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Brian Consoli
A Free Thinking Conservative’s Letter To His Three Little Girls
Brian Consoli
September 14, 2016

An open letter to Reagan, Riley, and Rhea:

You can and will succeed.  

Why am I so sure?  I rest assured because every day I cheer you on and hold your heart in my hand.  You live in a world with limitless possibilities.  You live in a country that recognizes your God given right to the pursuit of happiness.  You have rights and opportunities that many do not have.  Leverage these to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  You will succeed.

The one thing I’ve done well in this life is to sit back and observe patterns of behavior.  It has been my life’s work to learn from my own mistakes, but most importantly pay attention to the habitual mistakes of others.  I impart my “wisdom” to you in this way.  I want to continuously remind you every day of the following things that will build your future:

You are not what others tell you that you are.  You are stronger, better, and more intelligent than those who tell you what you ought to be.  You’ll never let people simplistically reduce you to the color of your skin or your gender.  You are from a family that loves you and values you.  We believe in you and know that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Thirst to learn.  Bypass the weak that envy you.  

Labeling people by skin color is racism
Labeling people by gender is sexism

Stay close and learn from those who liberally use words such as racism, bigotry, demagoguery, sexism, homophobic, Islamophobia, or whatever pop culture monikers that they label others with.  Learn from their mistakes.  Never stand for labels.  Never be a label.  Never label others.  

Judge only on the basis of character and merit.  Those who fall back on labels hide behind them because they are weak.  These people should be carefully observed but pitied at all costs.  The irony about those who claim oppression is that they insidiously become the oppressor in the process of accusation.  Stand against oppression. 


Watch closely those who claim you are the privileged and few.  These people want a false equality that permits equality for none.  These social justice warriors attempt to pull you off of the mountain you’ve rightfully climbed upon so that you can share in their misery in the valley of mediocrity.  Slap that hand.  Challenge them upwards.  

Always remember that true equality is built on actions.  Skin color or chromosomal makeup doesn’t make you who you are.  Don’t care about what people say.  Watch what people do.  Do good deeds and don’t just talk about them.  Talk is for those who hide behind smoke & mirrors.

Befriend people of all races, genders, degrees of education, and socio economic status.  You will learn the most from friends who you respectfully disagree with than those who tickle your ears by telling you what you want to hear.  NEVER trust those who think they know everything.  These people are dangerous.  The scientific method is constructed in such a way that knowable things can be innovated upon and therefore be disproved and upgraded.  NEVER trust those who refuse to learn from others.  These people are dangerous.

When facing life changing decisions that can affect yourself, your family, or those you care about, please remember to do your research.  Move slowly and invest in fact finding.  Know everything knowable from every viewpoint.  It is only after accumulating all available qualitative and quantitative data that you can make an INFORMED decision.  Rely on those you trust and then stand behind that decision.  Fall on your sword promptly and without blame shifting if you are wrong.  Take responsibility.

Don’t fall for propaganda.  Germany fell into the Holocaust because people were led to believe a lie and failed to stand up for their values.  Most people are easily led by the nose by people who have ill will towards mankind.  These evil people want your money, your time, or your life.  Watch and listen to all news outlets.  Follow the money to its source.  Be fair and balanced in making educated decisions about politics and religion.  There are answers and you can find them if you search hard enough.  Hint hint (John 3:16).

Never forget that your father and mother love you.  As I type this I’ve worked 60 hours a week for 5 years straight so that your mother could raise you and to put food on your table.  I work despite the government taking 4 of every 10 dollars I make in taxes.  I work for your future.  I work because I love you.  Never mistake love for a feeling.  It is everything besides a feeling.  Love is commitment.  Love is working alongside one another.  Love is hard work and sweat.  Love is blood.  I love you.

You can and will succeed.

Your free thinking conservative father

Brian is a former minister, Navy vet, and entrepreneur.  He has dedicated his life to the disenfranchised while being a champion of free market capitalism.  He spends his time helping to guide one of the world's largest used test & measurement companies named Alltest Instruments.  He lives in NJ with his wife Caroline and three daughters Rhea, Reagan, and Rile



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