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Trump Unleashed! Addressing UN, Trump Threatens to Destroy NKorea President Trump, in his first speech before the United Nations, launched a rhetorical broadside Tuesday at “rogue regimes” including North Korea, Iran and Syria – while pointedly warning Kim Jong Un that the United States will “totally destroy” his country if he does not turn back from the nuclear weapons path. Fox

Trump Was Right - Again CNN Admits Trump Campaign Was Wiretapped
CNN reported Monday evening that the U.S. government, under President Barack Obama, had wiretapped Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort — both during after the 2016 presidential campaign

Cognitive Dissonance? Hillary Mulls Challenging Legitimacy of 2016 Election, Cites Russian Influence Hillary Clinton on Monday would not rule out the possibility of challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election, saying it’s clear the Russians influenced the outcome and that the legitimacy of President Trump’s victory could be called into question Washington Times


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Trump's Full Speech to the UN General Assembly Read for yourself what Trump said to the UN today. Guaranteed to make you smile:) A truly historic speech by a US President

Update 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 42 In Mexico The governor of the central Mexican state of Morelos says at least 42 people have died as a result of the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook the country. Newsmax

3 Members of Congress Arrested At Trump Tower Protest U.S. Reps Raul Grijalva, of Arizona; Luis Gutierrez, of Illinois; and Adriano Espaillat, of New York, were among a small group of demonstrators who sat down in the street on Fifth Avenue Tuesday afternoon and refused to move ABC

Hating Trump 'Hotel Act' Bans Spending Taxpayer Money at Trump Properties Democratic legislators are introducing the Hotel Act, a bill that would ban executive branch officials from paying taxpayer money to stay at any property owned by the president, vice president, Cabinet secretaries, or their family members Newsmax

Update 'Mind-Boggling' Maria's 160mph Winds to Wallop Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria smashed into the Caribbean island of Dominica with 160 mph winds, ripping the roof off even the prime minister's residence and causing what he called "mind-boggling" devastation Tuesday as it plunged into a Caribbean region already ravaged by Hurricane Irma Newsmax


Teaching Our Children 8-Year-Old Football Players Take Knee During National Anthem Every player on the Cahokia Quarterback Club football team (8 and under) took a knee during the national anthem ahead of Sunday’s game at Little Devil’s Field in Belleville. Fox2

Desperately Seeking Collusion:)Actor Rob Reiner Launches Committee to Investigate Russia Hollywood actor-director Rob Reiner teamed with Atlantic senior editor David Frum, Obama-era government officials, and vocal Donald Trump critics to launch an initiative Tuesday intended to help uncover the extent of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election

Government Schools Students Offered Extra Credit To Determine Their Level of ‘White Privilege’ Students in a sociology class at San Diego State University can earn extra credit if they take a quiz to determine their level of “white privilege.” The College Fix

Cashing In Obama Commands $400K on Wall Street’s Speaking Circuit Former President Obama’s presence among Wall Street executives once derided as “fat cats” now nets him roughly $400,000 on the industry’s speaking circuit.
Washington Times

Promoting Globaloney Yale Imposes Carbon Fee On Its Own Buildings Yale University announced it is beginning penalize campus buildings and departments that emit too much carbon dioxide. Yale said it is the first university to implement such a carbon fee. The fee will be $40 per ton of carbon. Daily Caller

Heads Up It’s Official: Big Changes Coming to Fox News Months of speculation ended on Monday September 18 when Fox News programming President Suzanne Scott made the announcement: Fox News’ prime time schedule is set for yet another big change starting next week American Thinker

No Dissent Allowed! UC Berkeley Faculty Urge Boycott of Conservative Speakers Faculty members at the University of California, Berkeley wrote an open letter calling for a campuswide boycott during "Free Speech Week," reports.

Toys 'R' Us Declares Bankruptcy Toys ‘R’ Us Inc, the largest U.S. toy store chain, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday. This is the latest sign of turmoil in the retail industry caught in a viselike grip of online shopping and discount chains. Daily Mail


A Start Food Stamp Usage Has Fallen Every Month of Trump Presidency Food stamp usage has declined every month since President Trump took office in January, according to the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) statistics on food stamp enrollment. Breitbart

Higher Education? University Certifies Students as 'Inclusion Champions' The University of Central Florida now offers students a “Diversity and Inclusion Certification” as part of its “Inclusion Champion Program.” Campus Reform

Reality Bites Enrollment Drops at Universities Known For 'Social Justice Warfare' Universities known for being hotbeds of campus protest and liberal activism are struggling with declining enrollments and budget shortfalls, and higher education analysts say that’s no coincidence. Washington Times

Poll 4 In 10 Americans Can't Name ANY First Amendment Rights A recent poll conducted by the University of Pennsylvania finds that residents of the United States are poorly informed about basic constitutional provisions. CBS


Thank You, President Trump
Poll: 77% of CFOs Say Trump Deserves Credit for Stock Market Highs President Donald Trump deserves at least some of the credit for the stock market rising to record highs, according to 77 percent of respondents to this quarter's CNBC Global CFO Council poll released on Monday.

Free Abortions Offered To Women Affected By Hurricane Harvey Whole Woman’s Health, a reproductive health care organization, in collaboration with other groups, is offering free abortions to women affected by Hurricane Harvey. At least 74 women have already taken the organization up on the offer, or have scheduled an appointment


Higher Education? Colleges Roll Out Scholarships to Varsity Video Game Players Video games are going varsity. In some ways, they're like typical college athletes. They're on varsity teams. They train for hours between classes. Some get hefty scholarships. But instead of playing sports, they're playing video games CBS

Of Interest
Graduates of this Hot College Program Are Earning $200,000 Right Out of School CNBC reports Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is spinning out graduates earning $200,000 to work in the rapidly growing field of self-driving cars. Pittsburgh has become America's unofficial self-driving car research capital Money Magazine

Yale Replaces 'Freshman,' 'Upperclassman' With Gender-Neutral Terms Yale University has kicked off the new school year by officially scrapping the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” and replacing them with the gender-neutral terms “first year” and “upper-level students."


New York Women Are Dropping Thousands To Look Like Ivanka Trump A New York plastic surgeon says that since the 2016 Republican primaries, he has seen a deluge of patients who want to look like Ivanka Trump. Dr. Norman Rowe says that since last summer, up to 50 clients have asked him to give them the Ivanka look
Page Six

Strange Stuff Nine Stray Elephants Electrocuted In Freak Accident Nine elephants were electrocuted in a freak accident in Botswana after one of them knocked into an electricity pole and the high-voltage power line fell on them, a local official said Tuesday.

Down Under German WW-1 U-Boat Found Off Belgian Coast The wreck of a German submarine that sank during World War One has been found in the North Sea and officials believe 23 bodies may be inside it. The type UB-II submarine is said to be in good condition, lying at a depth of 30m (100ft) off the Belgian coast.

Of Interest The Best Places to Live in America 2017 Money Magazine identified 100 spots that offer a healthy economy, affordable homes, and a high quality of life. Money Magazine


Of Interest Carbon Dating Reveals Earliest Origins of Zero Symbol Carbon dating shows an ancient Indian manuscript has the earliest recorded origin of the zero symbol. The Bakhshali manuscript is now believed to date from the 3rd or 4th Century, making it hundreds of years older than previously thought. BBC

Sad Stuff More Brothels Dump Prostitutes for Sexbots Austria has been gripped by sex robots since it was revealed that a bot named Fanny was more popular at a brothel in the capital, Vienna, than the actual prostitutes. Daily Star

Study Bald Men More Attractive, Dominant According to a new study, bald really is beautiful. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have released the results of a survey that found that men who have shed their hair are more attractive.

Apple’s FaceID Could Be a Powerful Tool for Mass Spying Wired

Hillary Is The New David Duke Jeffrey Lord

Why Would Any Conservative Watch Late-Night TV? PJ Media

The New Gotcha Game of Variable Speed Limits American Spectator

Has Megyn Kelly's Star Already Been Eclipsed? Vanity Fair

The Party's Over: Republicans and Democrats Are Both Finished CNBC

Hillary, America's Miss Havisham American Thinker

How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America

Executive Order that Could Cause Millions to Self-Deport The Federalist

Even Hobby Lobby Cotton Is Racist These Days PJ Media

Are Conservatives Prepared to be Censored? Townhall

What Caused the Universe to Come into Existence? PJ Media

Is Amazon's Shipping Policy A Form Of Consumer Fraud? Forbes

With all the Flooding: What about Submerged Ammunition? AmmoLand

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