas, a 4 year-old was suspended for hugging a teacher's aide. The principal sent a note to this kids parents, stating, "the pre-kindergartner demonstrated inappropriate physical behaviour interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment." I'm not making this up. 
AP reports that college tuition and fees rise 6.6%
Across the pond, a British couple will have their foster son taken away because they refused to teach him that homosexuality is good. In Italy, an ad campaign, supposedly to counter 'discrimination' against gays, featured a poster that showed a new-born with the word 'homosexual' written on his wristband. Miss England was told to fatten up if she wants to win the world title.
In India, six elephants were electrocuted as they went berserk after drinking rice beer. In Canada, organisers are still trying to figure out why Islamic History Month fizzled.

After 2 years and a $250,000 payment from DOD, the grave of Casey Sheehan is still without a headstone.
Rounding out the week, Hillary turned 60 on Friday. One present she doesn't much care for is the premiere of 'Hillary Uncensored,' a scathing documentary whose 13 minute trailer has been #1 on Google video. Speaking of Hillary, the manufacturer of plastic car accessories drew back the curtain on its new portable toilet for cars and we're still waiting for Sandy Berger to take the lie detector test mandated by the Justice Dept. I'm not holding my breath.
That was the week that was.

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