As the new year starts, its time for all good citizens to update and revise their vocabulary to reflect the new, improved, politically-correct definitions of certain words and phrases.

Propelled by the exciting notion that words that mean nothing can often mean anything, favorite words of the left took on new meanings in 2023. Meanings that had less to do with the word itself, than with associating a particular word with a vast array of feelings, designed to mangle the original meaning and grant it a new, improved definition.

Leading the list is the trendy word inclusiveness. The word itself invokes feelings of moral superiority and open mindedness. After all, who doesn’t want to be inclusive?

The new, expanded definition of inclusiveness has become a potent weapon, especially when applied to legal arguments. Under the heading of inclusiveness, liberals are now able to justify any number of left-leaning pet causes in the courts and the arena of public opinion.

Inclusiveness is used to validate and empower fringe groups like transsexuals, illegal immigrants, Guantanamo detainees, and any number of weird religions. By lumping these fringe groups with the majority under the rubric of inclusiveness, they are automatically granted not only acceptance, but legitimacy. Pretty nifty, huh?

Almost as good as inclusiveness, is the word tolerance. Being tolerant is a virtue, implying, as it does, an open heart and open mind. Christian virtues, if you will. Under the new meaning of tolerance, it is now virtually impossible to criticize any aberrant act (unless performed by an intolerant conservative). Being tolerant now means suspending judgement, common sense and traditional values. Not to worry, you get to keep the moral high ground.

In a close third, is the much used word meanspirited. The definition of this adjective has been expanded to apply to any one whose facts can not be challenged. By labeling a person meanspirited, there is no need to rebut his underlying argument. The motives of the messenger become the issue, neatly invalidating any inconvenient truths contained in his argument.

One of my favorite new words this year, is the word stimulus. It evokes titillating, exciting and positive feelings. To stimulate is good. To be stimulated is great, right? Few people want to acknowledge that the word stimulus, as it is being used these days, means government spending. I take my hat off to the genius who finally figured out a way to make pork barrel spending exciting and necessary. (I bet its the same guy that decided to call taxes ‘investments’)

Last, but not least, is the word green. Green now means good. ‘Being green’ automatically includes you in the ranks of those who worship Mother Earth. It confers instant piety without the need to waste your Sunday going to church.

Tithing has been neatly replaced by carbon credits. Whew…no need for any Hail Mary’s. Just fork over some cash and you are automatically granted absolution, which now means being certified carbon neutral. The only caveat is, the tithing and absolution must be done in a public manner, preferably with a camera or scribe in attendance. Lacking that, labels are available that can be affixed to your clothing, accessories or car proclaiming your carbon footprint is, indeed, carbon neutral.

Besides adding new meanings to words, 2023 also saw other words fall out of favor. Bad words, mean words, words that hurt.

First on the list of the new bad words is judgemental, formerly called ‘having an opinion’. The very word implies extreme intolerance, a definite no-no for anyone desiring to be part of the fellowship of man. Making judgements is now verboten under the new rules of polite society.

Also falling out of favor is the word argument (formerly called debate). Argument implies intensity, unreasonableness and anger. Now, anytime a liberal starts losing a heated debate, all they have to do is label it an argument and, presto, they can walk away while still maintaining the upper hand. Very cool. And very effective, making totally unnecessary the viewing of both sides of the debate, I mean argument.

As we go to press, other words are in the process of being redefined and/or banned. One of the most vexing to replace is the word bailout. Any progressive who can suggest a new, improved word to replace bailout, will win a prize. (The winner will be declared carbon neutral for a full year.) But remember, the new word must evoke feelings of tolerance, inclusiveness and piety. Oh, and it should be green, too. We await your suggestions.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for
She lives in South Carolina

Article may be reprinted, with attribution


  1. Walt Mullon, Murrells Inlet,SC on December 29, 2023 at 11:01 am

    Dear Ms Morgan: Excellent points…… can we also review the term’ hate speech ‘ ?? Leftist / Progressive types apply this label to any comment they don’t agree with ( conflicts with their agenda)….& thus ban it from further expression &/or remove it from further communication.

  2. Karlee D. Wilkins on January 30, 2024 at 6:49 pm

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