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The Week That Was
Nancy Morgan
December 3, 2007

The week ending December 2 was notable for the flood of positive news coming from Iraq. That the news came via foreign papers, blogs and Fox News instead of through our "mainstream media" wasn't much of a surprise. The media has been in silent mode regarding Iraq ever since it appeared the surge was indeed working. It appears We're Winning!  

In another attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Democrats continue to do their best to hold our troops hostage. They have decided to leave for Christmas break without approving funds for Iraq. Merry Christmas.
Meanwhile, Iran continues to act like a child with ADD, with state police continuing the 'moral' crackdown. This time the focus is tight pants. Go figure. Iran has also decreed that the word "woman" on Iranian state television be replaced with "family." In Iran, it's getting harder and harder to keep your head, especially when all those around you are losing theirs..
Other Muslim mischief included Sudan sentencing a British teacher and mother of two to 15 days in jail and 40 lashes because her class named a teddy bear Mohammed. This was such a grave insult that 10,000 strong angry mob took to Sudan's streets calling for her death. Latest word Sunday: Sudan has pardoned her and spirited her away somewhere safe. The sticks and stones could very well have broken her bones.
While the world remains in perpetual appeasement mode against these barbarians, a little ray of sunshine: A Dutch lawmaker has announced he is making a film to highlight "fascist" passages in the Koran. And in America, talk show host Michael Savage has filed a lawsuit against (un-indicted co-conspirator) muslim group, CAIR. The Council on American Islamic Relations has been getting a free ride for too long, as it intimidates, threatens and generally does its best to implement Sharia in the USA. Good luck, Michael!   
On the home front, the culture wars are heating up. Especially in our government run schools. In Des Moines, a public school's "gender-bender" cross dressing event, where boys were supposed to dress as girls, and vice-versa, prompted a boycott by hundreds of students.
Meanwhile, in Arizona, a nine year-old boy was suspended for three days from Glendale elementary school for allegedly committing a "hate" crime. Said hate crime was his use of the expression "brown people." The non-profit Advocates for Faith and freedom filed a lawsuit challenging a new law in California that bans the words "mom" and "dad" from public schools. Watch out folks, they're winning...
The results of a global reading test are in. They showed U.S. fourth-graders are losing ground in reading ability, compared with kids around the world. Lovely. We can take heart in the fact that our little darlings can probably trump those other kids when it comes to sensitivity and self-esteem. Thank-you NEA.
Last week reminded us we live in a global economy. Cessna has decided to manufacture its new small plane in China. U.S. conglomerate Honeywell is moving the headquarters of its electronic materials business to Shanghai, and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said it is looking to outsource as much of 30% of its manufacturing, most of it to Asia. Construction has started on an auto assembly plant in Mexico that will create thousands of jobs, producing Chinese cars.
Speaking of plants. Hillary's campaign got caught again planting questions. Bloggers identified several questioners at the Republican debate on CNN as having ties to Hillary's campaign. Hillary, of course, was shocked. CNN got some very unwelcome, gasp, criticism. No wonder Fox News channel dominated the all-news network ratings battle in November.
Lots of news from the Shirley, You Jest files:
Lawmakers on Beacon Hill are set to consider a ban on spanking children in the Commonwealth. If they tried that with adults, you know the LGTB or whatever their initials are, would stop them in their tracks.
A Nassau County man who donated his sperm to a female co-worker as a "friendly" gesture, has been ordered to pay child support for the college-bound teenager.
In Berkeley, Calif., the city council passed a controversial new measure making it tougher for residents to smoke or have sex on city sidewalks. I'm not making this stuff up.
In South Carolina, a man tried to open a bank account with a $1 million bill. Police were called. Rumors that he was a Hillary campaign staffer were found to be untrue:)
CBS ran an ad for an environmental reporter: "Knowledge of the enviro-beat is a big plus, but not a requirement." But you must be 'perky.'
Lastly, all jests aside, four gay men whose allegations can't be disproved, have come forward claiming to have had sex with Sen. Larry 'Wide-Stance' Craig. Craig denies the allegations. Again. And again.
And that was the week that was.

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