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J. Matt Barber:

Trump Must Pledge to Implement GOP Platform...
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2016 Trump: "No More Mr. Nice Guy" “After watching that performance last night, such lies, I don’t have to be so nice anymore,” Trump said to thunderous applause. “I’m taking the gloves off. Trump is gonna be ‘No more Mr. Nice Guy.” Denver Post

Alert Court Strikes Down N Carolina Voter ID Law
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday overturned North Carolina’s 2013 elections law that included a provision requiring voters to show ID at the polls.
News Observer

Uh, Oh
Clinton Campaign Also Hacked In Attacks On Democrats The computer network used by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign was hacked as part of a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Wisconsin Election Laws A federal judge threw out multiple aspects of Wisconsin's voter ID law on Friday, leaving the law itself intact but ruling unconstitutional many restrictions on voting passed by the GOP-controlled Legislature and Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Miami Mosquitos Zika Cases Likely Transmitted Locally in U.S. for the First Time U.S. health officials said Friday that four cases of Zika virus were transmitted locally by mosquitoes in Miami, the first evidence of the virus spreading that way in the continental U.S. Bloomberg

Ablaze California Coastline Wildfire Is Big And Getting Bigger A wildfire burning along California's Big Sur coastline keeps growing a week after it broke out, and looks to be a problem for the scenic region for weeks to come. Fox

In The Tank For Hillary Reuters/Ipsos Radically Changes Methodology to Favor Clinton The Reuters/Ipsos polling team announced Friday that they are dropping the “Neither” option from their presidential preference polls after their tracking polls showed a 17-point swing in favor of the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, exposing the “Secret Trump Voters” Breitbart

Huh? California State Assembly to Proclaim August as ‘Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month’ On Monday, August 1, the California chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations will join Assembly member Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) in the presentation of House Resolution 59, which recognizes the month of August 2016 as “Muslim Appreciation and Awareness Month.”


America? Newspaper Rejects Ad Over The Word 'Christian' The owners of a Christian bookstore in Knoxville, Tennessee were dumbfounded after the News Sentinel rejected their ad because it included an offensive word – “Christian.” Fox

Contempt For Cops'Black Lives Matter' Jeers DNC Moment Of Silence A hard-won moment of silence for fallen police officers Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention was marred by chants from the crowd of “black lives matter!” in an ugly moment that angered law enforcement representatives

California Risks $135M in Federal Grants Over 'Sanctuary City' Policy California state and local law enforcement agencies may have to choose between more than $100 million in federal aid and the “sanctuary city” immigration policies that supporters say are humane, but critics say fuel crime Fox

Revealed Full List of Hillary's Planned Tax Hikes Hillary Clinton has made clear she intends to dramatically raise taxes on the American people if elected. She has proposed an income tax increase, a business tax increase, a death tax increase, a capital gains tax increase, a tax on stock trading, and an Exit Tax, and more ATR

James O'Keefe Assaulted Activist, author and investigative journalist James O’Keefe from Project Veritas went undercover as a Hillary supporter this week at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia. What transpired was shocking Gateway Pundit

Fact Checker??? Snopes Caught Lying About Lack Of American Flags At Democratic Convention Myth-busting website Snopes flagrantly lied about the lack of visible American flags on the first day of the Democratic Convention, claiming an image from the second day of the convention was actually from the first day in an attempt to debunk a factual story Daily Caller

Politics Or Religion? Pope Demands Poland Open Borders To Third World Migrants Pope Francis demanded Poland “overcome fear” and open their borders to Muslim migrants who are “fleeing wars and hunger”. The pontiff claimed wars are nothing to do with religion as “all religions want peace”.

Did You Know..? Hillary’s Senate Accomplishment: One Bill Enacted into Law, to Name a Federal Building In her eight years in the Senate, just one of Hillary’s bills got enacted into law. This bill designated the U.S. courthouse at 40 Centre Street in New York City as the “Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse.” National Review


France Mulls Ban On Foreign-Funded Mosques The French government is considering banning the foreign financing of mosques as it reshapes its counter-extremism strategy following a fresh wave of terror attacks. Independent

Report Justin Bieber Turned Down $5 Million To Perform At RNC Justin Bieber reportedly turned down $5 million to perform for just 45 minutes at an event near the Republican National Convention last week. Fox

Pence Mocks Hillary for Speech That Put Her Husband to Sleep Bill Clinton couldn't stay awake during his wife's historic speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night. Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine even felt the need to try and block the camera from noticing the embarrassing moment. ownhall

Vietnam Vet Shot For Being Trump Supporter A sixty-year-old Vietnam veteran was discussing the election with a friend and said that he supports Donald Trump. Jones said that a man overheard the conversation, went out to his car and came back in with a gun. He then shot Jones in the leg and walked out. NBC


Facebook May Owe Billions More To The IRS In Taxes Facebook Inc. said it could be on the hook for $3 billion to $5 billion in additional taxes as a result of an Internal Revenue Service investigation into how the social network transferred assets overseas.

The Fruits of Socialism Venezuela Implements 'Forced Labor' A new decree by Venezuela's government could make its citizens work on farms to tackle the country's severe food shortages. CNN

Obamamerica U.S. GDP Grew Just 1.2% In Q2, Far Worse Than Expected The U.S. economy expanded at a 1.2% annual rate in the second quarter, barely improving from Q1's downwardly revised 0.8% advance, the Commerce Department said Friday. Wall Street had expected a 2.6% pace Investors Business Daily


Thursday Poll: Donald Trump Sees 17-Point Positive Swing in Two Weeks Republican nominee Donald Trump gained 17 points in roughly two weeks, according to the Reuters online tracking poll Breitbart

Pictured The Blue Angels Are Getting a Super Upgrade Boeing scored a $12 million dollar contract to transition the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron to newer jets. The Blue Angels, who have been flying the F/A-18 Hornet since 1986, are moving up to the bigger F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Popular Mechanics

Obamamerica Homeownership Lowest Since 1965 The U.S. homeownership rate fell to the lowest in more than 50 years as rising prices put buying out of reach for many renters.


Swapping Spit With Strangers Kissing-While-Blindfolded Dating Show Announced Each episode will feature a new dater, female or male, who will be introduced to 10 suitors and weed them out based on a blindfolded kiss, some intimate conversation, and “associated sensory perceptions.”
Entertainment Weekly

Pictured 'Rotten Corpse' Flower Overwhelms New York Friday marked the first time the flower, which takes around a decade to bloom and then dies after 24-36 hours, appeared in the city since 1939. The blooming was highly anticipated due to the “gross-out factor” and the flower’s rarity
The Guardian

The Dating Scene App Checks Male-Female Ratio At Bar A new dating app called Weepo allows users to check the male-to-female ratio at a given bar or club before heading out, instead of finding out the hard way after shelling out for a car ride and a cover charge.
New York Post

Culture Carl’s Jr. Features Bacon and Threesomes in Sleazy New Ad The fast food chain’s newest item is the Bacon 3-Way Burger. The only thing that sells better than bacon is sex, but the restaurant took that to another level with their Three-Way “Fantasy.” Newsbusters


Pictured At 4'1", Great Dane Tallest Dog in World? A Great Dane measuring more than an astonishing 4 FEET is in the running to be a world record dog. Mirror

Video Cool-Headed Elephant Fights Off 14 Female Lions In Zambia An elephant in Zambia demonstrated his ability to keep a cool head under pressure when he escaped being made into a meal by 14 female lions UPI

Of Interest Average Pot User Spends $647 a Year on Weed A Seattle-based company determined that the average recreational weed consumer is a 37-year-old man who buys traditional marijuana buds. The median spend by this customer was $647 annually, with an average of 19.5 days between purchases.

'Living Hip' Grown In Lab Arthritis sufferers have been offered new hope after scientists grew a ‘living hip’ in the lab which not only replaces worn cartilage but stops painful joints returning. Fox

Obama to Name Navy Ship After Child Molester FrontPageMag

Welcome To The Communist Party, U.S.A. FrontPageMag

How Hillary Blew Her Big Moment John Podhoretz

What's The Case For Hillary? Charles Krauthammer

Nazi Germany's Battleship Bismarck vs. America's Iowa Class: Who Wins? National Interest

Bill Clinton's Sad, Surreal Speech PJ Media

When Do the Mothers of ISIS Speak? Ann Coulter

Obama’s Final Revenge: The Accidental Destruction of Hillary Clinton
 Ben Shapiro

Donald Trump Just Got Hillary Clinton To Admit Her E-mails Are A ‘National Security Issue’ The Federalist

13 Signs Your Coworker Is A Psychopath Business Insider

Nobody Is Buying Clinton’s ‘Most Qualified’ Narrative Observer

All About Megyn: The ‘Eve Harrington’ of Fox News Breitbart

Bill Sells Hillary Better Than She Can Sell Herself Howard Kurtz

If Trump Flips Pennsylvania, All Bets Are Off Washington Times

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