House Holds Attorney General Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with Congressional subpoenas.

Government Schools

North Korean Defector: America Hatred at Universities Worse than Taught in North Korea

North Korean defector and author said, on Sunday that the hatred for the United States taught on college campuses is worse than the North Korean government’s.


Biden and Zelensky To Ink 10-Year Deal Meant To Lock In U.S. Military Support For Ukraine

Joe Biden is set to sign a deal with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky intended to commit the U.S. to a decade of military support – a move that could pressure rival Donald Trump if he takes the White House
Daily Mail

Getting Trump

Trump Liquor Licenses at Golf Clubs Under Review by New Jersey After Conviction

New Jersey officials are “reviewing” how former President Donald Trump’s liquor licenses for several golf clubs may be impacted by his recent conviction.

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As America Burns

San Francisco Declares Itself a Sanctuary for Transgender People

San Francisco recognized Pride Month differently this year — by declaring itself a sanctuary for transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Life and Death

First Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill Hits Store Shelves

Opill, the first birth control pill approved to be sold without a prescription, has landed on store shelves. It’s the first time that U.S. residents are able to buy birth control pills over the counter — the same way they would purchase Tylenol or Advil


Oakland Homeowner Arrested After Fatally Shooting Burglary Suspect

An elderly homeowner in Oakland has been arrested after gunning down a low-life robber but may now pay the price for standing his ground
Gateway Pundit

Arming Nazis??

Biden Lets Ukraine’s ‘Pro-Nazi’ Azov Brigade Use American Weapons

The State Department announced on Monday that Ukraine’s Azov Brigade, which has a long history of association with Nazi socialism, will be allowed to receive American weapons and training.

Be Aware

Car Insurance Companies Secretly Collecting Driver Data With The Help of Phone Apps

Popular smartphone apps used to track people’s location and provide weather reports may hand over driving data to a firm that sells the information to insurance companies for the purposes of setting rates for unsuspecting motorists.
JNew York Post

Court Rules Against Middle School Student Who Wore ‘Only Two Genders’ T-Shirt

The First Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against a middle school student who wore a T-shirt displaying the message, “There are only two genders.”


Only 19% of Joe Biden Voters Say Society Benefits from Marriage, Having Children

Only 19 percent of Biden voters say that “society is better off if people make marriage and having children a priority,” compared to 59 percent of former President Donald Trump supporters and 39 percent of registered voters overall

Purging The Ranks

FBI Security Inquiry Tries To Unmask Employee’s Trump Support

An employee’s security clearance was revoked months after the FBI interviews, which confirmed his support for Trump and gun rights and his concerns about the COVID vaccine
Just The News

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Of Interest

Study Results Raise Concerns About Electric Vehicle Dangers

A British study found that collisions with pedestrians were twice as likely with electric or hybrid vehicles as they were with gas or diesel-powered vehicles.
Just The News

Our Tax Dollars

Maine Is Handing Out Free “Boofing” Kits to Help Fentanyl Addicts Squirt Drugs Up Their Butts

Maine Access Points, a taxpayer-funded nonprofit based in Bangor, as well as the city of Portland’s city-run needle distribution center are both offering extensive how-to guides and — even anal injection kits — to help drug users squirt narcotics into their anuses
The Maine Wire


Parents Bring Babies, Elementary Schoolers to Kids’ Pride Parade

Hundreds of parents brought their children, as young as babies and toddlers, to wave rainbow flags, pose with a drag queen, and do LGBTQ-themed crafts at the “Kids’ Pride Parade and Street Fair” in Montgomery County, Maryland, on Sunday.
Daily Signal


Boston’s Logan Airport is Starting to Look Like a Refugee Camp and the Illegals Just Keep Coming

Boston’s Logan Airport has been used as a makeshift shelter for illegal immigrants for months now and the numbers have grown to the point where it is starting to look like a refugee camp.
Gateway Pundit

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Propaganda Works

Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions

Most Black adults say the prison (74%), political (67%) and economic (65%) systems in the U.S., among others, are designed to hold Black people back, according to a new Pew Research Center survey in September 2023
Pew Research

Of Interest

16-Time Champion Joey Chestnut Banned from Nathan’s Hot Dog Contest Over Deal with Rival Vegan Hot Dog Brand

Joey Chestnut, the reigning champion of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, has been banned from this year’s July 4 showdown. The decision comes after Chestnut opted to represent a rival hot dog brand that focuses on vegan products.
Gateway Pundit


Feeling Sad Could Fuel Cognitive Decline

New research published in JAMA Network Open reveals a startling connection between depressive symptoms and memory loss, showing that these two conditions can fuel each other over time
Study Finds

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Of Interest

Elephants Call Each Other By Name, Study Finds

While dolphins and parrots have been observed addressing each other by mimicking the sound of others from their species, elephants are the first non-human animals known to use names that do not involve imitation, the researchers suggested.
The Guardian

Strange Stuff

Python Swallows Woman Whole In Indonesia

A woman has been found dead inside the belly of a snake after it swallowed her whole in central Indonesia, a local official said Saturday.

More Strange Stuff

Crocodile Relocated to Florida Island Makes 100-Mile Trip Back to Same Spot

One of Florida’s crocodiles has decided to defy the state’s attempts to relocate it away from people. It promptly made a U-turn and started heading back, though not in a straight line.

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There Are No Civilians In Gaza 

Success In Classrooms

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Hamas Has Exposed a Sickness in Western Society

Why Americans Mistrust Election Results More Than the Citizens of Any Other Democracy
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The Silent Insurrection: General Milley’s Hand on January 6 
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Time for the Truth About the Pandemic 
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Jihadi Indoctrination of American Children is Active and Spreading 
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The Enemies of Food Freedom 
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Is the WNBA Afraid of Caitlin Clark? 
Wall Street Journal

Why Nearly Half of US Online Job Postings Are Fake 
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Spain Is Realizing It Made a Huge Mistake Backing Palestinians 
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