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Encouraging Illegals Feds to Run Ads In Border Towns Informing Deported Illegals -- They Can Return As part of a legal settlement that will allow some illegal immigrants who deported themselves from Southern California to return to the United States, the federal government has agreed to advertise the settlement on various Mexican and Spanish-language media outlets. Breitbart

Cruz Calls For US To Bomb Islamic State Jihadists 'Back To The Stone Age' Republican Senator Ted Cruz a potential 2016 presidential candidate, makes clear his foreign policy strategy for dealing with the militant group Islamic State, calling for the US to 'bomb them back to the Stone Age. Fox

Obama Lite
Jimmy Carter Tells Islamic Conference: “Principles of Allah” Are Key to Peace Former President Jimmy Carter told attendees at the Islamic Society of North America that “the principles of Allah” are the key to peace in the Middle East
Gateway pindit

Islamic Militia Groups Says It Has 'Secured' US Compound In Libya An Islamic militant group said Sunday it has “secured” a U.S. Embassy compound in Libya’s capital city of Tripoli. American personnel evacuated the area roughly a month ago

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Government At Work Feds Still Studying Why Majority of Lesbians Are Obese The federal government is still seeking answers as to why the majority of lesbians are obese and U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill, which now totals $2.87 million. Free Beacon

Couple Fined For Refusing To Host Gay Wedding Shuts Down Venue A Christian couple fined $13,000 for refusing to host a lesbian wedding on their New York farm has decided to close the venue rather than violate their religious beliefs Daily Caller

Filling The Leadership Void Britain To Spearhead 10,000-Strong Nato Rapid Reaction Force To Halt Putin Leaders of countries sharing borders with Russia led the way in demanding tougher action against what they see as blatant aggression on their doorstep. Daily Mail

Death Panels Medicare May Begin Covering 'End-Of-Life Discussions' The issue of paying doctors to talk to patients about end-of-life care is making a comeback, and such sessions may be covered for the 50 million Americans on Medicare as early as next year. New York Times


Putin 'Urges Talks On Statehood For East Ukraine' President Putin has called for talks to discuss "statehood" for eastern Ukraine, Russian media report. He said the issue needed to be discussed to ensure the interests of local people "are definitely upheld". BBC

75 UN Troops Flee Into Israel To Escape Syrian Rebels Seventy-five UNDOF peacekeepers in the Golan Heights fled Syrian territory for the Israeli-controlled Golan on Saturday after their positions were attacked by rebel forces.
Times of Israel

The 'Myth Of Arctic Meltdown' Seven years after Algore's apocalyptic warning, The Mail reveals that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012. Daily Mail

Trolling For 'Victims' Nancy Pelosi Says American Women Always Victims: 'Starved,' 'Force-Fed' For House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), the “war on women” and victimhood are always in style when election season rolls around. Breitbart

Politics Over Safety No Mention Of Radical Islam In FBI Threat Report The FBI’s most recent national threat assessment for domestic terrorism makes no reference to Islamist terror threats, despite last year’s Boston Marathon bombing and the 2009 Fort Hood shooting—both carried out by radical Muslim Americans Fox

Adult Illegals With 'Graying' Hair Enrolling In Public Schools The mayor of Lynn, Mass. says that some of the illegal aliens from Guatemala who are enrolled in her city’s public schools are adults with graying hair and “more wrinkles than I have.” CNSNews

Obamamerica USA Hikes Fee To Renounce Citizenship -- By 422%! Over the last two years, the U.S. has had a spike in expatriations. It isn’t exactly Ellis Island in reverse, but it’s more than a dribble Forbes

Michelle O’s Lunch Rules Sour First Day Of School Students arrived on the first day of school and realized a lot had changed over the summer. The lunch line they used to visit to pick up pizza and french fries now had “same school lunch food as the others with more salad EAGNews


No To God, Yes To Allah Tucson School Allows Islamic Prayers In a room off the library at Desert View High School, four to six Muslim students pray during every school day for about 10 minutes KVOA

The War On Coal Coal Industry Dealt Blow As Ore. Blocks Export Plan The coal industry has been dealt another blow after a state agency in Oregon denied a key permit for a controversial terminal, marking the latest salvo in an escalating fight between coal exporters and fossil-fuel loathing environmentalists Fox

Dozens Of Police Agencies Report Loss Of Pentagon-Supplied Military Weapons Images showing high-powered military rifles in the hands of law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo., after the police shooting of an unarmed black man focused attention on a controversial Pentagon program that supplies that kind of weaponry to local police departments Fox

Sen. Reid's Name Yanked From Alma Mater Building Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s name had been removed from a Southern Utah University facility, following pressure from a conservative group to make the change Fox


Cry Me A River First Openly Gay NFL Draftee Without Team Sam's efforts to become the first openly gay player in NFL history came up just short in a competition against undrafted rookie Ethan Westbrooks

As The World Burns... Gov't Publishes Detailed Instructions On How To Safely Roast Marshmallows The U.S. Forest Service on Friday published a nearly 700-word article on how to safely roast marshmallows, all in preparation for Saturday, which is National Roasted Marshmallow Day. The Blaze

Sunday Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: 0bama Job Approval @ 46% The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 46% of Likely Voters at least somewhat approve of Obama's job performance. 52% at least somewhat disapprove. Rasmussen


Update Joan Rivers On Life Support The feisty funny lady was being brought out of a medically-induced coma Sunday at Mount Sinai Hospital as her only child waited with bated breath on how she will respond New York Daily

Duh Zuckerman: Obama ‘Has Lost The Confidence Of The Business Community’ US News and World Report Chairman and Editor-in-Chief and publisher of The New York Daily News, Mort Zuckerman argued that President Obama “has lost the confidence of the business community” Breitbart

Government vs People Hong Kong Braces For Protests As China Rules Out Full Democracy Pro-democracy activists vowed on Sunday to bring Hong Kong's financial hub to a standstill after China's parliament rejected their demands for the right to freely choose the former British colony's next leader in 2017

Of Interest This Is How ISIS Is Building An Airforce The Islamic State is nothing if not ambitious. Despite no record of current 'airplane' assets in their annual reports, ISIS has begun detaining and forcing Syrian pilots to train militant fighters to fly stolen aircraft.

Coming... Virtual Reality to Put Readers INTO News Stories News events across from distant countries can feel so far away, it is difficult to grasp their importance. But that may change as journalists create reports with virtual reality, so that viewers feel as if they are witnesses to the unfolding action.

Alert Study Claims Marijuana Reshapes Brain Of Users Researchers used an MRI machine and the brains of 40 people between the ages of 18 and 25. They claim that the more marijuana a person smokes, the more those two neural regions get "damaged."
Design Trend

Obama to Limit Campaigning to 'States Where He's Still Popular' A Friday afternoon dispatch at the Politico from Carrie Budoff Brown and Jennifer Epstein tells us that "The White House is putting the finishing touches on a post-Labor Day schedule that will send the president to states where he’s still popular."

Modern Day Serfdom California Drivers Brace For Costly New Gas Tax Californians already pay the nation's second highest gas tax at 68 cents a gallon -- and now it will go up again in January to pay for a first-in-the-nation climate change law Fox


Another State Adds ‘Don't Tread on Me’ Flag to License Tags Drivers in another state will soon be able to obtain official license tags featuring the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag that has been adopted by the tea party movement. Fox

Stunning Before And After Images of California's Drought California is currently suffering through its worst drought in at least a century, with 82 percent of the state facing "extreme" or "exceptional" drought. The before-and-after photos below offer a visual look at just how staggering the change has been Vox

Colorado's Pot Brownies Now Come With Instructions Some eager, inexperienced consumers have overindulged on the pot-infused food and then shown up in emergency rooms sweating and paranoid.

Study Cellphone Addiction 'Increasingly Realistic' Women college students spend an average of 10 hours a day on their cellphones and men college students spend nearly eight, with excessive use posing potential risks for academic performance Medicalxpress


Strange Stuff First Robot Astronaut 'Lonely' In Space Scientists in Japan find that Kirobo the first robot astronaut is 'lonely' after his astronaut companion returned to Earth - See more at: Independent

Ants Overwhelm State Argentine ants, Linepithema humile, are on the march in drought-stricken California, and they're invading Bay Area homes in droves San Francisco Chronicle

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