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Feds to Trucking Company: You Cannot Fire Alcoholic Drivers The federal government has sued a major trucking company for its refusal to hire as drivers individuals with admitted alcohol abuse problems Heritage

Obama’s Illegal Uncle Has Valid Social Security ID Obama’s accused drunken-driving uncle has had a valid Social Security number for at least 19 years, despite being an illegal immigrant ordered to be deported back to Kenya Boston Herald

Obama's Labor Boss Buys Car -- Built in Canada To show her support for American workers, Obama's labor secretary, Hilda Solis, purchased a new Chevrolet Equinox. The problem: the crossover SUV is built and assembled in Canada from parts also made in Canada. US News

Solar Company Goes Belly Up - Despite $535 Million From Feds
A San Francisco Bay area solar company that Obama touted as a gleaming example of green technology has announced it will declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. More than 1,100 people will lose their jobs.


Of Interest Only 4% of NEA Dues Dollars Dedicated to Improve Teaching
A secret union document reveals that the NEA’s commitment to "improv(ing) teaching and learning" works out to a paltry $7.44 per member every year
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