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Andrew McCarthy:

Saudi’s Terrorist Massacre at Florida Naval Base Highlights the Weakness of U.S. Vetting...
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Report New Investigation Into Classified Leaks Focusing on James Comey The Justice Department is investigating leaks of a classified Russian document and the investigation appears to be focusing on whether former FBI director James Comey leaked details about the classified document to reporters

Trump Picks Impeachment Defense Team
President Trump’s impeachment defense team will include Ken Starr, whose investigation led to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz.

Context Seven Times the GAO Found the Obama Administration Violated Federal Law If a mere GAO finding is sufficient to justify impeachment, then President Barack Obama ought to have been impeached at least seven times over for each of the following cases in which the GAO found that the Obama administration had violated federal law. Breitbart

Supreme Court to Look at Electoral College Rules The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to take a rare look at rules for electing U.S. presidents, saying it will decide whether a state’s appointed presidential electors can vote in the Electoral College for a candidate who didn’t win the state’s popular vote.
Wall Street Journal

Another Hoax Unravels Parnas Now Denies Speaking With Trump Despite Reports He Claimed He Had Indicted businessman Lev Parnas said he did not speak directly with President Trump about a pressure campaign against Ukraine that sought to benefit Trump politically, despite earlier reports to the contrary. Washington Examiner

The Tariffs Worked Mexican Government Says It Will Not Give Passage to New Migrant Caravan As a new migrant caravan makes its way through Central America with the final goal of reaching the U.S., Mexico announced this week that it will not allow passage. Breitbart

Sigh Bloomberg Wants All New Cars to Be Electric By 2035 Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg wants all new cars to be electric by 2035, according to a plan released by the former New York City mayor's campaign on Friday. The Hill

Saint Hillary Opines:) Hillary Clinton Says Watching Documentary About Her Life Was 'Humbling' Hillary Clinton said she experienced several humbling moments while doing interviews for and watching a new documentary about her life, her surprise loss in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign, and the polarizing attitudes she inspired throughout her five-decade career

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Pathologist: Evidence in Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Points to His Murder Jeffrey Epstein’s eyes had burst capillaries after his body was found in his Manhattan jail cell, suggesting that the convicted pedophile was likely murdered through manual strangulation and did not hang himself New York Post

Thank You President Trump
US Housing Construction Jumps 16.9% in December Construction of new homes surged in December to the highest level in 13 years, capping a year in which falling mortgage rates and a strong labor market helped lift the prospects of the housing industry

Monica Lewinsky Weighs in on Trump’s Impeachment Defense Team Monica Lewinsky responded with some choice words Friday to the news that Ken Starr will join President Trump’s impeachment defense team — tweeting, “Are you f—king kidding me?” New York Post

:) Trump Administration to Roll Back Michelle Obama's School Lunch Rules The Trump administration on Friday announced plans to roll back school lunch standards originally promoted by former first lady Michelle Obama. The new standards will allow schools more flexibility "because they know their children best,"
The Hill

Globaloney Appeals Court Throws Out Climate Change Lawsuit The suit was filed in 2015 by a group of young climate alarmists, insisting that the government is solely responsible for creating climate change via cooperating with the fossil fuel industry.

White House Considers Changes to Law Banning Overseas Bribes President Donald Trump’s administration is weighing whether to seek changes to a 1977 law that makes it illegal for U.S. companies to bribe foreign officials.

Thank You Government Schools 47% of Young Democrats Prefer Other Countries to U.S. A shocking new poll has discovered that 47 percent of young Democrats believe that other countries are better than the United States. Moreover, many young Americans admit that they wouldn’t mind other countries becoming as militarily powerful as the United States. Breitbart

Education or Indoctrination? Bill Would Require California Teachers To Teach About 'Climate Change' California schools may soon be required to teach about the causes and effects of climate change under a bill introduced on Monday. CBS

Royal Perks Canadian PM Trudeau Agrees to $650k Security Fund for Harry and Meghan British media sources have claimed Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has offered to pay £500,000 for the security of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan. Breitbart

Meghan McCain Poses as Conservative Victim After New York Times Attack Meghan McCain is posing as a conservative so she can play a blacklisting victim after being attacked by the far-left New York Times. Breitbart


Bernie Campaigner Kyle Jurek Arrested Days Before Project Veritas Exposé Kyle Jurek, a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign, was arrested just days before Project Veritas released undercover footage of the self-described “anarcho-communist” suggesting that Trump supporters require re-education in Soviet-style concentration camps.

Report The Oldest Known Material on Earth Is Officially Older Than The Solar System The oldest solid material on Earth has just been identified, and it predates the Solar System itself by at least a few hundred million years. The teensy tiny microscopic grains of dust were forged in a distant star somewhere between 5 and 7 billion years ago
Science Alert

Report Atlantic City Struggles to Keep Street Lights On The CEO of Hard Rock International says Atlantic City "is going in the wrong direction" and is in worse shape than when the global entertainment company bought its casino there nearly three years ago. Breitbart

Of Interest
China Birthrate Hits Lowest Level Since Country Was Founded China's birthrate in 2019 hit its lowest level since the founding of the People's Republic in 1949, according to official statistics released by Beijing Friday. CNN

Study Women Prefer Men With Beards; More 'Dominant and Attractive' A study has discovered that women are more attracted to men who have beards. The research showed that this was the case because beards made men seem more physically and socially dominant.


Only In America:) Deaf Man Sues Porn Site Over Lack of Closed Captioning A man is reportedly suing an adult video website for alleged rights violations because there is a lack of closed captioning on at least some videos

Oops Thieves Across U.S. Mistake Hemp Fields for Marijuana Across the country, newly legal hemp plants are being mistaken for their close cousin, marijuana. And they're attracting thieves.

Strange Stuff Man Has Video Camera Implanted in Prosthetic Eye A man has become an eyeborg by implanting a video camera in one of his eyes in which he was blind to further distort the line between science fiction and real life. Daily Star


Of Interest USA Drinking More Now Than Just Before Prohibition Americans are drinking more now than when Prohibition was enacted. What’s more, it’s been rising for two decades, and it’s not clear when it will fall again. AP

Strange Stuff Scientists Use Stem Cells From Frogs to Build First Living Robots Researchers in the US have created the first living machines by assembling cells from African clawed frogs into tiny robots that move around under their own steam The Guardian

Of Interest STD Map Reveals Worst Cities for Sexually Transmitted Diseases Testing experts at Innerbody analyzed CDC data to reveal the Top 100 cities with the highest STD rates - and Baltimore came in at number one.
The Sun

Here's Why People Don't Believe Elizabeth Warren Daily Caller

Why Is Democratic Political Leadership So Poor? Townhall

10 Things to Know About the Democrats’ Obsession with Lev Parnas Joel Pollak

Bernie Is Not Normal Rich Lowry

A Malicious Indictment Mitch Should Toss Out Pat Buchanan

How Frank Biden Leveraged His Famous Name for Business Gain ABC

Almond Milk Is Even More Evil Than You Thought New York Magazine

Warren Asked Obama to Exonerate Ethel Rosenberg

The New Racism Walter Williams

San Francisco, Solid Blue City of -- Empty Storefronts and Missing Young People American Thinker

Dems Smear Trump: 'Impeached for Life' Townhall

The New Post-Trump Constitution National Review

EPA Science Could Torpedo Roundup Lawsuits Townhall

Why Is Communist Disinformation Being Taught to Portland Eighth-Graders?
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