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Andrew McCarthy:

Biden Won’t Answer Court-Packing Question...
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True Colors Kamala Harris Praises ‘Brilliance’ of Black Lives Matter and Its Marxist Founders Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) praised the “brilliance” of the Black Lives Matter movement and its founders in a conversation with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) on Friday.

Alert Texas County Commissioner, Three Others Charged in Mail Ballot Fraud Scheme
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced four arrests Thursday on dozens of felony charges in connection with an alleged vote harvesting scheme during the 2018 Democratic primary elections in Gregg County.

'Get Trump' FBI agent Interview Reveals Bias Driving Investigations of Flynn, Trump An FBI agent who worked on the investigation of Michael Flynn and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russia collusion” told investigators that prosecutors had a “get TRUMP” attitude that distorted their inquiry into the facts. Breitbart

Vote By Mail Cheating Begins U.S. Attorney: Military Ballots, Cast for Trump, Found Discarded in Pennsylvania Several discarded military ballots cast for President Donald Trump have been recovered after federal authorities opened an unspecified investigation regarding mail-in ballots in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

Paving The Way... Pelosi: ‘Why Bother’ Holding a Presidential Debate? On CBS’s “This Morning,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) doubled down on saying Biden should not debate President Donald Trump. Pelosi argued that Trump “has no fidelity to fact or truth” and “isn’t committed to our Constitution,” thus she asked “why bother” holding a debate with him Breitbart

Near Total Black-Out Widespread TV Coverage Blackout of Senate's Hunter Biden Report There was a widespread blackout of television coverage surrounding the damning revelations from the GOP-led Senate report on Hunter Biden's foreign financial ties. Fox

Alert NYC Eyes New Covid Shutdowns A screaming, unmasked heckler interrupted the start -- and later additional parts -- of a briefing by health officials in Brooklyn Friday as they provided an update on emerging COVID clusters there and in Queens that have become so severe they may prompt the first new shutdowns in New York City in months. NBC

Democrats Prepare Bill Limiting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Terms to 18 Years Democrats in of the House of Representatives will introduce a bill next week to limit the tenure of U.S. Supreme Court justices to 18 years from current lifetime appointments


Family Matters Mary Trump Files Fraud Suit Against President, Siblings President Trump’s niece Mary Trump filed a lawsuit Thursday alleging that she was pushed out of the family business and that the president and his siblings cheated her out of tens of millions of dollars over the past several decades. Fox

Virginia Governor, Wife Test Positive for Coronavirus Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced Friday that he and his wife have both tested positive for the coronavirus, though he said he is showing no symptoms. He’s among four governors around the country who have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19

Yawn Elizabeth Warren: Donald Trump Is ‘Flirting With Treason’ Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In” called President Donald Trump’s comments about not committing to a peaceful transfer of power “flirting with treason.” Breitbart

Hmm.. Rioters Attack Drivers in Hollywood; Media Claim Truck Hit ‘Protester’ Rioters in Hollywood attacked two vehicles that refused to stop as they blocked traffic Thursday evening during “Black Lives Matter” protests against the grand jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case in Kentucky.

Trump Says Elderly to Get $200 for Drugs President Donald Trump said that Americans in the Medicare program for the elderly and disabled will be sent $200 discount cards for prescription drugs within weeks, potentially putting cash in their pockets ahead of his November re-election

And So It Begins.. Idaho Police Arrest 3 at Outdoor Church Worship Event in Defiance of Mask Mandate Police in Moscow, Idaho, arrested three people Wednesday for violating social distancing rules as their church sang hymns and Bible psalms outdoors — an event held, in part, to protest the city mayor’s mask mandate, which runs to January 2021.

Leftists Behaving Badly Leftists Boo President Trump as He Pays Respects to Justice Ginsburg A group of leftist protesters booed President and First Lady Melania Trump as they visited the Supreme Court on Thursday to pay their respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died last week. Breitbart

Rich But Stupid:) Mark Cuban Says Every Household Should Get $1,000 Check Every 2 Weeks Billionaire Mark Cuban said he thinks American households should receive $1,000 stimulus checks every two weeks for two months The Sun

Alert Largest California Wildfire Threatens Marijuana-Growing Area California’s largest wildfire is threatening a marijuana-growing enclave, and authorities said many of the locals have refused to evacuate and abandon their maturing crops even as weather forecasters predict more hot, dry and windy conditions that could fan flames AP

Tit for Tat Trump Fires Back After Cindy McCain Endorses Biden Trump tweeted Wednesday morning. "Joe Biden was John McCain’s lapdog. So many BAD decisions on Endless Wars & the V.A., which I brought from a horror show to HIGH APPROVAL. Never a fan of John. Cindy can have Sleepy Joe!" Fox


Going Woke
B&G Foods to Remove Cream of Wheat Black Chef Image From Packaging B&G FOODS Inc said on Thursday it would drop an image of a Black chef from the packaging of its Cream of Wheat porridge mix, the latest company to make branding changes widely considered as racially insensitive
US News

Caving To The PC Police Mars Drops Uncle Ben’s, Reveals New Name for Rice Brand The Uncle Ben’s rice brand is getting a new name: Ben’s Original. Parent firm Mars Inc. unveiled the change Wednesday for the 70-year-old brand, the latest company to drop a logo criticized as a racial stereotype.

Of Interest Top 10 Foods Highest in Cholesterol to Avoid Excessive consumption of cholesterol may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, especially in certain groups which are sensitive to dietary cholesterol. MyFoodData

Chelsea Clinton Blames Trump for Pretty Much Everything Bad Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton said Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that she believed President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic had shown he has “blatant disregard for public health.” And then proceeded to blame him for anything and everything Breitbart

Strange Stuff Police Seize 345,000 Used Condoms Ready To Be Sold as New Police in Vietnam have seized hundreds of thousands of used condoms that had been cleaned, repackaged and ready to be sold as new, reports say.


COVID Fallout These Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Will Close By Year's End Bed Bath & Beyond has unveiled the first batch of more than 60 locations that it plans to close as part of its restructuring effort due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Fox Business

Claiming Ownership Venus Is a Russian Planet ... Says Russia Russia has some strong feelings about the planet Venus. Dmitry Rogozin, the chief of Roscosmos, Russia's space agency, spoke at the 2020 HeliRussia exhibition and declared that Venus is a "Russian planet,"
Popular Mechanics

Rise of the Machine Alexa to Take More Active Role at Home: Decide to Lock Doors, Listen for Baby From listening for your newborn's cries to switching off lights without being asked, Alexa is about to take a more active role in your smart home.

Strange Stuff Massachusetts Man Dies After ‘Overdosing’ on Black Licorice: In a case report recently detailed in the New England Journal of Medicine, doctors revealed that a 54-year-old Massachusetts construction worker essentially “overdosed” on black licorice. The candy contains glycyrrhizic acid, which caused the man’s potassium levels to plummet. Fox


Oops Man Shoots Self in Groin While Flaunting Gun in Supermarket Police say an Oregon man is recovering after he accidentally shot himself while flaunting a handgun at a Lincoln City supermarket. AP

Strange Stuff Giant Rat Wins Animal Hero Award for Sniffing Out Landmines Magawa, a giant African pouched rat, was awarded the PDSA’s Gold Medal for his “lifesaving bravery and devotion” after discovering 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordinance in the past seven years, according to the charity Fox 44

Video:) Bears Repeatedly Break Into California Store and Steal Snacks Surveillance videos from a gas station in Kings Beach, California, show a bear going inside the gas station’s convenience store three times in the past month, KOVR in Sacramento reported.

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Trump Should and Will Nominate a Replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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