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RightBias Idiot Awards  

Top Idiots of the Week
Nancy Morgan
Last Update: September 18, 2010

Saturday, September 18: Bill Maher makes our Idiots List, once again. On Friday, Maher said Barack Obama's problem is "he's only half black." He'd be a better president "if he was fully black."

As if that wasn't enough, "There's a white man in him holding him back because everything is half-assed."  Which leads to the obvious reply - If Maher had half a brain, he might make a good TV host. Maybe. And maybe, just maybe, one day the color of one's skin won't matter.

Not to be outdone: Schlockumentary film producer Michael Moore on Friday said the McDonald's that's two blocks from Ground Zero killed more people than the nineteen hijackers involved in the 9/11 attacks. This from a dude who inhales Big Macs along with his Koolaid.

Tuesday, August 31: Actor John Cusack has apparently overdosed on Kool Aid. Here is his latest 'Tweet':


Besides winning our 'Idiot of the Week' award, inquiring minds wonder if Cusack is drinking more than Kool Aid. Is he drunk - or just stupid? You decide.

I am not a liar
Friday, August 27: Our favorite publicity whore, Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, says he wishes he hadn't apologized for telling lies about the former Alaska governor because he's "never lied about anything." Besides, he has filed to run for Mayor of Wasilla, and everyone knows politicians lie.

Memo to Bristol: This desperate wannabee is Bad News! 

Monday, August 23: Another celebrity idiot heard from. Brad Pitt yesterday affirmed his leftist credentials and moral superiority by calling for the death penalty for those yucky BP executives who were responsible for fouling Mother Earth. This idiot must really, really care!

Inquiring minds want to know: Does Prince Charles have all his nuts?
Thursday, August 19: Prince Charles has told British families to take shorter showers to help protect the environment. The instruction came at the end of a list of 20 lifestyle changes recommended by the Prince of Wales for his new green campaign, Start. Prince Charles actually makes me want to take a shower.  

Friday, August 13: We're forced to add yet another category to our weekly Idiot Awards: The "I Really Care!" award. This award goes to a young woman who managed to show the world how caring she is by giving a street beggar her credit card. Hey, just cause she didn't have any cash doesn't mean she can't join her fellow leftists in showing how compassionate and trusting she is. What do you want to bet she voted for Obama?

Sunday, August 8: The state-run news agency In Turkey says a groom has killed his father and two aunts after opening fire into the air with an automatic weapon to celebrate his wedding.  Eight other relatives were injured during Sunday's celebration in the southeastern province of Gaziantep. The sorry idiot has been arrested.

Saturday, July 31: Move over Obama - another Messiah is waiting in the wings. The Prince of Wales says he believes he has been placed on Earth as future King ‘for a purpose’ - to save the world. I guess Prince Charles hasn't heard the world is already in the process of being saved.

Monday, July 26: During a shocking interview with the Sunday Times yesterday, director Oliver Stone claimed that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media." He also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the "powerful lobby" of Jews in America.

Stone said that his upcoming Showtime documentary series "Secret History of America," seeks to put Hitler and Communist dictator Joseph Stalin "in context." Progressives are giddy with anticipation.
Friday, July 22: Sen. John Kerry makes our list twice this week. As he was out promoting the concept of global warming, he predicted there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in five to 10 years. “The arctic ice is disappearing faster than was predicted.” Before you start buying sun-tan lotion, remember - computer models spit out whatever data is input, which is proof of the politicization of science rather than any catastrophic weather event. Memo to Kerry: Your climate crisis has already been debunked. Time to move on.

But hey, maybe Kerry actually believes his own rhetoric. That might explain why he decided he needed a new multi-million dollar yacht. On second thought, maybe Kerry isn't such an idiot after all. Though he has never met a tax increase he hasn't voted for, he decided to dock his new yacht in Newport, R.I. - saving himself a six-figure tax bill. Sigh.

Thursday, July 8: On his MSNBC show this evening, Ed Schultz warned that unless the US pays out more in welfare, we risk becoming a "Third-World country." Words fail.

Our current age of entitlement is breeding a new generation of idiots, who have been taught that the world owes them the rights to other people's labor. Case in point: A 29-year-old Villa Rica man apparently expected his mother to iron his clothes for him. And when she wouldn't, he pulled a gun and held her hostage for several hours. Hey, he's got the right to wrinkle-free shirts, right?

Thursday, July 1: Speaker Pelosi rejoins our list of idiots once again with her latest statement,  "Unemployment benefits are creating jobs faster than practically any other program." Keep in mind, this dingbat is third in line for the presidency. Scared yet?
Tuesday, June 30:
From the "stranger than fiction" files
Obama's  Attorney General Eric Holder is in Afghanistan giving officials there a lecture on  the rule of law and corruption. Finally, an 'expert' who knows what he's talking about. If you don't see the irony of a notoriously corrupt official advising on the rule of law, you need to quit watching CNN. 

Friday, June 25: It's true. God protects drunken idiots. Police said a 30-year-old woman apparently fell out of a third-story window, landed on her parked car, and then walked into a neighbor's house, where she fell asleep on a couch for two hours.

Saturday, June 19:
Alert: Being an idiot may be deadly!
A Miami man is dead and another seriously injured after the two jumped off the Card Sound Bridge "just for fun," Thursday afternoon. Authorities said the two men were drinking beer and fishing befor they made the decision to spice up their evening by jumping into the water.

Monday, June 14: Finally, an idiot who hasn't been elected! Some guy named Matthew decided that it would be a good idea to get a permanent eyeglasses tattoo. Isn't he just too cute?

Wednesday, June 9: We have to add yet another category: Fattest Idiots. This is because a New Jersey woman has decided to give free rein to her rapacious appetites, using the excuse of setting a new record and fighting discrimination against fatties. Donna Simpson, 42, is waging a campaign to become the world's heaviest living woman, admitting that she is as hungry for attention as she is for calorie-rich food. She weighs more than 600 pounds and aims to reach 1,000 pounds. Gross me out...! The real crime is that she has two kids, who undoubtedly, are being taught to be proud of Mommy. Aargh

Tuesday, June 8: In a case of either cognitive dissonance or incurable stupidity, Nancy Pelosi today stated, with a straight face: "President Obama and the Democratic caucus have saved this country from a financial crisis created under the Bush administration,”  If Pelosi really believes that, she is not fit to lead.

Sunday, June 7: A Cheektowaga liver transplant recipient pleaded guilty Friday to driving drunk at seven times the legal limit when he struck a pedestrian, two parked cars and a moving vehicle. What a criminal waste of a good liver.

Friday, June 4: In another idiotic statement from one of our elected officials, Gov. Jack Markell (D-Del.) this morning assured the nation: “The President is demonstrating he is in charge. He is showing he is going to do everything he possibly can to help people get through this ordeal.” This is starting to get scary. 

Not to be outdone, President Obama stated this morning that the addition of 431,000 new jobs in May shows "the economy is getting stronger by the day." This, as the Dow plunged 322 points.

Wednesday, June 2: Paul McCartney would like President Obama's critics to let him be. “I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great,” the British songsmith said. As is par for the course with idiot celebrities, no specifics were given. Maybe Sir Paul will honor with a few examples when he appears at the White House tonight. Sigh.

In yet another stunning example of cognitive dissonance, Vice President Biden said the Obama administration's signature stimulus program has been an "absolute success" so far. Duh. 

Saturday, May 29: Useful idiot Bill Maher thinks Obama should start acting black. Showing how totally non-racist he is, Maher  lamented, "I thought when we elected a black president, we were going to get a black president. You know, this [BP oil spill] is where I want a real black president." Is Maher the only one who misses Boy Clinton?

A Florida man was arrested Friday after deputies said he called 911 multiple times to complain his mother took his beer away. The 32 year-old man asserted his rights in a forthright manner, stating that if officers didn't arrest his mother, he would continue calling 9-11. To his surprise, he was arrested. Where's the ACLU when you need it?

Friday, May 28: A South Korean couple were convicted Friday of abandoning their newborn daughter, who starved to death while they addictively played an online game raising a virtual child. No word yet on the fate of the virtual child.

Mother of the Year: Georgette Massi
Mother of the Year: In yet another instance of child endangerment, police in New Jersey pulled over a Mahwah mother who was swerving on the road, allegedly driving drunk with a blood-alcohol level of 0.39 with two of her own children in the car, ages 1 and 6, and a friend's child, age 6.

Thursday, May 27: Mohammed, a fishmonger in Britain, gets our Dad Of The Year Award. His 2 year-old son, Ardi Rizal, throws a tantrum if he can't smoke his 40 cigarettes a day. Mohammed said, "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem."

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