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The Fruits Of Feminism
Nancy Morgan
February 1, 2007

To all the male readers out there, listen up. You've been sold a bill of goods. By feminists.

Here's a heads up: Women don't want men that cry, explore their inner feelings out loud or use hair spray.
Here's another news flash: Nail polish on men is yucky, hairless chests are not masculine and, hello, it's OK to wear the pants.
I know, I know... these days you don't know if you're going to get a thank-you or a slap in the face if you dare hold a door open for a woman. You're not sure what the right move is when a woman offers to pick up the check. You're made to feel that masculine traits are a sign of, gasp, 'patriarchy.'
Take it from me, women, no matter how they might feel compelled to protest, always want you to play the man's role. That means, ignore their pro-forma protests and Pick Up That Check! Open the door for her. Treat her like a fragile flower. Dare to play the role men have played for centuries.
Human nature doesn't change, no matter what the feminists say. Certain traits, rightly so, are the province of men. Just as some are the province of women. We were made this way for a reason. And trying to change your nature in order to curry favor with fleeting and ridiculous mores isn't going to score you any points with women.
You might think it's OK to primp in front of the mirror. Not so. Any man who does that is immediately placed in the 'poof' category. You have been led to believe women want a 'sensitive' man. Not so. The last three men who proudly admitted to me that they could 'cry' got the fast boot. Women don't want crybabies. They want strong protectors, or the illusion thereof.
Metro-sexuals are wusses. Feminine traits in a man are best kept hidden unless you want to attract a politically correct useful idiot. (Not that there's anything wrong with that:)
Men should have the courage (a manly trait) to ignore the incessant harping from feminists and just be men. Believe me, those feminists who claim to 'represent women'  don't. They represent the 5% of elite, educated beyond their intelligence, utopian theorists who live to impose their unrealistic and manufactured view of what men should be on others. Most of these women are bitter. They just don't like men. And guys, they don't represent current female thinking!
Here's another heads up: Toupees, hair plugs and comb-overs don't make you more masculine, younger or attractive. They signal to women that you're insecure, that you place too much value on superficial appearances. That's a woman's trait. Think: 'Kojak'
Face it. Men and women are different. No matter how hard the feminazis try to convince you otherwise.
It's natural to not understand women. That's just how God made us. The two sexes have entirely different ways of thinking and I don't think we'll ever understand each other. Accept it. And don't let anyone tell you it's your fault. If you have to blame someone, blame mother nature.
Guys, it's time to stand up. You been beaten and cowed for 40 years now. Do you realize that you're the only group in the world that it's OK to discriminate against?? How about you open the window, lean out, and shout "I'm not going to take it anymore!"
 You were given testosterone for a reason. Accept it. Use it. We're waiting. 

Nancy Morgan is a columnist, talk show host and editor of conservative news site
She lives in South Carolina

This article may be reprinted, with attribution

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Posted by AlGator 2-1-07
You were given testosterone for a reason. Accept it. Use it. We're waiting."

Until its inconvenient for you. Then, WE are out of a job, in front of a judge and then in JAIL.
Bite Me. You wanted it, now you got it.
Live with it.
As for me, I'm too old to care.

Posted by Brownsfan 2-1-07
I'm married, so this isn't an issue for me. But my advice to my son is, be a man. If you find a woman who appreciates that, you have found someone worth pursuing. If you are rejected by someone for being a man... you've lost nothing.
Every feminist I know is bitter, and has a chip on her shoulder. Not someone I'd enjoy being around.

Posted by wordwarriorbob 2-1-07
I'm in touch with my inner caveman honey, come to Jersey and I'll drag you by the hair into my "cave".

Posted by FNG 2-1-07
Modern feminism has done good job of countering thousands of years of patriarchal society. Unfortunately, this has turned into a sexist brainwashing of both genders. It starts with "girls are made from sugar and spice" and ends with "girls mature faster that boys". Girls do mature faster than boys physically and socially, but if you define maturity as being responsible for your actions, the reverse is true. Women are not born any better at relationships than men are. Modern feminism has cute PC phrases like "high maintenance" instead of selfish, to make being selfish acceptable. God is love, and the opposite of love is self. Ever see that "cute" poster (or t-shirt) and about how the "woman makes the rules" and the "rules change"? Well there is nothing cute about being a hypocrite. The only thing that got Jesus as mad as the moneychangers was the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. If American women would stop trying to justify bad behavior, and be held accountable for their actions, American men would stop looking overseas for wives just to treat them respectably and fairly.

Posted by shekkian 2-1-07
My advise for single men: Get a Russian/Ukrainian woman. They're not corrupted by feminism and they expect men to be men. And they are HOT!!!

Posted by obadiah 2-1-07
Okay, listen up! Most men already are well aware of the feminist nonsense and the bald faced lies they spew. Everything they propagate simply goes against the way we were hardwired.
The problem is that this "reject and loathe everything male" doctrine is being driven into teens and pre-teens. THEY are the ones who are being brainwashed. Simply look at modern advertising today. It is a slice of instant pop culture being reflected back to us. And what does it always reflect? Males are dumb. Males are clueless. Women are the glue that holds everything together and without them men, society, life would come to a halt.
Sure, women are great, but men are not the evil that feminists have tried desperately to sell us over the past 30 years.

Posted by TheToll 2-1-07
The trouble with most American women that I know is not with overt feminism. It is the subtle rot from long term exposure. The women I have known, including my wife, have all been trained to see the actions in which a women naturally reciprocates a man's love as servile. They do not know how to properly return affection due to the fact that everything natural has been ridiculed to death. This disorder is less advanced in many foreign countries.

Posted by TexBubba 2-1-07
hairless chests are not masculine  LOL...yes, we like hairy chests....but not hairy backs. (Note: I'm a woman regardless of my screen name.)

Posted by Luke21 2-1-07
We have to sit through sexual harassment training in our workplaces and worry about accidentally offending some feminist nut who will bring charges.
But now, we are supposed to summon up our "testosterone."
You feminists created these metrosexuals. Now kiss them.

Posted by esquirette 2-1-07
When the hell did this happen? When did men and women choose opposing sides and begin this war?
When Dad kept Mom broke.

Posted by shhrubbery! 2-1-07
It's astonishing and maddening that such a TINY group of man-haters --'60s feminists-- were able to transform the workplace into the kind of Stalinist hell you describe. And it wasn't only the workplace they took over and re-ordered, but academia and practically all government bureaucracies. Even police and fire departments.

Posted by Peggybac 2-1-07
I am a single female and agree with this article 100%.

Posted by redangus 2-1-07
I bought my wife a book by Dworkin so she could understand hardcore feminism. It was the most profanity laced screed ever put to paper. She could only get through about a third of it. It opened her eyes to a side of feminism she didn't know existed.

Posted by gene eric 2-1-07
Interesting perspective.
Feminism has really turned the screws on women as it has given so many men the option to remain uninvolved, unaccountable, indifferent, and ultimately unchivalrous without cause.
Today's parent needs to make sure their sons don't grow up into pathetic [insert your choice word here].

Posted by arabiamark 2-3-07

We can all safely avoid radical feminists by going overseas and finding foreign women. The problem is when feminists go and make oppressive laws like IMBRA. Hopefully the federal court will overturn it any day now.

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