Joe Biden Ends Reelection Campaign - Endorces Kamala

Joe Biden is ending his quest for reelection. Biden announced his intention Sunday afternoon, promising to reveal more about his decision soon.

The Cover-Up Begins

Secret Service Director Cheatle STONEWALLS During Testimony Following Trump Attempted Assassination

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle testified before the House Oversight Committee on Monday morning. She stonewalled during the interview. She refused to answer any pertinent questions and blamed it on “an ongoing investigation.”
Gateway Pundit


Supreme Court Orders New York to Respond to Missouri Lawsuit Over Trump 'Lawfare' This Week

The lawsuit requests that the Supreme Court rule that New York illegally interfered with the presidential election, and postpone any sentencing in the court case until after the election
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The Leftist Lockstep:)

Democrats Close Ranks as All 50 State Chairs Endorse Kamala Harris

Following a conference call on Sunday, all 50 Democratic state chairs confirmed that they would be supporting her candidacy following Biden’s endorsement of his vice-president.
Gateway Pundit

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Harris Races to Lock Down Support After Biden Drops Out

Vice President Harris is racing to lock down support for her White House bid, just hours after President Biden announced that he would no longer seek reelection. Harris on Sunday spoke with the chairs of three key coalitions on Capitol Hill
The Hill

Where's Joe?

Biden to Hold No Public Events All Week to Explain Why He Stepped Aside

Joe Biden will hold no public events all week to explain why he stepped aside, according to the White House schedule released Monday. The lack of a public appearance will increase concerns about Biden’s health


New York Times Board Wants Kamala Harris Out of the Race

The New York Times (NYT) editorial board wants Vice President Kamala Harris off the 2024 ticket because of “profound concerns” about her electability. The push to dump the nation’s first black vice president was posted just after Joe Biden announced he would not run in the 2024 election


Hunter Biden Asks ‘All Americans’ To Thank His Father After President’s Historic Withdrawal

Hunter Biden released an emotional statement on Sunday following his father’s decision to withdraw from his campaign for reelection. The first son marveled at his father’s attributes and asked “all Americans” to “thank” President Joe Biden for his public service.
Washington Examiner

Back To The Future?

French Lawmaker Declares Israeli Athletes ‘Not Welcome’ at Paris Olympics

A French MP declared that Israeli athletes are “not welcome” at the Paris Olympics and called for protests against Israeli participation in the games

Backing A Dead Horse:)

79% of Dems Would Support Kamala If POTUS Drops Out

Seventy-nine percent of Democrats said they would approve of Vice President Kamala Harris becoming the Democratic presidential nominee if Joe Biden steps aside, according to a new Economist/YouGov poll.
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Reality Bites

Harris Has Lower Favorability Rating than Biden

RealClearPolitics polling average found on Monday. Harris’s favorability rating is one point less than Biden’s, fueling concerns that Harris might not be the best alternative to Biden atop the Democrat ticket

Crime Pays

Biden To 'Earn' More In Retirement Than As President

When Joe Biden finally leaves the White House, he is set to get a pay raise. Because of his nearly 50 years in federal office, first as a senator, then vice president, and now .. his pension will be at least $13,000 higher than his current salary of $400,000, according to a National Taxpayers Union Foundation report.
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In The Dark

Biden Staffers Reportedly Blindsided After He Drops Out Of 2024 Race

Biden’s announcement that he was dropping out of the 2024 race stunned a number of White House staffers who believed he would stay the course. Many reportedly learned of the historic news from social media. “We’re all finding out by tweet,”
New York Post


Clintons Endorse Kamala Harris Hours After Biden Drops Out

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced Sunday that they are endorsing Vice President Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination for president after Biden said he would not seek re-election

Reality Bites

Donald Trump: Kamala Harris Will Be Easier to Defeat than Joe Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris will be an easier candidate to defeat in November than President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump said Sunday after Biden dropped out as the Democrat’s de facto nominee.

Another Green Boondoggle

Ford Converts Electric Vehicle Factory to Build Gasoline-Powered Pickups

Ford had plans to build a lot of electric SUVs at a plant in Canada. Instead, it decided to make pickup trucks that people want to buy. As a result, the automaker is putting off plans for electric versions of its Ford Explorer and Lincoln Aviator
Western Journal

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Reality Bites

Bud Light Slips to No. 3 After Boycott Reshaped Beer Industry

Bud Light’s star is still falling more than a year after a boycott turned the U.S. beer industry upside down. The former favorite has tumbled to the No. 3 spot behind Modelo Especial and Michelob Ultra, recent sales data show.
Wall Street Journal


First Suicide Pod Use 'Soon' In Switzerland

An assisted dying group expects a portable suicide pod to be used for the first time in Switzerland, potentially within months, providing death without medical supervision

Look At Me!

Extreme Eater Dies During Livestream After 10-Hour Food Binge

An extreme eater died in front of horrified fans after binging on food for hours during a livestream.
Daily Star

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Scientists Found a Dinosaur's Face, Complete With Its Skin

In 2011, archaeologists uncovered one of the most — if not the most — pristine dinosaur fossils yet: a near-whole ankylosaur, complete with its jagged spikes, most of its limbs, armor coating, and some of its guts and stomach contents
Organically Human

Heads Up

Scientists Uncover Ecosystem Disrupting Potential of Artificial Sweetener

. A study found that sucralose, an artificial sweetener tht cannot be broken down by humans or many microorganisms, alters the behavior of cyanobacteria and diatoms, potentially disrupting ecosystems
SciTech Daily


Alligators Swarm At Georgia Swamp As Boaters Pass Through

Amazing video shows what looks like hundreds of alligators congregating in the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia. The video, shared by Marty Welch via ABC News, shows the perspective from a motorboat as a man tries to navigate his way through the water

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