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Seeking Substancial Damages Trump Campaign Threatens To Sue CNN For Anti-Impeachment Bias Outraged by secretly taped anti-Trump comments attributed to CNN President Jeff Zucker and others at the cable network, President Trump’s campaign is vowing to sue the company for “a substantial payment of damages.”
Washington Examiner

LOL Hillary Says Tulsi 'Russian Asset' Groomed to Sabotage 2020
Hillary Clinton said that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is being groomed by Moscow to run as a third-party spoiler candidate in 2020 to help President Trump win reelection.
Washington Examiner

The Swamp Rasmussen: 51% of Voters Suspect High-Level Crimes to Stop Trump Presidency A Rasmussen poll reveals a little more than half of likely U.S. voters suspect crimes were committed by high-level law enforcement officials in an effort to stop a Donald Trump presidency, but only 32 percent believe anyone will be punished Breitbart

Update 173 House Republicans Move to Condemn Adam Schiff as Floor Vote Approaches One-hundred and seventy-three House Republicans have backed a motion Friday to condemn House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) as Republicans remain poised to force a vote on the bill next week.

What About Hillary?? 38 People Cited for Violations in Clinton Email Probe - 600 Security Violations The State Department has completed its internal investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of private email and found violations by 38 people, some of whom may face disciplinary action. AP

Behind Closed Doors House Intel Republicans: Adam Schiff Is Hiding Impeachment Documents From Us All nine Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee sent a letter to panel chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in which they accuse him of “withholding the existence” of documents as part of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Breitbart

Trump to Host G7 at His Own Florida Resort Property White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney announced during a White House press briefing that the 2020 G7 summit will be held at Trump National in Doral, Florida, from June 10-12. (leftist) CNN

Colluding With Ukraine? Document: Adam Schiff Staffer Met with Impeachment Witness on Ukraine Trip Itinerary for a trip to Ukraine in August organized by the Atlantic Council think tank reveals that a staffer on Rep. Adam Schiff’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held a meeting during the trip with acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, now a key witness for Democrats pursuing impeachment.

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LOL Joe Biden Campaign Selling ‘Beat Him Like a Drum’ T-Shirt Former Vice President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign is now selling t-shirts with the phrase “beat him like a drum” — something the Democrat White House contender has vowed to do to President Donald Trump in the general election. Breitbart

San Francisco Expands Travel Ban to Pro-Life States San Francisco expanded its city-funded travel and contracting bans to 22 states with pro-life laws. The 22 states include Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida.
Free Beacon

Selling Out America Donald Trump: ‘The Bidens Got Rich While America Got Robbed’ President Donald Trump emphasized Thursday that Vice President Joe Biden’s family reaped rewards from China, while America lost wealth to China. Beitbart

Pictured Trump Tied Up by Marine Vet in Times Square Billboard Athletic clothing company Dhvani unveiled a new advertising campaign this week on a Times Square billboard featuring President Donald Trump hogtied outside the White House.

Thank You, President Trump:) Louis Vuitton Plans to Create 1K U.S. Jobs by Opening Plant in Texas Town The international luxury fashion and leather goods brand Louis Vuitton is planning to create about 1,000 American jobs by opening its newest plant in the small town of Keene, Texas, this year.

Heads Up Google Affiliate Begins Drone Deliveries in Virginia Town A Google affiliate started using drones Friday to deliver customers’ Walgreens and FedEx purchases in a test being run in a Virginia town.

Heads Up Senator Calls for Halt of Facial Recognition At Airports The federal government is ramping up the use of facial recognition technology at airports across the country, though at least one lawmaker wants the Transportation Security Agency to slow down. NextGov

The Tyranny of the Left Chick-fil-A Outlet to Close in LGBT Rights Row A US fast-food chain will cease trading at its first UK outlet amid a row over donations to anti-LGBT groups. Gay rights campaigners called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A, which opened its first branch at The Oracle shopping centre in Reading on 10 October BBC

Government Schools Public University Tells Professors Not to Grade on Merit Faculty workshops designed to persuade teachers not to grade based upon merit are popping up at universities from Washington, D.C. to the potato capital of the world. The College Fix

'Start Your Day With Maximum Gay' Kellogg’s Launches LGBT Cereal Have you ever eaten Froot Loops and thought, "This cereal isn’t gay enough?" Do you seek a safe space to eat your Rice Krispies? Are you concerned that your Corn Flakes aren’t sufficiently woke? Well, now Kellogg’s has the solution! Newsbusters


Rise of the Machine
Army Tests Human-Like Robots Army researchers recently tested ground robots performing military-style exercises, much like Soldier counterparts, at a robotics testing site in Pennsylvania recently as part of a 10-year research project designed to push the research boundaries in robotics and autonomy.

We Kid You Not:) Feminist Activists Prepare for First ‘National Period Day’ Activists are preparing for the “world’s first National Period Day” on Saturday, October 19, in an effort to elevate “the issue of period poverty.”

Strange Stuff Norwegians Told to Pee in Shower to Save Water Norwegians are being told to pee in the shower in order to save water for the good of the environment. Summit

Megyn Kelly Return Draws Whopping 4 Million Viewers to Tucker Carlson Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s exclusive interview with Megyn Kelly ended up being a massive ratings draw for the network, grabbing a stunning 4.06 million total viewers. Mediaite

Cool Stuff Mythical 'Lost City of Gods' Discovered in Dense Cambodian Jungle A city that experts have spent years searching for has been uncovered in a jungle in Cambodia.
Daily Star


Survey Life 'Least Fun' At Age 45 Commissioned by U.K. theater chain Cineworld, the survey of 2,000 Brits finds that more than half of adults agree that the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to find amusement in everyday life
Study Finds

Excessive Brain Activity Shortens Life One key to a longer life could be a quieter brain without too much neural activity, according to a new study that examined postmortem brain tissue from extremely long-lived people for clues about what made them different from people who died in their 60s and 70s.
Greenwich Times

Reality Bites 84% of Women Failing Army Combat Fitness Test According to the numbers, a jaw-dropping 36% of soldiers overall failed the test, with 64% passing. When you break it down by gender, 70% of men passed. But here is a number should kill and bury the ACFT evermore: 84% of women failed the test ClearanceJobs


Of Interest Big Changes to Grueling Special Forces Course Draw Scrutiny Commanders, current and former instructors and students at the Special Forces training base at Camp Mackall spoke with The Associated Press during a rare, two-day look at the course, including observation of the overnight land navigation test. AP

Of Interest Pain & Loneliness: Arthritis Linked To Social Isolation Researchers from the American Geriatrics Society say there may be a link between osteoarthritis, a condition that causes joint pain, and social isolation. Study Finds

Who Knew...? Study: Farmers Have Most Sex A new study, conducted by sex toy company LELO UK found that 33% of farmers get jiggy at least once a day. According to the research, this is more than doctors, architects, lawyers and hairdressers.
Daily Star

Is America Becoming Sinicized? Victor Davis Hanson

Elizabeth Warren’s Search for Victimhood Townhall

The Full Transcript of Trump's Ukraine Call Fox

Is San Francisco the Future of America? Townhall

Schiff is Getting Nervous American Thinker

The Real Ukraine Scandal Leads to the Clinton Foundation Wayne Allyn Root

Please, Please More Democratic Debates! Ann Coulter

The War on Common Sense
Robert Curry

Trump's Syria Plan Reveals a Master Strategist in the White House American Thinker

Elizabeth Warren Is Not Honest National Review

How Vaping Nicotine Can Affect A Teenage Brain NPR

The Greatness of Donald Trump American Spectator

Intolerance in Academia Walter Williams

The Anatomy of a Terrible Liberal Media Lie
Wayne Allyn Root
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