The Twitter Files

FBI Asked Twitter to Censor Western Journalists on Behalf of Ukraine

The FBI asked Twitter to censor accounts it accused of spreading “Russian disinformation,” including a number of American and Canadian journalists, according to new emails released via the Twitter Files.

As America Burns...

Biden to Host Largest White House Pride Celebration ‘in History’

Thousands of people are set to attend an LGBTQ+ Pride event in the White House on Thursday, with the celebration hosted by Joe Biden set to be the largest of its kind “in history” for the White House

Heads Up

‘Hazardous Air’ Threat Remains as Canadian Wildfire Smoke Cloaks U.S. Cities

There will be no respite from the thick, hazardous wildfire smoke that’s disrupting daily life for millions of people across the U.S. East Coast and Midwest anytime soon, a specialist meteorologist forecast Thursday.

Aiding and Abetting

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Suggests New Yorkers Open Their Homes to Illegals

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is suggesting that the city’s government may soon pay New Yorkers to open their homes to border crossers and illegal aliens who continue arriving in the city on a weekly basis.

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Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Black Voters in Alabama Redistricting Case

The Supreme Court on Thursday issued a surprising 5-4 ruling in favor of Black voters in a congressional redistricting case from Alabama, with two conservative justices joining liberals in rejecting a Republican-led effort to weaken a landmark voting rights law

Father of the Year

Child Support Case Judge Threatens Hunter Biden With 1 Year in Jail and $20K Fine

An Arkansas judge on Monday issued an order threatening Hunter Biden with up to a year of prison time and a $20,000 fine if he fails to provide financial information and appear in court next month to answer questions from the counsel of his child’s mother.


Christian Broadcasting Network Founder Pat Robertson Dies at 93

Legendary Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson, who spun a local Virginia station into the global Christian Broadcasting Network, has died at age 93, the network announced Thursday.


Government At Work

Biden Regime Set to Ban OVER HALF of all Gas Furnaces

The Biden regime will soon finalize new regulations severely restricting what furnaces you can buy for your home in the future and make new purchases more expensive
Gateway Pundit

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Penalizing Merit

Asian-American Student With 1590 SAT Score Rejected by 6 Elite Colleges, Blames Affirmative Action

The affirmative action practice that has allegedly sidelined high-achieving Asian Americans now sits before the U.S. Supreme Court, awaiting a decision that, depending on the outcome, could alter the review process for college applications for the foreseeable future.

Massive Government Fail

Lockdowns Had ‘Negligible’ Impact on Deaths Compared to ‘Staggering Collateral Costs’

The imposition of lockdowns by governments around the world during the Chinese coronavirus crisis was “a global policy failure of gigantic proportions” that had a “negligible” impact on loss of life compared to the steep costs on society, a landmark study has found.

Govenment Propaganda

John Kery Grumbles: 'Too Many People'

A world population nearing 10 billion people by the middle of this century is “unsustainable,” U.S. special climate envoy John Kerry declared Wednesday, before setting out his future plans for planet earth.

Cool Stuff:)

Tucker Carlson's Twitter Show Surpasses 100 Million Views for First Episode

The first episode of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson's new show on Twitter had more than 100 million views in less than two days since its launch.
Just The News

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Doubling Down

Bud Light Is Co-Sponsoring An 'All-Ages' Drag Show Party

Despite tumbling sales and negative press coverage as a result of its partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Bud Light is reportedly co-sponsoring an "all-ages Pride event" in Flagstaff, Arizona, according to the Flagstaff Pride website.

We Want Out!

One-Third of Oregon Counties Vote to Secede to Join 'Greater Idaho'

ne-third of Oregon counties have voted in support of the "Greater Idaho" movement to secede from Oregon to join their conservative eastern neighbors.
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Assisting Suicide

As Fentanyl Deaths Spike, LA Hands Out Crack Pipes

Amid a spike in fentanyl deaths, Los Angeles County is turning to creative solutions, including handing out crack pipes.
Free Beaon

Dividing By Race

Oxford Is Creating an 'African American Dictionary'

One of the world’s major printers of English-language dictionaries is preparing a volume for language associated with African Americans
the Federalist Papers

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Heads Up

US Postal Service Releases National Dog Bite Rankings

California had the highest number of dog bites with 675. Texas and New York were not far behind with 404 and 321 bites, respectively, the Postal Service reported.
Channel 3000

Government Schools

CA Teacher Placed on Leave For Teaching How To Please The 'Booty Hole'

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California, was caught on video instructing her students on how to have pleasure during anal sex, as well as where to find sex toys that will stimulate the prostate gland

More Globaloney

Ireland Plans to Slaughter 200,000 Farting Cows to Save Planet from ‘Global Warming’

This week Irish lawmakers are pushing a plan to kill off 200,000 cows to reach their global warming goals.
Daily Wire

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Dog Claims World Record for Longest Tongue

A three-year-old dog in Metairie, Louisiana, is getting a lot of attention for her sweet attitude and record-breaking tongue.

Of Interest

An Electric Cruise Ship With Gigantic Solar Sails is Set to Launch in 2030

Adventure cruise company Hurtigruten Norway today revealed plans for a zero-emissions electric cruise ship with retractable sails covered in solar panels, which is due to set sail in 2030..

Strange Stuff

Crocodile Had 'Virgin Birth' at Costa Rica Zoo, Researchers Say

Researchers discovered a female crocodile had a "virgin birth" at a Costa Rica zoo while living alone and found that one of the eggs laid in 2018 only had its mother's genes, according to research published in Biology Letters.


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Guest Column

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