Mexico’s Shelves are Stocked with Baby Formula Amid U.S. Shortage

As the Biden Administration is slow to respond to a severe shortage of baby formula in the United States, stores throughout Mexico are fully stocked especially with the high-demand Enfamil brand.


Mehmet Oz Needs Miracle in the Mail in Pennsylvania Senate Primary

The results of the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania depend largely on about 30,000 mail-in ballots that have not yet been counted as of Wednesday at noon.


Disinformation Governance Board ‘Paused,’ Nina Jankowicz Resigns

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz reports that the DHS decided to shut down the board on Monday and that its leader Nina Jankowicz had drafted a resignation letter in response to their decision.

Americans Last - Again

Senate Passes $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine During 40-Year-High Inflation

The Senate on Thursday passed legislation to give $40 billion to Ukraine in economic and military aid, while Americans suffer from food shortages and inflation.

a putin panel

Racial Spoils

BLM Co-Founder Used Donated Funds To Pay Millions To Family Members And Friends

Black Lives Matter's co-founder Patrisse Cullors has used funds donated to BLM to pay millions of dollars to family and friends for various reasons.
 Gateway Pundit

A Start

DeSantis Plans to Use Funds to Bus Illegal Immigrants Dumped in Florida to Biden’s Delaware

Florida Gov. DeSantis: I have “money from the Legislature which will be available starting in June so that if Biden is busing illegal aliens into our state, we’re taking those buses and rerouting them to Delaware and other jurisdictions,”


Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has to Borrow from China to Send $40 Billion in Aid to Ukraine

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) told Breitbart News Daily that America has to borrow the money to send $40 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Hating Whitey

Washington Post Op-Ed: Ending Roe v. Wade ‘About Protecting Whiteness’

A Washington Post op-ed from Brian Boome claims the Supreme Court and the pro-life movement as a whole want to eliminate abortion to “protect whiteness.”


Democrats Introduce Resolution Recognizing “Catastrophe” of Israel’s Founding

Democrats introduced a resolution on Monday in the US House of Representatives that recognizes the “catastrophe” of the State of Israel’s founding on May 14, 1948. The resolution proposed by angry Democrat Rashida Tlaib calls for the “right of return” of 7 million Palestinians into Israel.
Gateway Pundit


CNN to Give Chris Wallace Sunday Evening Show After CNN+ Collapses

CNN will give Chris Wallace his own Sunday evening show after CNN+ collapsed. Wallace, who was with Fox News for two decades, signed a multi-million dollar deal with CNN last year.
Gateway Pundit

Isn't That Unconstitutional?

Senate Democrats Propose DOJ License Requirement for Gun Purchases

A trio of senators plan to introduce legislation on Thursday that will require residents to acquire a Department of Justice (DOJ) license before purchasing or obtaining a legal firearm.
The Hill

Of Interest

Mastercard Launches Tech That Lets You Pay With Your Face or Hand in Stores

Mastercard is piloting new technology that lets shoppers make payments with just their face or hand at the checkout point. The company on Tuesday launched a program for retailers to offer biometric payment methods, like facial recognition and fingerprint scanning



Colin Kaepernick to Receive Honorary Degree for ‘Kneeling for the Voiceless’

Colin Kaepernick, the NFL’s original anthem protester and celebrated Nike pitchman, is set to receive an honorary degree from Morgan State University.

No Criticism Allowed!

Henderson Man Threatened With HOA Fines for Anti-Biden Sticker

A bumper sticker that reads “Let’s Go Brandon” is causing all the trouble for the man who is being told by his homeowner’s association that displaying the sticker on his truck is considered an offensive trader activity.


Disney Unveils New 2022 ‘Pride’ Clothing Line for LGBTQ Children

Disney on Monday released a new LGBTQ-themed clothing line for young children amid Florida’s attacks on the company for its opposition to a recent parental rights in education law
National Review

A Start

Elon Musk Calls on SEC to Investigate Twitter's Spam, Fake Account Estimate

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission should investigate whether Twitter's internal estimate that spam and fake accounts make up less than 5% of users on the social media platform is accurate
Fox Business

Bowing To The PC Police

U.S. Soccer Agrees to Pay Men’s and Women’s Teams Equally

The U.S. Soccer Federation announced Wednesday that it has agreed to a deal to pay the players on the U.S. Women’s National Team the same as it pays players on the U.S. Men’s National Team.

Reality Bites

South Carolina Bans Biological Males from Women’s Sports

South Carolina joined the chorus of states that have banned biological males from competing in women’s sports, another hit against radical transgender ideology.

In Your Face

Taco Bell to Host “Drag Brunch” to Celebrate LGBTQ Culture

The latest American corporation to embrace the far-left “woke” agenda is fast-food chain Taco Bell, which recently announced that it will host what it calls its “Taco Bell Drag Brunch” at select cities across the United States. The brunches will be hosted by drag model Kay Sedia and will include local drag performers.
The New American

Go Woke - Go Broke

Netflix Bloodbath Continues: 150 Laid Off as Hedge Funds Dump Stock

The bloodbath at Netflix continued Tuesday as the far left-wing streamer laid off around 150 employees as part of its ongoing efforts to cut spending amid a catastrophic subscriber forecast for the months ahead.

Heads Up

Car Thieves Are Using a New Tactic to Target Vehicles with Keyless Entry

Car thieves are turning to a two-person system that, with the help of technology, allows them to pop the locks on cars with keyless entry and then – if the vehicle has keyless start – drive off.
Independent Journal Review

Who Knew?

Cats Remember Each Other's Names, Japanese Study Suggests

These complex creatures can and will communicate with us, and they even track our movements when we're not around. Even more amazingly, cats can recognize their own names (an ability we mostly associate with dogs), and now new research shows that this feline feat goes much further than we realized.
Science Alert

More Focus on Skin Color

Professors Identify 960 ‘Racist’ Names in National Park System

A group of professors and researchers identified 960 places within 16 of the country’s 62 national parks that contain “racist” names that promote “white supremacy,” “racism,” “settler colonialism” or “anti-Indigenous ideologies.”
 The College Fix


7 In 10 Adopt Entirely Different Personality In Office

A new survey finds 64 percent are fearful of being authentic around others in the workplace. In fact, seven in 10 say they adopt an entirely different personality when they’re at work
Study Finds

Interesting Trivia

1 In 3 People Would Choose Their Pet Over Their House Or Spouse

Home really ISN’T where the heart is, apparently. New research suggests that if it came down to it, one-third of Americans would choose their pet over their house!
Study Finds


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