Another 'Insurrection'

Pro-Trans Demonstrators Occupy Oklahoma Capitol to Protest Bill Defending Children

Trans Lives Matter demonstrators occupied the Oklahoma Capitol building yesterday to protest Republican-backed bills that would ban sex change operations for those under the age of 26.

Web of Lies

Pentagon: We Did Not Detect Balloons Over US During Trump Years It Was the Intel Community Who Saw Them – And Then Did Not Notify Their Leadership

The military is changing their story. Now they want you to believe that the intelligence community discovered the balloons during the Trump years — BUT NEVER NOTIFIED THEIR INTEL LEADERS!
Gateway Pundit

Ah, Federalism...

Ron DeSantis Announces ‘Largest Tax Relief Proposal’ in State’s History

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced what has been described as the “largest tax relief proposal” in the Sunshine State’s history, which includes permanent sales tax relief on baby and toddler necessities, gas stoves, and more

More Sabotage?

New Zealand’s Largest Egg Producer Goes Up in Flames

Fears are growing that New Zealand’s already severe egg shortage could get much worse after a major fire devastated the country’s largest egg farm, killing more than 50,000 hens.
Gateway Pundit

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Biden Brags About Chinese Spy Balloon Response After Letting It Cross Entire Country

Biden told Congress during his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday that his administration’s response to an invading Chinese surveillance balloon proved “we will act to protect our country – and we did.”

Very Strange Stuff:)

The 10 Best and Worst Dressed from the 2023 Grammys

This year’s Grammys red carpet, for the most part, was a total clown show. Thankfully, I’ve ranked the best and worst dressed so you didn’t have to bother to watch.

Ukraine Escalation

Addressing UK Parliament, Zelensky Thanks Country ‘in Advance’ For Warplanes

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the British Parliament Wednesday afternoon, expressing his view on military alliances in terms of equipment transfers, and thanking the United Kingdom “in advance” for the gift of its warplanes

Fake News

Senate Majority Leader Schumer: ‘Gas Stoves Contribute to Climate Change’

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.-N.Y.) sent out a tweet on Friday stating that gas stoves are helping to cause climate change. “Gas prices are high,” Schumer said in his tweet. “Gas stoves can increase asthma risk,” he said. “Gas stoves contribute to climate change,” he said.

Too Little - Too Late

California Drops Plan for K-12 Coronavirus Vaccine Mandate

The State of California has scrapped a plan to require the coronavirus vaccine for children in grades K through 12, as Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) allows a three-year-old “state of emergency” to expire at the end of February.

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Isn't That Illegal?

Elementary School Starts Student Club That Excludes White Kids.

A recently released email shows that Centennial Elementary School in Olympia, Washington engaged in blatant segregation by barring white children from a student affinity group that meets during lunchtime.
Gateway Pundit


Ron DeSantis Is About to End Disney’s Unprecedented Power over the Magic Kingdom

A new bill released this week puts the entertainment giant’s district firmly in the control of Florida’s governor and legislative leaders in what some see as punishment for Disney’s opposition to the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law


Teacher Boasts About Making Her Students Pledge Allegiance To The Pride Flag

The indoctrination of children continues apace in our nation’s schools. A so-called teacher posted a TikTok video bragging about tricking her students into pledging allegiance to the gay pride flag instead of the American flag.
Gateway Pundit


Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Refuses to Give Buyer Names to House Committee

Hunter Biden’s Manhattan art dealer is refusing to provide any information about the buyers of the first son’s paintings to a congressional committee investigating the Biden family’s business dealings
New York Post

Coming To America?

Catholic School Boy Who Was Kicked Out of School for Saying There Are Only Two Genders Is Arrested

Canada: The Catholic Schoolboy who spoke out against transgenders in the school’s women’s bathrooms and who shared that there are only two genders has been arrested.
Gateway Pundit

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Be Aware

Dangerous Extreme Sport is the Newest Stunt on TikTok

The newest viral, death-defying stunt on TikTok is here, and it’s called "death diving." Diving enthusiasts jump off massive heights, sometimes over 80 feet in the air, in an attempt to perform the greatest "death dive."


Dell Technologies To Cut 6,000 Jobs

Dell Technologies is the latest technology company to announce job cuts, saying Monday that it will be cutting about 5 percent of its workforce, or about 6,600 jobs.
The Hill


College Degrees are Losing More Career Clout

Companies are increasingly dropping four-year college degree requirements for their jobs and putting more emphasis on experience. And that is not just entry-level jobs.

Location, Location, Location

AMC Theatres to Charge Moviegoers Based on Seat Location

AMC Theatres, the world's largest cinema chain, announced Monday that it's rolling out a new ticket price system based on seat location.

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New Study Ranks Best Places to Live in America

Ann Arbor, Mich., was ranked the best place to live in the United States, according to a new review of cities most frequently cited on national lists. The Michigan city was followed by Raleigh, N.C.; Huntsville, Ala...

Life and Death

Oregon Becomes America's First 'Death Tourism' Destination

Oregon has become America's first 'death tourism' destination, where terminally ill people from Texas and other states that have outlawed assisted suicide have started travelling to get their hands on a deadly cocktail of drugs to end their lives,
Daily Mail


Golden Retriever Trained To Care For Only Grandma

In this funny video, the Golden retriever dog is seen dragging its human dad out of the room and shutting the door behind him for rushing the food its grandma is eating. I know the dog is trained to do this but it is so freaking adorable!
The Pet Zealot

Cool Stuff

Michigan Art Teacher Goes Viral Making Shark Snow Sculptures

A Michigan woman has been making waves on social media with her great white snow shark sculptures.

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The Sale of Body Parts From Executed Prisoners In China 
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The Left’s Never-Ending War to Force Everyone to Approve of Their Lifestyles 
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Ten Questions China Joe Must Answer 
James Pinkerton

The Chinese Balloon Story is Even Bigger Than it Seems 
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Ukrainian Paradoxes 
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Harvard Medical School Will Integrate Climate Change Into M.D. Curriculum 
The Harvard Crimson

Biden's State of the Union Set New Records for Dishonesty and Emptiness 
New York Post

Disney Channel Goes Full Critical Race Theory 
Free Beacon

The Real Reason Liberal Media Sucks Up To The Ruling Class 
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One Of The Media's Favorite Trump Conspiracy Theories Appears To Be Falling Apart 
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China’s Message to the World – We Own Joe Biden 
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The Masking Debate Is Settled 
Dr Robert Malone

China Rehearses an EMP Attack. Biden Approves It 
Flopping Aces

Who Benefits From Our Prolonged Financing Of The Ukraine War?

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Biden Promises to Fix Problems He Spent Half Century Creating 
Joel Pollak

Gun Control Laws Backfiring in California 
John R. Lott, Jr

Full Text: Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ GOP Response to Biden’s State of the Union 

Why 911 Dispatchers Hate APPLE Watches 

5 Reasons Biden’s Electric Vehicles Are A Boondoggle 
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No Global Warming for Eight Years 
PJ Media

Why Did China Send A Balloon? 
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